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Title: Fron SPRAIN to fusion
Post by: bodger on March 26, 2006, 09:46:12 PM
Saw the video...
From what I see it is a closed loop SMOT.
Ok lets assume that the rotor is accelerating and therefore gaining energy, we can take this to the ultimate conclusion - bear with me and allow your imagination to consider this....

The device works on attraction, it should in theory work also on repulsion - the spiral will have to go the other way though.
So assume a spiral that is consructed in both dimensions ie: a spiral conical construction of magnets.
Now replace the rotor with a perfect glass tube that is centred in the middle of the magnets.
Now comes the interesting bit. Evacuate the tub and inject some hot hydrogen / deuterium plasm into the tube.
This will be continually replused and should accelerate around the tube in the same fashion as the rotor was rotated.
Given that there is no inherent friction in the tube and that the device works as thought the plasma will accelerate faster and faster gathering more energy as it does.
Assuming that the magnets are strong enough to contain the plasma and that the plasma does not break out where the spiral ends - which is probably what will happen as high energies.
The plasma will eventually have enough energy that  fusion will occur - hey presto - hot table top fusion.
Just make sure you're wearing a lead vest.