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Author Topic: Ionospheric antenna get 5 KW free !  (Read 120630 times)

Offline triffid

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Re: Ionospheric antenna get 5 KW free !
« Reply #15 on: December 31, 2007, 12:23:18 AM »
I found the web address again for the capacitance battery charger.It is uses a 200foot wire (insulated) as a capacitor to pick up a charge and then squirts into a 12 volt battery
to store until needed.I checked today on this website and its still there.2 or 3 of these units should keep most people in power.I was going to build this unit but I saw the 5 kw unit here.triffid

Offline triffid

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Re: Ionospheric antenna get 5 KW free !
« Reply #16 on: December 31, 2007, 12:26:00 AM »
I just tried to use the link did'nt work so you are just going to have to type in the url by that and you should find it.triffid

Offline hansvonlieven

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Re: Ionospheric antenna get 5 KW free !
« Reply #17 on: December 31, 2007, 07:54:13 AM »
G'day triffid,

You put a full stop and the next word immediately after the URL. Just edit the link and put a space before the full stop and it will work.

Well, sort of, angelfire comes up, but they say they cannot find the page. Check your URL again.

OK got it now. you put  /htm instead of .htm

The correct URL is :

Hans von Lieven

Offline triffid

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Re: Ionospheric antenna get 5 KW free !
« Reply #18 on: December 31, 2007, 01:18:42 PM »
This is why I get my baby brother who knows more about computers than I do to help with these things.He's 50 now.Thanks for helping out here.I wanted to give back to this group.triffid.

Offline triffid

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Re: Ionospheric antenna get 5 KW free !
« Reply #19 on: January 04, 2008, 12:31:16 AM »
By any chance does anyone have an english translation of these pdf files on the 5kw unit?No harm in asking.That they could post here or email to me?triffid

Offline triffid

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Re: Ionospheric antenna get 5 KW free !
« Reply #20 on: January 06, 2008, 04:05:12 PM »
I got a guy here at work to look at it for me.Wish me the best.Triffid

Offline triffid

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Re: Ionospheric antenna get 5 KW free !
« Reply #21 on: January 18, 2008, 07:59:19 PM »
I'm having a little luck in getting three pages of spanish text translated.I hope its the construction of the receiver.Its supposed to be done by this a guy at work who knows electronics,english and spanish.He translated two paragraphs for me so far and I was delighted with the results(he had done a good job).triffid

Offline triffid

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Re: Ionospheric antenna get 5 KW free !
« Reply #22 on: January 20, 2008, 07:56:57 PM »
here it is Jan 20th,2008.The guy at work here says hes translated one page out of three.So maybe progress is slow.At least I am having some luck with this project.Triffid

Offline triffid

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Re: Ionospheric antenna get 5 KW free !
« Reply #23 on: February 05, 2008, 11:36:37 PM »
feb 5th and the translator has been too busy with his personal stuff to translate any more than the one page he's already done.Says he 'll get it done this weekend...we see I guess.triffid

