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Title: Positive work vs. negative work...
Post by: iacob alex on March 23, 2010, 12:39:09 AM

 .....theoretically,is an equality relation,if we have in mind a closed loop of an one only mass,or the complete trajectory,inside the gravitational field,between two levels.

      As you know,the course of reasoning,is decided by the energy conservation law,in a potential field/gravity.

      The positive work causes a mass to accelerate,to speed up.

      The negative work causes a mass to decelerate,to slow down,to put the brakes on.

      When we play a binary,two coupled masses (the classical first class lever/unequal arms,equally masses),this unapplies question "case" (yet!),and maybe more,as a practical subject to trial (especially !),can have a diverse ourcome...

      We have a single assumption,premise : "H">>>"h"

         -"h" is the arm's difference (and the up- path  of the negative work).

         - "H+h"  is the free fall height of the positive torque difference.

                All the best! / Alex