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I was asked to begin this topic for work on the second stage joule thief circuits.  Our first joule thief topic has grown to monstrous proportions at over 1000 pages and well over 10,000 posts!

There is still a lot of good information there as well as on the joule thief diagrams topic where you will find schematics of some of the devices.

Let's see what we can all accomplish here on this topic.


This is Gadgetmall's 1.5 volt JT heater circuit.  Gadget has applied for the OU Prize with this device.  Good luck Al.


Thank you Bill . We could have started the thread but you have Moderator privileges and can edit out old post and stuff  plus you have the Most popular thread on the planet :)

I will start the post by posting My AA battery heater .light circuit using boostcap as the secondary power source heating and burning nichrome wire + lighting 1 watt of leds . Now this is based on the original Joule thief with a secondary .This Schematic is Self explanatory and Simple to make with lots of room for improvement .  I have a 1500 farad ultracapacitor that i will charge with this circuit later in the months and also improve upon the winding of the joule thief circuit . I am dead set on using 1 to 1.7 volts for the input on this device . others can use 12 volts but 12 volts is bulky and there is ac hance of noxious fumes and risk of explosions also with lead acid batteries ..

Hi Gadget,

Have you tried 1.2V rechargeable batteries? I agree 12V car batteries are bulky, might fume if the current is too high, but doesn't bedini say that the bigger the battery the better for OU? Supercaps are great, but not everyone has one.

This all seems very cool. I have little to no experience with JT's.

How fast is the boost cap fully charged? And how did you check the 3500amps? Or did you discharge it through a conventional load?


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