Offline daveyboywonder

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Re: Ionospheric antenna reciever-- rough translation
« Reply #24 on: February 07, 2008, 06:05:16 AM »
I had to re type the text from pdf cause the fonts were foreign to my computer, then usedtranslation software-- many errors-- good luck!..  The purpose of this I articulate it is the dieinar and to build a receiver for waves of very low frequency in order to recepcionar the waves Schumann of resonance ionosferica and to appreciate their dynamic behavior so much in the time as reception places, and to show experimental achieved practical results.                     The resonant cavity or guide of wave Earth / Ionosfera was predicha and described mathematically in 1952 by German W. O. Schumann and he/she made experimental publications on the topic for 1954, these resonances are manifested as peaks of the noise of bottom of the electromagnetic terrestrial spectrum, it is easy to measure their first 4 ways which happen approximately to: 7.8 Hz, 14 Hz, 20 Hz, and 26 Hz, being the fundamental of these frequencies that of more width and since interest the other ones decays in intensity. The levels of width of these resonances are of the range of the microvolt for the component of electric field, and of the pick Tesla for the magnetic component of the wave.                                  The first thing is the election of the antenna to use, it is I practice and economic to think of an antenna type whip of about 2 mts of long for the receiver in order to induce in the same one some micro-volts of serial, and it is however the one that will use to design the receiver, the ideal thing serious to be able to design an antenna to capture the magnetic component of the serial one, because this antenna type is immune to other interferancias, easy to gauge, however they are very difficult of designing, a great patience is required and but expenses, because it is about an antenacon form of reel of many wire turns, because it is achieved this way the wanted detection and amplification of serial via the well-known relationship: V = wANB, being TO the section of Reel, N the I number of total turns, and B the component magnetic of serial VLF to measure, besides being used a nucleus of high permeability to achieve but amplification.                            The following figure shows an antenna VLF of the type reel referred previously:                                                                        It consists of 4 windings in series, of which two points are in the same address, each winding has a diameter of 10,3 cm and it consists of 309 turns each one, but like he/she said, this is optional and ideal, but for not getting complicated so much, we can, while, to design an antenna for our receiver that is one of type whip to capture alone the component of electric field of the wave and not magnetic, in spite of the annoyances.                                 As optamo for the simple thing, an antenna type whip of about 2 mts of long, we should know what passes with the serial one, and what makes this antenna type to the same one, clearly is an antenna outside of syntony or not resonant, because the long physique of the same one is much smaller that the ondra longitude for the fundamental of 7,8 Hz (9400 Km!!), for this case, the antenna behaves as if was a condenser, and the serial one induced in the same one for the case of the 7,8 Hz it is in the range of 1 microVolt to the 10 microVolt.                                    This way then, the tension induced in the antenna quenda in series with the capacity of the same antenna defining the impedance of necessary entrance to design for the receiver and the capacity of entrance of the same one.                           These antennas of type whip have a theoretical capacity of about 10 pF / mt that to the 7,8 Hz to recepcionar gives us an impedance of entrance of 900 Mega Ohms! That which tells us that our receiver to design should have an impedance of high entrance.                                     This can solve it using a circuit that uses transistors type FET of high impedance like sample:                               Fig. 2 circuit receiving waves Schumann.                     It is about an originator follower whose main characteristic is its great entrance impedance that in general surpasses the hundred of Jig Ohms and with a low capacity parasita of about 10 pF approximately. If the marked condenser as C not this present, the answer in frequency of this receiver is flat among 1 Hz until the dozens of MHz, very low noise, excellent linearity and dynamic great range.      The couple of transistors 2N3904 simulate a resister of high imedancia, about 500 given Jig Ohm their characteristic V/I.                        The construction of this receiver should follow certain basic rules in order to make good mensurations:                                 -Use a metallic blindage for the circuit.                     -To weld the floodgate directly from JFET to the entrance connector.            -Use a connector of entrance type BNC or SO-239 that offer good isolation      -Avoid to play the entrance connector or the base of the entrance of JFET this would dirty the contacts and it would lower the entrance impedance, clean with distilled water and pure alcohal.                                       The syntony is simple, to land the entrance and move the potenciometro until in the exit they are had zero Volts, when putting the antenna in the exit hundred of mili Volts they will be had.                                       The following step, and the but problematic, it is the seperacion of the electric noise that surrounds us of the sign that we want to measure, this noise it can be natural or artificial created by the man, the one that can ascend to 60 dB or but, regarding the serial one to measure. Some of these sources of not wanted noise are: Local radios of AM, military transmitters VLF, atmospheric potent discharges and the coming from you line them of electric transmission.                                    Using a capacity for C of about 270 nano Farads, it is possible to reduce enough the noise in the high range of frequency, or I filter it passes first floor, or, taking out it and using an anilizador of spectrum type FFT, even so they continue bothering noises, especially, that of the 50 Hz or 60 Hz of you line them electric surrounding, according to the country where we are, it is useful to use good filters, as NOTCH to eliminate, especially the noise of you line them electric of power.                  After the filter to use, some amplification type should be used, if was necessary, to process the exit sign, either spectrum or dynamic range and to compensate the attenuation of the filter for the noise of it lines electric, a normal value could be a gain of 100.                                 Maybe the noise in the particular location where the reader is it is not totally atenuable, reason why he should choose some town but far away.         Finally, the prosecution of the ideal sign is via applying a FFT (Fast Fourier transform) that allows to visualize the spectrum of width of the sign, an ideal serious option to be able to have an oscilloscope with this function FFT, and in the event of not being this way, you can use a card of sound of any PC and to lower gratuitous software for this end, although the quality of the sampling non serious maxim.                  Choose, always, for a good mensuration a place him but distant possible of you line them of electric transmission and big near objects as you hoist, buildings, etc that you/they introduce a divider of tension with the antenna capacity and they reduce the width of the sign, neither make mensurations with bad climate, due to the signs often induced by the wind, pulses of load of the drops of Iluvia, and the not well upset field terrestrial electico, and always land the carcaza of the receiver.                     The following spectrum was obtained by a collaborator that I use a filter NOTCH (of 25 mensurations using a time of integration of 40 seconds:               They are appreciated the resonances clearly Schumann in realtime.            The receiver is fundamental to establish the frequency of the transmitter VLF that permtiria to lower gratuitous energy from the ionosfera.                     Juan Araya M 

Offline daveyboywonder

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Re: Ionospheric antenna Calentadores ionosf?ricos -rough---translation
« Reply #25 on: February 07, 2008, 06:08:05 AM »
Heating ionosf?ricos
The development of military new technologies doesn't stop to be surprised, this it is one of the last investigations carried out.
A strong current of opposition exists from all over the world to these investigations for different groups.
The human being since it exists on the Earth, he/she has needed to communicate with their cong?neres, it has used different media, beginning with the same word, later on the writing, sounds that represented a message in the distance, smoke in the air, etc. Nowadays, we communicate using high technology, and millions of dollars have been invested in diverse systems of communications that have revolutionized to the world, as they are it the radio, television and the telephone.

