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Author Topic: The Problem With Free Energy Ideas  (Read 17078 times)

Offline lancaIV

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Re: The Problem With Free Energy Ideas
« Reply #30 on: July 06, 2021, 01:36:28 PM »

        We dont always need to understand to source of the energy, only how to use it.  ::)

                                                               Such easy ?

The Nature knows that if I need for example an appliance  drive with rated 1500 RPM by 220 Volts and 5 Amperes by 50 Hz

and 3x rated inrush value how to deliver me this (here) electric energy ?   


The Nature knows my/the household different energy use per hour in a 24-hours-life-diagram,with hot(summer)/cold(winter) weather climate extra energy appliances consume  ?!

                        We are all the same,is it not ?!

                        And all of us have the same life kind and energy consume ?


DC-AC appliances "smart grid" network

Here one ( commercial ) example how an off-grid household looks like :

            There are many steps to become free from unecological and uneconomical Nature abuse treat !

                                                          But to begin with our being change is easy !



p.s.: artificial wind-generator

       how to controle the fixed ?/variable ? output  compared a.inrush b. rated fixed ? variable ? consumer ratio ?

       artificial sun-PV-generator

      how to controle the fixed ?/variable ? PV-generator output compared fixed ? variable a.inrush b. rated consumer demand ?

Offline antigrav89

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Re: The Problem With Free Energy Ideas
« Reply #31 on: July 10, 2021, 05:45:41 PM »
Let us consider a gas cloud in space cooling, condensing, collapsing upon its’ own gravity over a duration of time, and becoming a solid mass.

The assumption is that entropy is at a maximum in the gas state,
and that as a condensed solid entropy is at its’ lowest.

From chaos -> to order is what physically occurs.

Regarding the formation of a stellar system from a cloud of gas and dust, the current theory says:


The favoured paradigm for the origin of the solar system begins with the gravitational collapse of part of an interstellar cloud of gas and dust having
an initial mass only 10 to 20 percent greater than the present mass of the Sun. This type of collapse could be initiated by random fluctuations of density
within the cloud, one or more of which might result in the accumulation of enough material to start the process, or by an extrinsic disturbance
such as the shock wave
from a supernova.
The collapsing cloud region quickly becomes roughly spherical in shape.
Because it is revolving around the centre of the Galaxy, the parts more distant from the centre are moving more slowly than the nearer parts.
Hence, as the cloud collapses, it starts to rotate, and, to conserve angular momentum,
its speed of rotation increases as it continues to contract.
With ongoing contraction, the cloud flattens, because it is easier for matter to follow the attraction of gravity perpendicular to the
plane of rotation than along it, where the opposing centrifugal force is greatest. The result at this stage, as in Laplace's model,
is a disk of material formed around a central condensation.

This configuration, commonly referred to as the solar nebula, resembles the shape of a typical spiral galaxy on a much reduced scale.
As gas and dust collapse toward the central condensation, their potential energy is converted to kinetic energy (energy of motion),
and the temperature of the material rises. Ultimately the temperature becomes great enough within the condensation for nuclear
reactions to begin, thereby giving birth to the Sun. Meanwhile, the material in the disk collides, coalesces, and gradually
forms larger and larger objects, as in Kant's theory. Because most of the grains of material have nearly identical orbits,
collisions between them are relatively mild, which allows the particles to stick and remain together.
Thus, larger agglomerations of particles are gradually built up

What are the properties the vacuum should have to be able to reduce its entropy?

Vacuum is supposed to be a highly turbulent medium consisting of non interacting quantum micro-states.
For reducing the number of these micro-states (so the entropy), we have to reduce the distance between them to allow them to interact.
This only can be realized if the vacuum is a compressible medium.
On the other hand, as all the processes occur at the absolute zero temperature, this medium has to be non dissipative.
It results from these properties that the vacuum must be behave like a non viscous compressible fluid and shock wave might be used for compressing this fluid and cause the medium to self-organize by creating matter and energy currents.

Regarding the existence of negative mass matter in the quantum vacuum, it is generally thought that the conservation of momentum requires that the reaction

Vacuum -> m(positive) + m(negative)

must be at least a three-particle reaction.

In fact, it is only true if one considers, for example, the collision between a moving positive mass with a negative mass at rest, since in this case the total momentum is not zero before the collision but zero after the collision where the bounded particles are chasing each other.
So, for complying to the consersation moment law, both the positive mass and negative mass particles have to be created together with non null and equal speed (like photons that can only travel to c-speed).
However, although this bound system has zero total mass, so zero inertia, the constituting particles have each mass, either positive or negative, whose speed cannot exceed the speed of light, so the bounded system cannot travel at FTL speed.
If the above reaction really occurs, the vacuum energy, contrarily to all other forms of energy, would have no mass.
If so, the vacuum energy would not be linked to Higg's field, which is supposed to give mass to half-spin (fermions) elementary particles such as quarks and electrons, since the Higg's boson iself has a mass.
If I am correct, negative mass, required for implementing warp drives such as Alcubierre's, is present in the vacuum but highly bound to positive mass, so no need to search it far away in the cosmic voids between the galaxies.
When amplified the combination of interacting negative and positive mass-states, eventually electrically charged, might be used to propel a starship at light-speed with field propulsion.

Now, imagine a volume of water initially at rest.
When the wind blows, waves are formed with above them a foam of moving droplets.
We are only aware of these tiny droplets which are the so-called quantum vacuum fluctuations but we have no idea of their origin and why they move at zero temperature.
One of the current hypotheses is that these fluctuations would be an emergent property originating from quantum fluctuations of the space-time at the Planck scale.
What if they only exist in the presence of matter?
The presence of matter might perturb the vacuum that would react by creating fluctuations around and inside the material body to contain spatially the perturbation, at the origin of mass and inertia and try to blow out the matter by transfering kinetic energy to the matter, which would react by coalescing (gravitational interaction) and radiating (non photonic, non thermal) energy in excess (gravitational field). From this eternal fight between matter and vacuum, it would result the required equilibrium to allow the Physical World to exist as we know it. 

Offline kolbacict

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Re: The Problem With Free Energy Ideas
« Reply #32 on: July 11, 2021, 12:29:41 PM »
And the Western world so categorically does not accept immigrants from the former USSR, because they
mostly insane, illogical thinking, split personality?  :o
I communicate myself, I know so, unfortunately.
Sometimes, of course, as an exception, he accepts some of them, in the event that there is a benefit in this.

Offline onepower

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Re: The Problem With Free Energy Ideas
« Reply #33 on: July 12, 2021, 06:08:52 AM »
The problem with Free Energy ideas?... most have literally no idea what energy is.

Energy is the capacity/ability of "something" to perform "work".

Begging the question what is "work"?.

Work =(Force x Distance), when a "Force" acts on something causing it to move over a "Distance" it's motion changes. Thus all "ENERGY" relates to a change in motion or something already in motion we call kinetic energy. This is why all the most intelligent people like physicists simply say... the universe is energy.

Can anyone name anything anywhere in the know universe not in motion?. I mean we were taught in school all matter is in motion and space is full of EM waves and particles also in motion. Everyone should understand energy is everywhere in everything as motion. Thus if nobody can give an example of anything not in motion, which is energy, then they shouldn't be spreading bullshit that free energy is impossible.


Offline kolbacict

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Re: The Problem With Free Energy Ideas
« Reply #34 on: July 12, 2021, 08:31:15 AM »
And where to get such a rope to catch on to a star and receive energy from its movement relative to the earth? Or at least the moon?

Offline tysb3

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