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Title: Generator (slightly modified) is a perpetual motion
Post by: Zhang Yalin on March 26, 2010, 10:00:29 AM

1.Source of Energy:
Mechanical energy is not converted to electricity, but consumed by friction slowly. The electricity is produced by recoil energy of kinetic energy.
Any movement of objects will not only produce the kinetic energy but also an equal corresponding energy, the shadow of the energy ——recoil energy.  Often this part of the energy transfer to another object ——ground and wasted away.  If we collect it by Generator, use 20% of it to overcome resistance force in time,then 60% of it——Kinetic energy’s shadow (recoil energy) becomes infinite energy. According to Newton's first law, Kinetic energy (and its shadow) is limitless if it has no resistance force ( compensated by recoil energy(20%) in time)
2.  The ready-made method:
Use gravity (exist forever, use no energy) replace the traction force produced by Diesel generator (combustion of diesel).
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