The world is in a revolution comunicacional of extraordinary dimensions. The computer science has made of the telecommunications an even more powerful tool, because it never facilitates before the exchange of information at levels experienced, and with the possibilities of altering our social and economic structures, as he/she makes it from already Internet, when showing up as an integrative of services of telecommunications and of computer science giving birth to a new terminology like it is it the telematic one.
To such a point our necessity arrives of to communicate that are looking for other alive beings in the universe, and like sample of it exists it in the United States the first observatory dedicated to the optic search and detection of pulses inter-stellar, denominated laser OSETI, and better acquaintance as SETI (1).

Additionally, and as a result of the cold war, the North Americans have developed the most powerful and impressive communication system in the century, it is not limited to the system of telecommunications by satellites of the I exercise, but to the Program of Investigation of Active High Frequency or High Frecuency Auroral Activates Research Program, better acquaintance as H.A.A.R.P.
Haarp, is a heater of the ionosfera, and it acts on her as the most powerful antenna that has never existed. It acts with the recently discovered electro jet, which is formed in the poles north and south of the planet, and their atmospheric effect is appreciated with the well-known phenomenon as northerly dawn. It was an original idea of Nicola Tesla who at the beginning of century, it developed the proposal of communicating to the world through the atmosphere like a channel of global communication.
Really, Haarp is more than a simple antenna, theoretically you prev? the possibility to modify the climate of the planet, to deviate the jetstream or currents to jet of the high atmosphere toward where one has interest, he/she works with waves of high and low frequency, and they consider it some people like a danger for the humanity's existence, due to the potential use as weapon of climatological war.

Additionally, it is believed that the North Americans have developed a frequency that would affect the cerebral functions of the human beings that for any necessary case a global or regional interference would be made according to the case that would affect our mental processes.
In the publicity that the military ones make of HAARP they describe it as an atmospheric investigation program for the improvement of the communications. However in other military documents they indicate clearly that it is about an investigation to learn as "exploding the ionosfera."

Atmospheric several heaters exist, of which highlight the one located in SETI in the United States and another in Norway of denominated smaller dimensions EISCAT (2) which makes the experimental same functions of Haarp.
It is a fact that the man doesn't cease of investigating the world that surrounds him/her, but we should be careful with our environment. In the event of being certain, the accusations and critical that are made to this system, then it would be harmful for our environment and it stops ourselves. Already in the decade of the years fifty, the North Americans began a project denominated Arch, which consisted on bombarding the calls Belts of Van Halem with nuclear weapons, with the purpose of to measure and to study the produced effects, and to create northerly artificial dawns, having as consequence that the protection of the planet in front of the solar radicaciones was open, and in the island of Hawai, he/she showed up the phenomenon of a northerly dawn, and they lost the whole electric system. The opening taken place in the belts of Halem goes it almost lasted an entire day.

The telecommunications have the paper now of being active weapons, they are not limited to simply to be communication channels under the context of a war, but rather in yes they are a he/she arms, and the computer science doesn't escape from being affected equally by this aspect, the denominated bomb computer or better acquaintance already exists as the Bomb I.
In Gakona, Alaska, place where intended to settle a ROTHR (to see square in the following page), a mysterious project of the Air force exists and of "Navy" whose capacities are alarm reason for scientists, doctors and environmentalists around the world.
The Program of Investigation of Active Dawn of High Frequency (HAARP for their initials in English) is the more potent heating inosf?rico of the world. The military ones allege that some of their purposes are:
?   To replace obsolete ROTHR.
?   To improve the communications with submarines.
?   To block the enemy's communications.
?   Tomograf?a of penetration of the Earth to detect nuclear weapons and minerals to several kilometers deep.

The Department of the Defense of USA (DoD for their initials in English) has affirmed openly that one of its big interests in HAARP is its capacity to control processes ionosf?ricos. Its transmitter that consists on 360 antennas of 22 meters of high, can emit electromagnetic powerful loads toward the ionosfera that cause that he/she warms and a hole is not made smaller than 50 km of diameter in this.
The ionosfera is electrically the layer of the planet loaded that us proteje of cosmic radiations and of the solar (ultraviolet, X, gamma) several rays that are noxious to the health. The intention of DoD is to perturb the ionosfera to study as this he/she responds and like he/she recovers. The Dr. Richard Williams of the American Society of Physics qualifies this as "an irresponsible act of global" vandalism. Such experiments cause effect after effect in the whole planet.

