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Author Topic: Just around the Bend.....  (Read 4515 times)


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Just around the Bend.....
« on: March 08, 2013, 01:54:09 PM »

One for the Hunters....

Imagine arrows and/or crossbow/bow limbs made of, or coated in a substance so thin and so strong, that a layer a single atom thick could support the weight of a car.....

Now, imagine that substance as also being the most efficient and quickly charged battery/capacitor on the planet....oh and imagine that it can be made in a common Lightscribe DVD drive or other easily procured thermal precipitator....

Now imagine an arrow rest with small battery touching the arrow in two contact places.  The arrow, with attached led, is charged the instant the arrow is drawn and the nock is lit the moment of release, all without moving parts to fail.  One is able to easily and reliably track the arrow to target and find it easier on the missed shots.  (Current lighted nock products are largely unreliable and prone to breakage because of low tolerances and moving parts.)

Or add to that micro servos and receiver connected to steerable/warping vanes, (powered by the arrow itself) receiving telemetry from a small, inexpensive solid state gyro mounted to one's glasses or the scope itself, so that one guides the arrow to target via minute adjustments made by looking through the scope. 

Oh, and one is doing all of this from behind something like this:

Technology is rapidly outpacing our (as in collective mankind) ability to effectively govern it's exponentially growing impacts.  (Just look at the things of which 'graphene' alone is capable!

When one can produce something of this magnitude in a DVD drive....the strongest material known to man, which just so happens to be an instantly chargeable, long running is left to wonder:

What's just around the 'Bend'?

Probably hunting with extremely light, extremely powerful, extremely tough, and extremely payload worthy, graphene versions of these:

The lazy armchair 'hunters' could just punch in the GPS cords of the bait stand or feeder area, hit a button, wait for the 'drone' to arrive above the area, select the specimen of choice....and dinner's waitin.  Of course, if one has the means, the video game generation armchair hunter could just make a larger version and drop down over a deer on the run, grab it with the XL pincers and hit the GPS enabled 'Home' button and dinner don't get any fresher.  lol?

The crazier things get these days, the more I ponder the ancient ways.