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Title: Question
Post by: Poit on June 29, 2010, 01:33:44 PM
Hi everyone,
I would like to know why all (well all I have seen) youtube video's claim to have over unity by showing input voltage and output voltage with out mention of amps.... it really really really bugs me! haha.....

Now, I am not the smartest person on the planet (far from it) but it seems pretty elementary to me to show volts and amps for input and volts and amps for out put to demonstrate over unity (or attempt at it).

I just saw a video and the commentary went a bit like this "we have 12volts coming from the source battery and 15 volts going to the charging battery, this is over unity"............. well sorry, it isn't because how do we know what current is in both?? surely there are some youtube videos with people showing both volts and amps??

Sorry for the rant, I just figure you guys are pretty darn smart and might shed some light onto this mystery :)