Other alarming capacities exist of this and of other heating ionosf?ricos described in federal separate documents as scientific Begich and Manning comment, authors of the book Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology (3): The modification of the climate with military purposes has been contemplated previously. Begich found a patent of the ARCH Power Technologies Inc., manufacturers of HAARP that says that "the modification of the climate is possible... altering the patterns of winds of the high atmosphere... ".
Gordon J. F. MacDonald, ex-director of the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics of UCLA, wrote in their book Unless Peace you Eat on the use of this technology for the manipulation of the time and of the climate, unfreezing of glaciers, control of the surf of the oceans and the manipulation of the cerebral waves in people.

Documents of the Air force and writings of Zbigniew Brzezinski (Consejer?a of National Security of the President Crankcase) talks about transmitters of electromagnetic radiation of high to be able to manipulate and to perturb the processes mental humans of big populations. The opponents to HAARP compare the offensive capacity of this heating ionosf?rico with a "Box of Pandora" the one which once opens up he/she won't be able to close.

HAARP is comparable with ROTHR in several aspects. HAARP and ROTHR are radars that work similarly although ROTHR uses technology of the 80's. Both consist of antennas transmisoras and receptoras. They shoot potent electromagnetic waves of high frequency; for this reason they are used at the moment for studies ionosf?ricos. Both use the ionosfera like mirror to make arrive their wave beyond the horizon, covering extensive regions. Both have offensive potential, capacities and hidden uses. Both impact negatively in the atmosphere and in the health. In the same way in that DoD denies the warlike uses of HAARP and its damage to the planet in its main document, strongly we can consider that the disinformation of Guerra's Marina has more than enough ROTHR it is indication that he/she has applications of which we are not wanted to inform due to the damage that would cause of being installed in any place of the planet. This is the military new technology, the electronic war.

Let us remember the experiments of atomic detonations in the Island of Bikini and in Nevada. Today, com yesterday, DoD promised to its populations and its own troops that would not suffer damage to its health neither its atmosphere. On the other hand, these they were terribly polluted with atomic radiation. They were "conejillos of India" of their experiments. The authorities that approved such projects won't be able to respond to the human loss of which today recognizes responsibility. The history is about to repeat here and now. Let us don't forget it. Those that ignore it are condemned to repeat it.


Offline daveyboywonder

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Aceleraci?n de los Electrones de la Aurora--rough translation
« Reply #26 on: February 07, 2008, 06:10:36 AM »
#28. Acceleration of the Electrons of the Dawn
The fire" "ring seen by the cameras of the satellites around the polar (inferior image) caps is probably created by electrons that escape from the sheet of plasm of the line whose field magnetic form a trap something imperfect.
The observers on the floor, that diffuse" "dawn that is delicate don't come however, and without contours. The brilliant arches of the discreet" "dawn that come - tapes in the sky, often glistening, bent and in constant change - they have a different origin. The satellites that fly through the sheaves of electrons that you/they believe those arches see the test that their electrons have been really quick. It seems as if exists in some place of the space a giant "canyon of electrons", similar to that of a tube of TV that is shooting electrons down of the field lines.
Some scientific companies (p.e. the Russian-French experiment "Araks" and the project "Toss" of the University of Minnesota) they mounted canyons of electrons in rockets of great altitude and they used them to create patches of artificial" "dawns in the high atmosphere. Artificial dawns were also created by liberated electrons from the nuclear tests to great altitude developed between 1958 and 1962, visible in Hawaii, Samoa and near the islands Azores, too near places to the equator like to see natural dawns. Now those tests are prohibited by international agreements.
Ions caught O+
In 1976, the satellite S3-3 of the Air forces of U.S obtained whites evidences of the acceleration of the natural dawn. A voltage that accelerates the negative electrons down it will also accelerate the positive ions up. When the instruments approach of S3-3 they showed to positive ions oxygen O+ shot up of the area of dawns, the scientists believed that the "canyon of electrons" should be (or at least part of him) in that moment under the space vehicle. The ions O+ is the main type of ion of the ionosfera (that they have their maximum around the 200 Kms or 120 miles), but from 1971 they have been seen in the ring current, to bigger a lot of energy that those of O+ of the ionosfera. S3-3 has discovered the link exactly among that population of two ions.
The satellite S3-3 was not in a particularly high orbit and the ions O+ they are observed typically to altitudes of the order of a terrestrial (almost 6000 km or 4000 miles) radio. If the "canyon of electrons" of the dawn was below that altitude, it was surprisingly near to the Earth, and not in the distant line magnetic, where many scientists they were looking for it.
Voltage fall throughout the lines of the magnetic field
A possible explanation concerns to the near relationship among the arches of the dawn and the electric currents that flow throughout the lines of the field between the ionosfera and the distant (currents of Birkeland) space. These currents are generally transported by electrons that, being negative, they travel in an opposed address to that of the electric current. When the current flows down, the electrons make it up, expelled of the ionosfera, where they are multitude. The lines of the magnetic field separate among if in that address, the magnetic field becomes weaker with the distance and it is very easy that escape the electrons.
It is not this way when the current flows up, and as all the currents they flow in closed circuit, if something of current flows down, something will flow up. In that case the electrons move down, from the space toward the Earth. That is the address in which the field lines converge and their magnetic field becomes more potent and, I eat it was already said in the explanation of the caught particles, the electrons spread to be reflected of turn of those regions. That produces an extra resistance to the current flow.
Contrary to the ring current, transported by the plasm that is "slipping through the space, the electric currents that flow inside and outside of the ionosfera they need an impeller voltage and a continuous injection of energy. After all, it leaves of their circuit it is located in the ionosfera, which (the same as the copper thread and the water of the sea) opposes you to the flow of the electricity and it won't allow to flow to the current until the two requirements are not completed.
The region of convergence of the field lines hinders the arrival of currents, for the reflecting" "force, and the form of conquering this is dedicating part of the impeller voltage - typically 5-15.000 volts - to help to drive the current for the "neck of bottle" of its circuit. This is the voltage that accelerates the electrons of the dawn (and in the process, he/she also makes it to some ions of O+). This was exposed to principle of the years 1960 for Hannes Alfv?n, winning with Swedish Nobel, and for their colleague Hans Persson, and also that those voltages were expected that they were concentrated in the parts of the lines of the magnetic near field to the Earth.
However this is not the whole history. Other processes of acceleration are also implied, like it is evidenced by the oxygen ions that don't seem to be quick throughout the field lines but in a perpendicular way to them, enlarging the energy with which you/they surround their guide lines. Here a class of waves of plasm associated with the dawn can be involved.
Upgrade--December 1998
The satellite of NASA FAST (Browser Photographic Express of the Dawn) revealed some details of the process. FAST was thrown in August of 1996 and (as it indicates their name) it was designed to analyze quick variations when it flew through the arches of the dawn. It was found that both upward and descending currents accelerated the electrons - the upward ones shot the electrons of several KeV toward the atmosphere, but the descending ones also accelerated them, up, with several hundred of electronvoltios. Besides the "sheaves" of quick ions, they were also observed in both addresses, "conical" seemingly quick for processes of waves


