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Author Topic: I need free part's supplier's for 220+ volt overunity system  (Read 25632 times)

Offline gmeast

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Re: I need free part's supplier's for 220+ volt overunity system
« Reply #30 on: November 04, 2013, 03:06:58 PM »
Where's your proof of your overunity circuit, yeasty? Why aren't you ten thousand dollars richer? Are you claiming now that the images I've shown, of your trollness, your foul mouth, and your idiotic "math" are not really representative of you, your "work" and your silly miserable personality? You can't address any of the points I make, not a single one, because _even you_  know I'm right. So you just make a fool of yourself by slinging mud and your pottymouth insults.

Take a look at the first page of this thread, and tell me, if you can read, who fired off the first insult, who made false, ignorant and ridiculous claims, and who took the thread off-topic. Oh... that's right, you do not address points, you just insult the pointer. My dog is (possibly, lol) smarter than you: when I point, she doesn't look at my finger, she looks at what I'm pointing at. And now, I'm pointing at you.

My my, how you talk, to a poor old lady who offered you a place to air your ideas...

OOOOOHHHHH, GRRRRRR .... "pottymouth"?. Well, poo poo potty butt on you! So there. You're gonna pop. Time for another chill pill ... or did you run out?