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I'm looking for links to places where I can search through electrical components for the lowest cut-on voltage in a transistor.

Has there been any website created devoted to this type of searching - I'm trying to locate, in essence, a database of multiple manufacturers' information.


These might be of interest


Darlington FET comes to mind too...

Thank you, I'm looking for a transistor, NPN and PNP which have as low a voltage as possible for their cut-off, essentially, ..the point which the gate stops functioning and the transistor turns off.

I've been looking at Digikey; hopefully they'll send me a catalog.  the NTE catalog is huge, maybe I should go grab one of those, ...they actually have listings of these types of things.

The germanium style transistors are rather pricey.  ...the NTE100 and NTE101 are exactly the type of performance I'm looking for in a small signal low power transistor, but the per-piece price is around 11 dollars, US.


As we have seen on the JT topic, the germanium transistors will work down to like .25 to .3 volts, maybe lower depending upon your circuit.

I have a few of these, hard to find but not all that expensive...IF you can find them.



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