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Re: Ionospheric El Plasma---rough translation
« Reply #27 on: February 07, 2008, 06:12:17 AM »
#7. The Plasm

To the Plasm he/she is sometimes called "the fourth state of the matter", besides the three acquaintances, solid, liquid and gas. It is a gas in that the atoms have broken which is formed by negative electrons and for positive ions, atoms that have lost electrons and they have been with an electric positive load and that they are moving freely.
 Where we live, in the drop atmosphere, any atom that loses an electron (p.e., when it is reached by a cosmic quick particle) it recovers it soon or it catches another. But the situation at high temperatures, as those that exist in the Sun, is very different. The more hot the gas is, quicker their molecules and atoms move, and at very high temperatures the collisions among these atoms moving very quickly is the sufficiently violent ones as to liberate the electrons. In the solar atmosphere, a great part of the atoms is permanently "ionized" by these collisions and the gas behaves as a plasm.
 Contrary to the cold gases (p.e. the air to the ambient temperature), the plasms drive the electricity and they are strongly influ?dos for the magnetic fields. The fluorescent lamp, very used in the home and in the work, it contains plasm (their main component is the vapor of mercury) that heats and it shakes the electricity, by means of the line of force to the one that is connected the lamp. The line makes positive electrically to an end and the other negative (see the inferior drawing) causes that the ions (+) hurry toward the end (-), and that the electrons (-) go toward the end (+). The quick particles win energy, colisionan with the atoms, expels additional electrons and they maintain this way the plasm, even although you recombinen particles. The collisions also make that the atoms emit light and, in fact, this form of light is more efficient than the traditional lamps. The signs of neon and the urban lights work for a similar principle and they are also used (or they used) in electronic.
Fluorescent lamp

[In case he/she wonders: when he/she lights the fluorescent lamp for the first time, the gas is cold, but some few ions and electrons are always present due to the cosmic rays and to the natural radioactivity. The collisions multiply them quickly.
  And it is true since alternating current is used, the points (+) and (-) of the drawing 60 times they are alternated each second. However, the ions and electrons respond much quicker that that, for that that the process the same one remains.]

As it was already said, the Sun consists of plasm. Important other plasm in the nature is the ionosfera that begins to about 70-80 kms above the terrestrial surface. Here the electrons are expelled of the atoms by the solar light of short wave longitude, from the ultraviolet one to the rays X: not you recombinan easily because the atmosphere rarefies more to more altitudes and they are not frequent the collisions. The inferior part of the ionosfera, the "layer D", to the 70-90 kms, still has enough collisions like to disappear after the setting of the sun. Then they combine the ions and the electrons, while the absence of solar light doesn't produce them again. Nevertheless, this layer recovers after the dawn. Above the 200 kms, the collisions are so uncommon that the ionosfera continues day and night.

