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Title: Are the inventors also believe in Ghost??
Post by: Neo-X on June 16, 2010, 09:33:12 AM
I know its off the topic and its not related to overunity. We all know that ufo exits and almost inventors are believe in that because it can be explained by science. Im always seaching of ufo in youtube and everyweek their always a new added ufo video.. But whats also bothering in my mind is the ghost.. I do not believe ghost because it cannot be explain by any science. But in youtube theirs also so many videos of it and we cannot say that all of this is a fake or a camera illussion.. Many scientist believe that other dimension exist.. Is this means that ghost are real and can easily in and out in other dimension and in our world?.. Life is so complex that many things have not yet been discovered.. Is their anyone can explain this...
Title: Re: Are the inventors also believe in Ghost??
Post by: Cloxxki on June 16, 2010, 01:33:00 PM
I've never seen a ghost, and only some strange distant light that might have qualified as bad UFO sighting. Not sure what to believe, but to believe there are no other intelligent life forms, is short sighted.
I do tend to believe other dimensions. Because I can almost sense them.
If ghosts are short glipses into an alternate dimension, this makes us wonder. Why do they seem to be "dated" images? Why is there the sense of interaction with our dimension's people and animals? Why don't we see old building appearing, but see-through people sitting on old staircases for instance?

I can recommend the TV series "Sliders" for some thoughts about inter-dimensional travel.
Title: Re: Are the inventors also believe in Ghost??
Post by: frii143 on June 16, 2010, 03:12:41 PM

I've never seen any Ghost, they could be real and I'm not going to bash anybody that says they have.

There is also People have Time Travel in their Dreams and the dream come out true. Maybe their really worried or thinking about something and they have a vision of future evens that would be future demensions I think. Maybe some day people will find a way to do that. I think their thinking during a dream and they travel through time. But that harder then it sound and may not be the it works anyways. Maybe the next evolution of humans we'll have a second sight. Thanks,