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Author Topic: Alkaline Water - Health Benefits  (Read 17712 times)

Offline Koen1

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Alkaline Water - Health Benefits
« on: April 12, 2011, 02:52:03 PM »
Hello everybody.
I happened to read the forum thread titled
"Fuelless Car Prototype by Ismael Motor" in which the info on the electric car
by Ismael Aviso, as forwarded to you by Doug Kontzen, is presented.
I noticed that Stefan briefly mentioned Aviso's "alkaline water" and its
beneficial health effects.
It just so happens I have been studying "alkaline water" and the related
beneficial health effects for over a year now, and I have some nice info
on the subject, if any of you are interested.
If you'd like to discuss some of the below, I'd be happy to. :)
Here's a list of related information and some sources:
- prof. Sang Whang from Thailand has done empirical tests of alkaline
water (mainly Mg and K added to H2O) on plants and animals and found
that the organisms fed alkaline water grow faster, bigger and healthier
than those fed normal water. He is apparently trying to market it as "AlkaLife water".
I advise you to read some of the text by Whang, as he tries to explain
how alkaline water assists the body's pH balancing mechanism.
- Beckett from Australia discovered that cattle in a certain area grew larger,
faster, healtier, and lived longer than identical cattle in other areas. He found
that the spring water was the only difference, that particular cattle drank
spring water with a natural high concentration of Magnesium Bicarbonate.
His tests indicated that other animals fed this same water also had health
benefits, and he tried to market it as "miracule water" in Australia and later
as "Aqua Gilgamesh" in Canada.

I know a very simple method of making such Mg-bicarb water at home,
all you need is Mg in the form of oxide, hydroxide, or "milk of magnesia",
a large bottle of carbonated H2O, and a refrigerator. You need to make
some "milk of magnesia" by adding the Mg to pure H2O and shaking it well,
and cool the carbonated water in the fridge to about 4 degrees. Then you
pour some of the milky Mg-water into the carbonated water, and the milky
colour will mostly disappear from it. Keep adding little bits untill the stuff
starts to form white powdery/cloudy stuff that starts to float down to
the bottom of the carb water. This indicates that the solution is nearly
saturated with Mg. Now you twist on the cap of the large bottle and you
shake the bottle like crazy. Then you put it back in the fridge.
After some time, most of the Mg will have been absorbed into the carbonated
water, forming Magnesium Bicarbonate solution. (This stuff only forms and
remains in solution, when dried it reverts first to mono-carbonate and to
MgOH, then to MgO. The Bicarbonate solution version is much better
absorbed by the human body.)
- More actual solid info on Mg-water and its proven health benefits can be
found on which is really worth checking out!
- "Ormus" aka "M-state" precipitate, sometimes called "manna", is a form
of alkaline supplement produced from natural sea/ocean salt by basically
seperating the sodium and chloride components out of the solution and
replacing the chloride with hydroxide ions. The thus formed alkaline hydroxides
do not dissolve well at all, and form a white precipitate on the bottom of
the reaction vessel. They contain all the natural alkaline elements that were
in the original sea water, except for the sodium and the most toxic heavy
metals. "Ormus" makers and users use this white precipitate as a food supplement
or as "growth enhancer" for plants. The companies and sell jerry cans of the solution as "growth enhancer",
and you can see photos of fruit and plants twice the size of normal, grown
using that stuff.
You can also find descriptions on how to produce the "Ormus" precipitate
on by Barry Carter. Specifically I would advise
the "wet method" as described in
I am currently producing a batch of this "Ormus" stuff using coarse natural
sea salt, sodium hydroxide, lots of pure H2O, and a pH meter. Very roughly
put, one needs to dissolve the salt in water, then add NaOH untill the pH
reaches 10,78 exactly (under yields weak to useless precipitate, over results
in heavy metals in the precipitate). Then I leave it to settle for a night, draw
off the water, and replace it with fresh H2O to wash any traces of NaOH and
NaCl out. Repeat the washing at least 3 times, and then it is finished, and
generally water with the "Ormus" added has a pH of 8,3 or thereabouts.
I intend to test its "growth enhancing" effects on a few plants.
Mind you, many Ormus believers are convinced there is something super-
natural about Ormus, and a number of abnormal characteristics are claimed.
Whether or not this is so, the fact remains that even if there is nothing
supernatural going on at all, the precipitate is still a natural alkaline
mineral extract so even then the stuff works as alkaline water.
- parallel study of "Ormus"-like traditional and (al)chemical procedures led
me to the existence of a similar "alchemical" food supplement used in
parts of Asia, mostly the region Korea-Japan. They call it "Tao salt",
"Taoist salt", "Bamboo salt", or "9 times burnt salt". It is a bit obscure.
This "salt" was made by filling a piece of bamboo with sea salt, then wrapping
it in cloth and/or clay, then firing it in a furnace untill the bamboo is
burnt to carbon. Then the salt is removed, washed in clean water, dried,
and the process is repeated another 8 times. After this, the salt has a very
different structure, it is very fine powder, and it does not taste very salty
anymore. The sources and users say it has beneficial health effects and
contains "chi". It also works against toothaches.
I have reverse engineered the process and it is in fact a more messy
version of the basic process of the "Ormus" production. With the "Ormus"
approach, you start out with salt, water and NaOH. With the "Taoist
salt" approach, you don't have the NaOH and you make the NaOH in the
process. You see, an old way of making NaOH is to burn saline plants
like Glasswort which contain a lot of NaCl, and put the ashes in water.
This forms Sodium Bicarbonate solution. Now we can heat this solution,
and the CO2 boils off as gas, and we are left with NaOH solution.
If we don't use wood that contains a lot of NaCl, but normal firewood,
we can do the same thing to get KOH instead.
So you see, what the "Taoist" approach does is just skip the phase of
seperately producing the hydroxide and just have that stuff form when
the entire burn product is washed in water. It's a more messy way to
do it, but basically the same.
I don't have any urls for that as I pieced this together myself from several
sources mainly on traditional asian medicine and temple practises.
- Wurzburger has apparently found that resistant MRSA bacteria can be eradicated by using MgOH, which is alkaline Magnesium water
I hope you find some of this usefull and informative.
Again, I'm always happy to discuss some of the above.
Best regards!