 Profile of the ionosfera

The superior part of the ionosfera extends in the space many thousands of kilometers and he/she combines with the magnetosfera whose plasms are generally more rarefied and also hotter. The ions and the electrons of the plasm of the magnetosfera come partly from the ionosfera that is for under and partly of the solar (next section) wind and many of the details of their entrance and heating they are not even clear.
 Finally, the interplanetary plasm, the solar wind exists. the most external layer in the Sun, the crown, is so hot that not alone all its ionized atoms are, but rather those that began with many electrons, have pulled up most, (sometimes the entirety) included the electrons of the deepest layers that are but strongly united. For example, in the crown the characteristic light of the iron has been detected that has lost 13 electrons.
 This extreme temperature also avoids that the plasm of the crown remains captive for the solar graveness and it flows this way in all addresses, filling the solar system beyond the most distant planets. The Sun, by means of the solar wind configures the terrestrial distant magnetic field and the quick flow of the wind (~ 400 km / s) provides the energy that feeds the phenomena of the polar dawn, the radiation belts and of the magnetic storms.
Additional reading:
The physics of the plasm is a mathematical difficult field whose study requires meticulous knowledge of the electromagnetic theory. Some electricity texts and magnetism are in charge of of aspects of the physics of the plasm, p.e. the chapter 10 of "Classical Electrodynamics" of J.D. Jackson.


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Re: Ionospheric Las ondas Shumann--rough translation--
« Reply #28 on: February 07, 2008, 06:14:09 AM »
The waves Shumann
by Guido S. Bassler
In the decade of the years 50, the professor Dr. O. W. Schumann of the Technological University of Munich, Germany, discovered the effect of resonance of the system earth-air-ion.sfera, today generally called WAVES SCHUMANN, in honor to its discoverer.
In Physics they are denominated traverse-magnetic" "Waves. These waves Schumann vibrates in the same frequency that the cerebral waves of the human beings and of all the mammals in general, that is: in 7,8 Hertz (cycles per second).
Although the Physical official Science almost has ignored it, the big powers World cups have been experiencing with these waves, very privately, in big projects super secrets.
They constitute one of the military most sophisticated weapons in the future, since by means of the modulation of these waves they try to interfere drastically in the mind of the enemy supposition, causing him/her the most unimaginable havocs that possibly could cause unforeseeable consequences.
The professor Schumann worked then in that, with its university students, in calculations of potentials in esfero-symmetrical systems. One day, it outlined them the duty of calculating the potential of two shells semiesf?ricas that you/they have a certain distance among if and that they are electrically both drivers. Then, as if it was an occurrence of the moment, he/she said: We also "have the earth and the ion?sfera. Take as example the diameter of the earth and the diameter of the inferior layer of the ion?sfera, the layer Heaviside and calculate what own frequency it is there."
The, naturally, had to also calculate it, to see if what the students took out was correct and then he/she obtained 10 cycles as a result approximately per second.
It published this result in a magazine of Technical Physics and accidentally a doctor that was interested in the Physics and era subscriber of the magazine, the Dr. Ankerm?ller read it and he/she got him/her powerfully the attention this result, since 10 Hertz is the rhythm Alpha of the human brain, that is to say a very characteristic frequency.
He/she put on at once in phone communication with the Dr. Schumann and he/she told him/her: it is "interesting that that you it measured, that the Earth has the own same resonance as the human brain. It would be necessary to control if this is really this way." "Good", he/she answered him/her the Dr. Schumann, "if this is interesting for the medicine, I will put to a student that exactly he/she has to make their doctorate thesis, so that it verifies it with more precision, because 10 calculated Hertz was a very approximate" value. The granting a doctorate Herbert called you K?nig who was son-in-law of the celebrated one later Dr. Ernest Hartmann and later on it was the professor's successor.
Schumann in the University of Munich
The Dr. K?nig, through many mensurations, it could determine then that the exact value was not 10, but 7,8 Hertz and this made that the matter is still but interesting, because 7,8 Hertz is the frequency of the hipot?lamo and it is the only frequency that in all the mammals, including the man, it is so exactly common. While the rhythm Alpha varies of a person to other and the same one is of approximately 9, 10, 11 Hertz, the frequency of 7,8 Hertz is I eat it was already said up, exactly common to all, it is a normal biological constant that works as a marcapaso for our organism and INS THAT FREQUENCY THE HUMAN LIFE it IS NOT POSSIBLE.
This was proven more dramatically with the first astronauts, as much the Russian as the Americans, because these returned of their space mission with very serious problems of health. When being flying outside of the ionosfera they lacked the pulsation of that vital frequency of 7,8 Hertz.
Later, this problem was corrected by generators of waves artificial Schumann.
The scientists of NASA made in that time many interesting studies in this respect. One of them, Prof. Wever made build an underground completely isolated bunker magnetically.
During several weeks he/she made experiments there with voluntary students that were contained there. To the few days they took place in the serious same problems of health: headache, migraines, ravings, etc. And mainly the heart rhythms were disarticulated totally. But if then they were made enter to that b?nker pulsations of 7,8 Hertz, for a brief time, then the conditions of the volunteers' health stabilized again during several days again.
There are many people that suffer the consequences gravely, when for meteorological causes, especially for the electromagnetic storms, those frequencies of waves Schumann is interfered. Heart many problems are due to this fact. The modern therapy biomagn?ticas, with the help of generating apparatuses of waves Schumann and of waves geomagn?ticas it contributes a valuable help nowadays to overcome these problems.


