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Author Topic: MTPV new solid state heat conversion Pictures Comming Feb 10th 2010  (Read 7652 times)

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MTPV Corporation was established by founder Bob DiMatteo to continue research, development, and commercialization of his innovations in Micron-gap ThermalPhotoVoltaics technology (MTPV).  Bob and his team founded the field of MTPV, a means of directly converting heat or sunlight to electricity, based on their pioneering work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MTPV technology has been developed over the past 15 years beginning at MIT and Draper Laboratory and for the last 5 years in the labs of MTPV Corporation.  Patents have been obtained, product has been developed and tested, a road map of enhancements has been established, performance has been increased, pilot customers have been identified, and markets have been defined allowing many commercial opportunities for our technology.
Two patents have been awarded for the founder’s work in the area of ThermalPhotoVoltaics: fundamental patent 6,084,173 issued July 4, 2000 and implementation (version 1) patent 6,232,546 B1 issued May 15, 2001.  The intellectual property continues to extend with six pending patents applications and over fifty disclosures in addition to ongoing research and development efforts.

Technical Background

Micron-gap ThermalPhotoVoltaics (MTPV) is a new technology that offers a breakthrough in the solid-state conversion of heat to electricity.

Thermophotovoltaic devices were conceived in the early 1960’s and consist of a heated black-body which radiates electromagnetic energy across a gap onto a photovoltaic device which converts the radiant power into electrical power. The amount of power generated from a given TPV device area MTPV vs TPV is constrained by the temperature of the hot side of the device and generally requires very high temperatures thereby creating barriers to its practical use.

By contrast, Micron-gap TPV (MTPV) provides a significant breakthrough in power source technology by transferring more power between the emitter and receiver by reducing the size of the gap between them. By employing a submicron gap, the achievable power density for MTPV can be increased by approximately an order of magnitude as compared to conventional TPV. Equivalently, for a given active area and power density, the temperature on the hot-side of an MTPV device can be reduced by about 45%. which allows for new applications for on chip power, waste heat power generation, and converter power.

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