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Title: Search for Walter Torbay
Post by: Jdo300 on April 09, 2006, 11:19:47 PM
Hello Everyone,

I am starting this thread only to focus on getting in contact with Walter Torbay. All posts/commentaries relating to his motor should be posted in the main thread. Now, I will start off by listing all of the relevant e-mails, addresses, and phone numbers I can dig up from his website, and the websites of the different publishers. We need to take a systematic approach to narrow down all the possible avenues to find him. If anyone knows of other resources to contact him (I know many others were mentioned) then please list them as well. If possible could someone here who speaks fluent Spanish help us create a general e-mail that we could send to all the publishers about Torbay? Also we need to make some telephone calls as well. I know Stefan and a few others called different numbers so please tell us again which ones you called so we will know what didn?t work.

Here?s the list of contact information:

Articles at

Contact information Page:

Here?s the link to an article published be La Capital:

Here?s a link to the contact page for La Capital:

Article at RioNegro:

Contact info for RioNegro:

Reference to TN (No article, just a reference on Torbay?s site)

Contact information:

More contact information:

DPA ? this news source didn?t seem to have a specific article about Torbay but was referenced on his site.

Here?s there contact page:

Article at CONICET:

Contact information:
AV. RIVADAVIA 1906 3 Piso Of. 15
Cuidad de Buenos Aires

Phone: 5411 4953 7230/34
#309 al 303 Fax: #311

Office Hours:
Monty to Friday from 9:30 AM till 5:00 PM

Dra. Graciela Ciccia

Dept Manager
Promotion and Technological Transfer
Lic. Diana Wassner

There are more contact e-mails there. To see them, go to this link and click on Contacts when the flash presentation comes up:

Reference to (No article)

Contact info:

Reference to La Arena (newspaper)

Contact Page:

Article at El Once Digital:

Contact page:

Article at

Contact information (At the bottom of the article):

TODAY - (0221) 433-8900 -

Article at DERF:

Contact information:

Article at LA RAZ (Just released on March 8th of this year)

Contact info:

OK this post is getting incredibly long and there are STILL more publishers we can make contact with! Here?s the page from his site again: I don?t think we have an excuse to not make contact with Walter seeing that some of the most recent articles date back to March of this year. It is clear that he is still pursuing his project actively. We simply need to get to him! Anyway, hope this information will give the search a jump start.

God Bless,
Jason O
Title: Re: Search for Walter Torbay
Post by: orionjf on April 10, 2006, 03:53:03 PM
There is something strange: he replied in Hispaseti forum in 2004 (oct-29 to Nov-8) and nothing else. It?s a long time, I think. Does anybody know any other forum or something like that with "live" voice from him?
Title: Re: Search for Walter Torbay
Post by: pmaril on May 08, 2007, 01:25:06 AM
HI, I send this message to you becouse i found you are trying to reach Walter Torbay.

I am from Argentina, I live in a different City, but I think the problem is that you dial:
+54 0223 155-051220
This is 54 for Argentina, 0223 for Mar del Plata (City in the Buenos Aires State, not City of Buenos Aires) and then 15, wich is the code for cell numbers (mobil), but from the outside, you have to dial
This is 54 for argentina, 9 for the Celular contact, 223 is the  area code for Mar del Plata, an then 505-1220 wich is his phone number.

I haven't read all the 60npages (that's a lot of pages!!) of the topic, but if you need help with some translation (I am Argentine, and with some help, my English is not too bad) or sending a letter or e-mail to Walter, I wil be glad to help. I will try to make a replication myself, with some help of my brother-in-law, wo is a great mecanical ingeneer.

Well,  best wishes from Argentina, and GOOD LUCK WITH THE FUTURE!!


Title: Re: Search for Walter Torbay
Post by: nascar on May 08, 2007, 02:13:12 AM
Check this webside.
Title: Re: Search for Walter Torbay
Post by: nascar on May 08, 2007, 02:31:09 AM
one more.
Title: Re: Search for Walter Torbay
Post by: pmaril on June 12, 2007, 05:06:33 PM
Hi everyone:

I have called the cel phone, and leave a message.

I hope this works...really hope.

i will keep everyone informed.