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Re: Ionospheric Nicola Tesla: el guardi?n del rayo--rough translation--
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Nicola Tesla: the guardian of the ray
Nicola Makes a Will (1856-1943). Of Croatian origin, this electric scientific engineer was the inventor of the induction motor AC (alternative current) that made possible the transmission and electricity distribution at world level.
Particularly interesting it is their work on that that later would call you Resonance Schumann, speculating in this respect that it could be used for"... energy transmission and of intelligible messages from any place of the globe." In other words, a net of energy transmission. "So astonishing they are the facts of this connection that it seems as if the Creator, has designed an electric planetary system...." -- Nikola Tesla described the Resonance Schumann (7.8 Hz) like "The Transmission of Electric power Without Necessity of having Wired it is the means to achieve the World" distant Peace, Electrical World And Engineer, January of 1905, 7 PP 21-24.
At the moment, by means of the Project Tesla, the form is investigated of transmitting electricity through the Cavity of Schumann with what supposes it; to be able to substitute the electric current net, for a net ionosf?rica, cheaper and more ecological.
During the year 1898, Tesla demonstrated in the middle of Madison Square Garden a prototype of unmanned ship guided to remote control. It was such the futurism of the pattern that the system of wireless command included guide's method by means of the voice, which was experienced by an important quantity of spectators that he/she went to the presentation. 
Then an incident stranger that marked his exodus from Colorado Springs took place. An experiment of energy transmission made all the generators of the electricity company and its owners fly, infuriated with the inventor, they refused to continue giving him/her electricity. 
Also, the complaints of the neighbors of the city had multiplied soon after accusations for strange events, as the appearance of luminous strange balls on the laboratory, electric lamps that exploded spontaneously and sparks that came out of the streets of the city every time that their inhabitants ran to cross them. 
Many believed that it was about the consequences of the experiments of Tesla to transmit electricity through the earth, what would have provoked that the land of Colorado Springs is loaded with ends levels of magnetism. 
All this, added to the financial problems every bigger time, they made him/her appeal in the year 1900 to multimillionaire J. P. Morgan. Tesla sold him/her a project to create a system of transmission of data at distance and without cables that it would embrace the whole planet. Morgan that saw the possibility to consent to a virtual monopoly of the system of communications, gave him/her 150.000 dollars to develop its inventions and a property in Long Island where it installed the laboratory of Wardenclyffe. 
A series of accidents gave unlucky fame to the new laboratory. For worse, the enthusiasm of Morgan went in decrease before the lack of concrete results to exhibit. The drop that filled the glass the conversation that had one night Tesla with the millionaire was; the inventor, maybe with some glasses of more, he/she admitted him/her that the plan of transmission of communications was in fact a project to transmit electricity without cost to the North American homes. 
The following day Morgan cut all support to Tesla and this was forced to look for new investors. This was the last opportunity that had to demonstrate that it was able to make reality the project of gratuitous electricity and without limits. 
The investors refused to support to Tesla due to the bad press that he/she came having from toward some years. Since he/she commented to a group of journalists that in their laboratory of Colorado Springs had been able to capture radio signs coming from a place in the space that probably outside the planet Mars, the reporters began to qualify him as an eccentric and crazy scientist too much predisposed to the fantasy. 
In another opportunity he/she said to possess a ray able to create waves of frequency able to "leave to the earth in two as if is about an apple" 
The owners of the companies that had always listened to it, saw in him a dangerous visionary able to give gratuitous energy to all the citizens, little by little they began to also give him/her the back. 
Other that took party in favor of Edison in their fight against the Serbian inventor, they were added to the long line of people willing to say that it was from a near character to the madness and the raving. 
The time passed and Tesla should appeal the government to be about financing its ideas. Being based on the experiments of the "reel of Tesla", it presented a project to build a device able to throw an electromagnetic ray to thousands of miles of distance "able to demolish airplanes to 400 kilometers of distance." They ran then the first years of the first world war and Tesla saw the opportunity to be added to the effort then of it rearms of the United States. It also presented a series of plans to build boats torpederas to remote control, assuring that of having counted on them, during the war against Spain, United States had won the war in alone one afternoon without losing a single man in the war.
The proposals of Tesla were ignored and then the inventor received an order of the German Armada to develop an electric new propulsion system that is supposed it was the base for the development of the motors that you/they used the Germans then in their submarines during the second world war. 
But the entrance of United States in the war and I am in danger him/her of being accused of betrayal he/she made that Tesla to cut their relationship with the Germans. 
