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Self propelled Wimshurst


What if you mount assymetrical capactitors around the outer edge of wimshurt wheels. Wire them inline between the wheel and the leyden jars. Would there not be a motive force as long as there's a current drawn.

Static electric observes most of the laws govenering DC the cap would block
the current.A colector of some type though. My thoughts about the cap insulated
on the disk was only to keep the disk from reversing polarity by producing an
oppisite charge in the sectors.

I wasn't trying to get you to stop thinking, I was trying to get you to think of a possible
way around what would stop you, and have been waiting for another post,try a lifter
it's still a cap but it's used in another way,or magnetic drive, or....Wimshurst generators
are probably worth pursuit , they have never been developed, in the private sector
anyway. They are much smaller than the Van De Graff or Pellatron a lot lighter too.

I've actually been away so long I forgot all about this site.

 I just had the capacitor idea because i've heard of capacitors having different sized plates on each end producing thrust when being charged. So i figured if you attach the capacitors around the outer edge of the wheel and pass the voltage through them on the way out then they would turn the wheel anytime there's power drawn.

Or could you pass the voltage coming out to a static powered motor to help turn the wimshurt. not necessarily on it's own, but just as an assist.

Ah, a man after my own heart , try the lifter catagory


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