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Author Topic: Possible cancer cure found in blushwood shrub.  (Read 7452 times)

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Possible cancer cure found in blushwood shrub.
« on: February 07, 2010, 10:05:31 PM »,,26677869-3102,00.html

That's for the article as for my own view.

We all know (or most at least) that the cure for cancer is not a pil but is the very own lifestyle we lead. If we don't respect our bodies and fill it with junk there will be a time cancer can thrive in it. So knowing this knowledge probably the best way to stay away from this disease is to consider a raw food diet. But in rare occasions cancer also forms more readily due to genetically anomalies, or perhaps we could say that our genes determine how easy cancer can thrive.

Now what about the people that have the misfortune of being overpowered by cancerous cells. Many researchers have shown even these can be cured through extreme and sudden diet changes combined with certain therapies going from the bob beck protocol, DMSO's, budwig many cases people have completely cured by using these treatments but at the end of the day ignorance still wins.

The above article should not be seen as "the magic cure for cancer" it should be seen as a potential new candidate in the cure for cancer. I believe that due to the fact this happened in Australia that the FDA had minimal control on this research and thus was able to make public news.

What's also interesting is this:

But she warned wannabe human guinea pigs against seeking under-the-table treatment. She said it was "immoral, illegal, and unscientific" to seek to be administered the drug before approval, likely to take up to seven years, by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.
That line alone is like spitting in the face of every cancer patient. It's actually quite enraging.

Since when is it immoral when you seek a natural treatment opposed to radiation and other poisons like chemo. Since when is it illegal if you seek a natural treatment and are willing to risk your very life. Since when is it unscientific for being a pioneer in an uncertain treatment so millions others can potentially benefit from it? This crap is exactly what the control freaks want and have been doing for centuries.

There are thousands of people who would volunteer. So why not cut the crap and inject a few who are as good as dead anyway instead of telling us what's immoral or illegal. I won't be surprised to hear the news of someone with cancer injecting himself with the extract from the fruit.

Unlike the other treatments to make a can coke sized tumor disappear in 24 hours without side effects is quite interesting.