Offline e2matrix

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Re: Alkaline Water - Health Benefits
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2011, 05:51:09 PM »
Cool!  I have no doubt alkaline water is healthy to use and have some prill beads I've been getting ready to use as soon as I get another large glass jug.  Prill beads are essentially magnesium oxide.  I also have had a renewed interest in alchemy and ormus.  David Hudson's work with that is quite an interesting read. 

If I understood correctly you were using NaOH in one process.  Can you say what strength and what was the source of you NaOH? 

Offline Koen1

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Re: Alkaline Water - Health Benefits
« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2011, 11:41:27 AM »
Yes, in the "ormus" approach I used NaOH to produce the "ormus"
precipitate from salt water or sea water.

The NaOH I used in my first experiments was simple "Caustic Soda"
from the local builders warehouse. But that is not "food grade"/"medical grade",
so there's some pollution in there that you might not want to consume (or
feed to plants/animals).
So I obtained some NaOH that is "food grade", 99,99(9)% pure. Easily ordered
online nowadays, in those small plastic buckets. Used for cleaning lab equipment
and glassware for example. And cheap too.

In the "ormus" "wet method" of preparation one needs to add the NaOH
(in the form of solution) untill the water reaches a pH of around 10,5.
The exact amounts used determine the strength of the solution.
I usually use NaOH solution of around pH 11 or 12 and add small amounts
to the water I'm processing, regularly checking the pH.

