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Gravity wheel of Mikhail Dmitriyev

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Hi All,
please have a look at this wheel:

Here is his description to it:

Scroll to the end of the page, where the drawings are.

These drawings are different than his machine with the
electric motors, that pull up weights just at the right moments,
but I find these description pictures much more important.

You have to take into consideration,
that in this pictures:
the balls at 1 to 2 o´clock on the ramp don´t pull down
the wheel.
This has to be changed somehow, so the balls will
glide in a bar somehow, so that the weight of the balls in this position
will still pull on the wheel.

Then it might just work without electric motors inside the machine.
Regards, Stefan.

Fascination, great find!

I see 2 main versions, one where the weight on the left side hang right under their pivot on the rim, and one where they take a shorter radius than the rim.
Seems he used one-way cluches per pivot to allow for movement where required, and restriction elsewhere?
I've posted similar ideas, but won't argue mine where better. Are we actually seeing a working wheel here?

I like how on the left bottom, as in so many designs, the weight are prety much off the wheel, supported by an outside structure. Another ramp in the right top takes them outside. Is energy lost there? Not sure, as the weights do still load the wheel some, even if they most mostly outward, and are supported by another outside structure. If the ramp could give way some and drive the wheel, would that help?
On further thought, the right top ramp might well be using the lateral momentum generated at 12:00, and by offering the weight freedom to move out, just conserve that lateral inertia vector, while gravity kicks in just the same. A weight wants to parabole of course, and the wheel want to circle.

Amazingly simple designs. If it works, we've been stupid for 300 years. As always, it will be interesting to learn why it does NOT work :-)

does anyone know, how to simulate these
one way clutches  pin wheels bearings in
WM2D simulator software ?

If I would know this, I could try to simulate this:

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.

I wish I could. But could you not "simply" design one such clutch yourself, and downscale it? Does WM2D have sufficient resolution for that?


Yes you can, have a look at :

And under WM2d take the figure ....



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