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Title: Gravity as a Push, and To Heat Water
Post by: BarnDoor77 on November 21, 2009, 03:48:04 PM
Charles Brush makes some astounding notions in his paper 'Kinetic theory of Gravitation'

I agree with his postulate, and from his paper I have considered the following method to tap zero point energy (or simply high energy field as Brush put it) by doing the following

   ' A single pipe is laminated with alternating dielectric materials (heavy metal, laminate, light metal, laminate) to the order of about 500-100 coatings.  This would act as a 'fresnel lense' of sorts causing the metal of the pipe to heat up perpetually which can be used for water heating purposes'

From Charles Brush's paper it is no different than the 30km of earths crust causing a TINY portion of the zero point energy (or high energy field some would call it) to be absorbed, and this is shown in HEAT.


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