For an exact description of that procedure, see
Or ask me nicely and I may repeat the story here. ;)

Those "prill beads" (never heard of them before) are apparently just pure Mg-oxide...
Well then, there's a great alkaline supplement already.
Just throw some in pure H2O and it forms "milk of magnesia". Add that to refrigerated
carbonated water, and shake it well, and you get Mg-bicarbonate solution.
= the Beckett water. :)
Don't even need a big glass jug, just add the Mg-hydroxide water to the bottle of
CO2-water. ;)

Offline ramset

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Re: Alkaline Water - Health Benefits
« Reply #3 on: April 13, 2011, 02:05:32 PM »
Thanks for sharing ,Do you have any personal "Testimony" on benefits you have experienced?


Offline Koen1

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Re: Alkaline Water - Health Benefits
« Reply #4 on: April 13, 2011, 04:22:21 PM »
Hi Chet,

yes, I have made and tried the Mg-bicarb water and the "ormus" precipitate water,
over a period of about 2 months.
I had the impression that I became a lot less stressed, a little more energetic and focused,
and generally more relaxed.
Had a temporary skin affection (rash) and ointment that didn't work before I started using
the stuff, and that disappeared too. Also, general improvement/healing of damaged skin and
scars seems to be an effect. (I have a permanent scar on my wrist from an operation many years
ago, and that scar tissue is always very sensitive and while it still heals it does so very
slowly. Got the impression the scar tissue healed a bit more and the scar receded a little
more while I was using the alkaline water.)

I also have "testimony" from an acquaintence who used Mg to cure her horse.
She had (has) an old horse, which came down with inflamed joints and insulin
intolerance due to its old age. The vet wanted to put it down, as there isn't
really anything he could do to cure the horse. He said it was old, is was worn out,
it was at the end of its life. The horse-lady did not want to have the horse put
down, so she searched for possible treatments. She found out about the positive
health effects claimed of Mg-water and decided that it was easy to try, so
she got her hands on a couple of kg of Mg-oxide. It was only a rough type,
came from some dolomite deposit I think.
She fed the MgO to the horse, by simply dumping it in the water supply and
mixing it in with the food pellets.
Year or so later, the old horse is now happily prancing around the meadow
with his much younger buddy, and the horse no longer has any type of diabetic
disorder, its "insuline intolerance" is completely gone.
The vet still doesn't believe it. :)

Similar stories of old animals that become vital and active again can be found
via that "ormus" website.They also have links to pages that show pics and/or
testimonies of plants growing twice as large, fruit growing twice as large, and
old people with grey/white thinning hair who regained a full head of dark hair
after using "ormus"-type alkaline water.

Offline e2matrix

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Re: Alkaline Water - Health Benefits
« Reply #5 on: April 13, 2011, 05:17:14 PM »
Thanks for the help Koen and especially the idea on the prill beads.  I was thinking along those lines in regard to sourcing the NaOH as I know some common sources might not be food grade. 
   One other question on checking PH.  What do you use to get accuracy out to .01 PH?  I know there are digital PH testers and looked at some a while back but couldn't decide at the time on one.  Any suggestions?

Offline Koen1

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Re: Alkaline Water - Health Benefits
« Reply #6 on: April 13, 2011, 06:03:04 PM »
For the pH measurement I use one of those digital pH meters.

I had a second hand one that measured down to 2 decimals, so that one was perfect for getting it
down to 0,01 units. But that one broke, so now I use one of those digital "pen" meters.
The one I use now does not go all the way to 2 decimals, it is a cheaper one that goes only
to 1 decimal.
Of course that means I can not get the pH to 10,78 exactly, and I have to make do with 10,7.
What I do now is just add lye untill the pH reaches 10,6 and then very carefully add a little bit
more untill my meter flips from 10,6 to 10,7. In truth it is probably something like 10,73 or something.

That means I may not be extracting all of the "ormus" that one might get when one goes up
to 10,78 exactly. But that's ok with me. As long as we stay below the 10,79 it's fine.
(Above that produces "Gildcrest precipitate" which may contain heavy metals)