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Title: Schauberger Repulsine, New workouts from Prof. Evert
Post by: pese on November 29, 2009, 04:55:15 AM

dear friends of Free Energy
It´s a real pity, last fifty years no functioning Schauberger-Repulsine
was rebuild. Especially as it´s based only at two effects: accelerating
flows by Laval-Nozzles and increasing mass-throughput by influx aside.
detailed description is available by new chapter ´Schauberger-Repulsine
Redesign´ and for printout by (172 kB, 7 pages). With that clear design now
should finally be possible to make that legendary machine running.

Any whirlwind demands suction as trigger, e.g. by rising steam. Static
pressure of all environment pushes into that suction, resulting
accelerated flow at well known spiral inward turning tracks. Likely
trigger is easy rebuild by suitable suction-pump. Now I described
appropriate movement-processes and construction-principles at new
chapter ´Typhoon-Turbine´ and available for
printout by (220 kB, 9 pages).

However these flows must run nearby sound-speed, so at small devices of
10 or 20 cm diameter fast revolutions of about 20000 to 30000 rpm are
necessary. Up to now I did not dare to suggest revolutions thus fast
because ´hobby- craftsmen ´ hardly can build these machines (and
professional producers or institutions don´t believe in Free Energy).

´Trigger´ for these workouts was announcement of an Air-Turbine-Engine
by Rockwell-Scientific-Research causing quite a stir, see e.g. That engine probably works like described by
new chapter ´Typhoon-Turbine´. At any case now it´s obvious, research
and experiments into that direction should be done, in order to create
all-purpose engines - consuming null fuel.

I hope these new pages of my website are interesting for you.
Best wished.
Fred Evert
Title: Re: Schauberger Repulsine, New workouts from Prof. Evert
Post by: Cap-Z-ro on November 29, 2009, 05:36:05 PM

Thanks for that updated material Gilbert...I have it saved for future use.