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Title: The strings mechanics
Post by: soliris on February 21, 2010, 12:53:45 PM
Hello, friends

Don't you know the new theory of the strings mechanics ?
The mechanics of cosmic strings describes the fractal order of the black stars (called "black holes" by the twentieth century's scientists) in the Universe, black stars that are "central suns" of the galaxies, and galaxies of galaxies,...

The strings carry the repulsive energy from the largest central sun of the universe (a black hole, in contemporary physics); this energy leads to the Sun, then through other strings, until the Earth .
Everyone should be able to fly because gravity is primarily repulsive, but we are attracted by the earth, just like a boat drawn by the wind ... blowing against him!

Following an indian theory, our sun is turning with 90 other solar systems, around a central sun (invisible huge star) situated (that's my opinion) in the Castor and pollux constellation, the Gemini. I call this star: Zephyr
But it's not the end of the story: all these solar systems, with their central sun, are turning, on another perpendicular plane, around a new central sun much larger: Polaris . And this fact is reproduced again and again.

How to show that? I hope that my images can pass in this forum; but if you can not see them, rendez-vous into this blog: click on this link (

Please: look for the pictures and the explanations about the supernova Sanduleak SN1987A  HERE (; you will see that the objects forming this amazing ring are not broken pieces from the central explosion, but are fixed on their place.

Why am I talking about this theory ? Because scientists tell us that only gravity exists; but they have noticed that many observations have proved that attractive gravity is a behaviour of the repulsive gravity, made of aether, coming from the center of our Universe.

Soon, much more pictures (made by an artist on her computer, Marceline Breways, site (

Later to give you more informations

soliris, Belgium
Title: Re: The mechanics of the cosmic chords
Post by: soliris on February 24, 2010, 02:01:36 PM
awaiting the clash of worlds

The central suns of the galaxies are still regarded as black holes, for physicists. We can see them from these images: they are small and surrounded by suns -like our Sun in our visible universe.
We can see in this picture that they turn and will meet, blending many solar systems between them. They will meet on the touch of the two circular paths, which are at the periphery of 2 suns enormous central galaxy clusters.
These two bodies are supported by huge ropes in space. The chords carry the ether, in a double-vortex repulsive energy until our Sun, our planet, and the place where we are.
Title: Re: The strings mechanics
Post by: soliris on February 28, 2010, 05:10:52 PM
Hello, friends!

See this wonderful picture; this "star" is Hoag's Object. In fact, it's not a star, but a huge supermassive black hole, seen in the ultraviolet radiations (UV)

91 cords ( and not 56, like indicated on the picture) are connected FROM the surface of this central sun (black hole), where we see the surrounded dots, TO the internal side of the hub from within.

It's a chance for everyone of us: for the very first time, we can see on the second picture, made in the visible EM spectrum, the central sun of a "black hole", as the scientists say.

Title: Re: The strings mechanics
Post by: soliris on February 28, 2010, 05:14:11 PM
Excuse me: the first picture is this one

See the complete theory in clearing at this link (
Title: Re: The strings mechanics
Post by: soliris on March 04, 2010, 01:04:42 PM
Here are the most "technical" part of the mechanics of the chords. I present below the cosmic   sequence of the suns, also called  the fractal order of the "sungalaxies"

Above: fractal sequence of the "black holes" or central suns of galaxies. Design by Marceline Breways

Some calculations must be given to talk about the remarkable simplicity of this sucession.
"Watch the sun on larger image. Around him on the plan of rotation, one sun is represented. In fact, it  turns with 90 other suns of same size, which are not represented.

Around the second sun, on a perpendicular plan, rotates a third sun, again much smaller, with 90 other stars of the same magnitude, but we don't see them on the image.

And this cosmic behaviour get reproduced again: around the third sun, is orbiting on an smaller elliptical and perpendicular plan a fourth sun of "less size"...with 90 other identical suns, that are nor reprensented here.

And this is reproducing indefinitely, to end with the star that lights our planet !

May be you will understand better with the pictures sent by extra-terrestrial or intra-terrestrial form of intelligence. One of this picture, called "the Julia set" is visible below. See the remarkable sense or the cosmic perpspective, much better than me to represend the "cosmic sequence", or the fractal order of the "black holes", as the scientists say.

Above: the Julia set, or the "cosmic sequence of the sungalaxies". Courtesy of The Crop Circle Connector.
Title: Re: The strings mechanics
Post by: soliris on March 04, 2010, 01:21:50 PM
The total theory of the chords mechanics at this link (

Spatial numeric pictures from Marceline Breways, artist; her site ( and blog site (

About aether: we have to recall that the gravity is an attractive behaviour of the repulsive force that comes from the cosmic chords, since the central sun of the whole Universe, until the center of our planet, and filtering down to our feet,  to the place where we are.

The repulsive force of the "original" gravity , follows a peculiar law of Bernoulli and Venturi, from the fluid mechanics.
Title: Re: The strings mechanics
Post by: soliris on March 15, 2010, 12:07:54 PM

As soon as possible, new photos here, about the cosmic theory of the strings, that you can consult at this site : (
Don't forget that the aether is a repulsive force, coming from the center of our planet. We should fly without energy. In spite of this, we are attracted by the Earth, following our own resistance !

What's really the matter ? Try to discover this together.


Look at this fantastic photo from the Soho satellite, posted at a Lagrange point to see the coronal lights of the sun (artifially hidden by a black point) !
See this wonderful stargate, a huge chord, feeding our sun by energy in a double-vortex, coming from the center of our galaxy.

There is nothing more unbelievable to show at this day.