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Author Topic: Electrical igniter for gas engines A keystone to understanding by Magluvin  (Read 233004 times)

Offline Magluvin

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Well, more winding to do. =[  but =]

Surprisingly, the output V on this one was less than the input V.    2 things I will have to try. My turns on the sec are less in no. than each primary. Figuring the diameter of the sec, each winding will need to consist of 18ft not  6 ft. This will give me 3.5ohm primary and with the sec each 2.1ohm or 1.05ohm parallel. Hopefully my voltage will be up.

If that doesnt do it then in must be the 5th core is causing an issue. 3 worked amazingly in having more sec voltage vs. primary.  4 work well too.  So 6 will be next. The pdf had shown an issue where additional cores are needed, and this may be a time that the odd no. didnt work. The pdf doesnt go into those details.

I added some things tonight that helped.
I added a 4.7uf cap in series with the primary. This, at near 2khz gave me just above 40v across the primary, but only 15.4v out of the amp. The cap had 36v across it.
Must be resonance.

Also added a bridge to the output, with the sec windings in series, and a 47uf cap, then to a 10w 12v bulb.

Some pics below.

An interesting thing I tried and have to look into at lower power levels is, I put a 22uf cap across the primary while running just for a second, and the sec sent out a smoke ring. lol  But it measured fine, no shorts. meter reads to .01ohm.

So what will that mean?  The sec definitely got a boost from it. Resonance? 

Im going to be at these things for a while. But will show anything interesting. ;]  These little toroids work well. I have to get a few more packages.