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Title: Combining flywheel and Sprain motor (without electromagnet)
Post by: MT on March 23, 2006, 05:43:03 PM
Combining flywheel and Sprain motor (without electromagnet)

Hi all,

 I guess I'm new on this forum. Oke followed developments here since January but had not much to say. But yesterday reading remarks from the moderator about flywheels for the Russian motor I got an idea  ...
 What if rotor of Sprain motor will be firmly attached to a flywheel? Rotating flywheel is a sort of mechanical battery that stores energy in its inertia. Idea is to attach it to the rotor of the Sprain setup but without electromagnet in stator and with the finished spiral loop up to 360degrees. Assume that the rotor stick has only one magnet. Position the rotor on the beginning of the spiral on place with lowest magnetic strength. Releasing the rotor it starts to rotate towards higher magnetic strength. Without flywheel and driven electromagnet it stops at the sticking point. But with a flywheel attached to the rotor it might overcome the sticking point as at this point the flywheel has accumulated some energy in its mass.
Now I remember Paul saying that the rotor can build enough potential in 340 degrees to make enough electricity to drive the electromagnet and overcome stick point.
If this is true then I think a charged flywheel will do the same but much more efficiently.
I think this also can validate Sprain motor as a OU motor or the opposite ?
This setup is simpler to try being pure mechanical without complex electromagnet controller or expensive electromagnet core.

- About the flywheel: I guess it should be sufficiently heavy (5kg? 10kg? More?) turning on a quality bearing to minimalize friction. Also the attachment should be quite robust as it is being driven for 340 degrees but drives the rotor over the sticky point where substantial amount of its energy is consumed in the short time.
- About the efficiency: I read somewhere flywheel can store up to 90% of energy given into it. I don?t know how efficient Sprain setup is but there you should first efficiently make some electricity then efficiently drive the electromagnet.

What do you think about this? For me this theory works and if indeed there is enough potential buildup during one rotation, the rotor with the flywheel will accelerate to its destruction.
Best regards,
Title: Re: Combining flywheel and Sprain motor (without electromagnet)
Post by: FreeEnergy on March 24, 2006, 05:50:11 AM
draw a pic and attached here in forum
Title: Re: Combining flywheel and Sprain motor (without electromagnet)
Post by: MT on March 24, 2006, 08:26:15 AM
Well for simplicity one can take Paul's motor as is and just attach a masive flywheel on the rotor shaft and forget elektromagnet. Below is the picture 1 from his patent. As rotor makes one turn the flywheel being mechanical battery stores energy in it. When the rotor comes to the sticking point flywheel pushes rotor over the sticky point. (If as Paul said rotor can build enough potential to overcome this sticky point)
Just realised, in the picture number 9 refers to the cover of the motor. I would rename this to flywheel and firmly connect it to the rotor shaft. 

... hope this is more clear ...
Title: Re: Combining flywheel and Sprain motor (without electromagnet)
Post by: fleebell on March 31, 2006, 09:53:30 PM
I was having the same thoughts and came up with this setup. It isn't quite the same thing but uses flywheels for the same purpose. (      link to larger pic at my website

Lee B