By means of a letter, he/she went to the then president Wilson revealing to possess a ray able to destroy big earth extensions. It denominated to their invention "the ray of the death." In accordance with their letter, it had already achieved concrete results that demonstrated the enormous one to be able to destructive of their weapon and it put as condition for their delivery that it was only used with defensive ends. He/she revealed, also that during 1908, while their friend Robert Peary tried to arrive to the North Pole, one of its rays sent so that he/she fell to the west of where this he/she was. In accordance with the registrations that work in the Foundation Tesla, sent a cr?ptico telegram to Peary in which announced him/her that he/she would receive an unequivocal sign of Tesla while he/she was on the way to the Pole. 
Peary returned without having perceived anything abnormal. But the same day that Peary conquered the Pole, a devastating and still unexplained explosion it shook to the area of Tunguska, in Siberia, Russia. Near 3.000 square kilometers of forest they were swept by an explosion that is calculated he/she had the equivalent power to an atomic bomb of 50 megatons. A convincing explanation was never given to the event, since never they were remains of some meteorite, crater or another factor able to explain similar devastation. The subsequent explosion was heard to 620 miles of distance of the place. 
In their letter to the president, Tesla suggested that their ray had been the culprit of that explosion and, due to errors in its calculations, the explosion had taken place in an area far from its plans. He/she wrote that finding out the danger that contained their invention, decided to dismantle the it schemes until is given the conditions so that it is properly understood, but that, due to the bolted state of the war, he/she offered to rearm to recover the world balance. 
The letter was received by a secretary of the presidency and it never arrived to its destination. Later Tesla made a new intent and on the end of the war it proposed a sheaf of electromagnetic waves to detect airplanes and submarines to distance, but its eternal competitor, Thomas Edison, recommended to discard the idea for inviable. Years later the Britons developed the system and they denominated it radar, the one that, then, it was adapted to operate in the depths and it was good to develop the modern sonars. 
Convict to be treated as a marginal of the sciences, Tesla ended up its made bitter years and being about subsidizing its experiments with the little thing that he/she received from multiple patents developed throughout its fruitful career. But the sum of the envy and the jeers prevented him/her to recover the prestige and the respect of those that he/she enjoyed their days at the beginning. 
In a last intent to contribute with their inventions to the humanity, he/she sent reproductions of the plans of their "ray from the death" to the governments from United States, France, Russia and of the United Kingdom, with the idea that with fellow man to be able to destructive in hands of all the powers a balance would be possible able to bring a new time of prosperity and peace to the humanity. 
Sick person due to their continuous exhibition to electromagnetic intense fields, Tesla died during 1943 being in vain about contributing with its ideas to the North American effort to defeat the warlike machinery of the axis. 
By way of final recognition to their career, that same year, the Supreme Court of the United States failed in favor of Tesla when indicating that the patents presented by the Serbian were decades previous to those of Marconi and they contained all the theoretical necessary principles to develop the radio 
The following day to their death all their notes and the apparatuses of their laboratories were retired by the government's agents and so far they continue protected by the state secret. 
Recent news indicate that none of the powers that you/they received the plans of the "ray of the death" stopped to take seriously to the invention of Tesla. 
United States was the first country in presenting in public an accelerating ray of particles (I begin developed by Tesla in the decade of 1920) like part of its effort to create an antimissile defense system based on the space during the decade of 1980/90. 
Also, through the project HAARP that country studies the possibility to heat certain areas from the atmosphere to end to achieve a climatic control on some areas of the planet. This project is entirely based on the experiments of Tesla to transmit energy at distance. 
Russia seemed to possess an electromagnetic ray whose effects are very similar to those that Tesla describes that it can provoke its ray. In 1987, the leader of the Russian ultraderecha, Valentine Shirinovsky, threatened to occident to use "the ray of the death" able to destroy all the forces of NATO that operated against Serbian during the crisis of Balkans. Fuentes of the western intelligence hurried to deny that it existed a he arms similar, but the Russian press gave to know some documents that you/they revealed that the Soviet former Union possessed that ray from the decade of the fifty. 
The irony of the destination wanted that Russian to threaten to use the weapon for the first time in the earth that he/she saw its mentor be born. 
China and India would also be traveling a similar road in their investigations it has more than enough acceleration of particles, and it is said that with the due development, it could transform into an effective antimissile method within reach of any half power of the planet. 
The time passed and Tesla little by little begins to be recognized as one of the biggest inventors in the modern time, a little take maybe for somebody that outlined the utopia of using the energy like a method to reach a bigger grade of well-being and justness in the humanity. 
Its fight with Edison and its intents to pass above the rules of the mercantilist capitalism was worth him/her the disgrace of the managers and the active ignorance of the officials of the country that it adopted as his in 1891. 
Their double foreigner condition and utopian of the future they relegated it to a place of forgetfulness. 
Today, a group every time bigger than people he/she investigates on the life and work of this genius incomprendido whose bigger merit was to conjugate the knowledge with the sensibility toward the humanity.