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Title: Landscape
Post by: Daniel Jackson on March 10, 2006, 11:45:03 PM
  I am getting a feeling that the over unity inventor and maybe most inventors do research and development at home or on the side in their work shops.  Perhaps in a garage or basement and on the side in an electronics repair shop.

  I was accused of starting some make believe research at home.  I wonder then, is that ok to do?  I do not mean make believe, but doing something perhaps interesting and educational.  Isn't that a fine way to live life if you can?  Of course I am sure all inventors would want to have a nice research facility well stocked with parts and equipment as well as a few techs on hand.  Yet, as most of us inventors know and the long time investigators, into inventors and inventions: that we do not get funded for our ideas, our research and hard work.

  As for the ideas of make believe research into atomic resonance of water and its hydrogen and oxygen as well as cold fusion,  if you do a Google search for "atomic resonances" you will find 10 pages of links from a selection of 7,770,000 possible hits and links.  And all of that is real physics research being done now thats being paid for by grants.  So that idea of mine is not outside the realm of science but very much based upon science.  You can do research at home into atomic resonances.  It is used in electronics in terms of crytals and the atomic clock.  It is not a fruitless idea.  You can do whatever you want and it can be as real as it can get, and as real as you will allow it to be and want it to be.

  As an electronics tech I know you can do work at home.  Done allot of it and have the equipment for it at home.  Hear that Omnibus young buck!  Be carefull of how you treat your inventors today. 

  So I know what you can do at home, you can do design and research as well as fabrication at home.  Don't be such a fool.  This is a common reality of how things get done here in the 21st Century.  I mean we have computers now at home.  We can have some very powerfull software test equipment tools on the home computer.  So we will do as we want if we want to be an innovator or are one.  Its not exactly something you want to be as much as you have ideas you want to explore.  Its a bug that bugs you.  You have to get it out and look at it and work on it and get it out of your system.  Its more that way than wanting to be an inventor.

  We do not need a tender foot telling us about whats real and whether or not one can do work at home  to their hearts content!

  So if you want to look over such ideas or any idea do so, and do not let anyone stop you or discourage you.  Not every science is grasped by everyone so choose your science and then if all you have is a home set up then thats after all a start.

  I hope that inventors can relate to what I say here.  Most inventors I know do research at home.

  If you are one of those inventors or a home researcher of some sort then let your voice be heard here and tell the world exactly how it all really is.  Tell them the unvarnished truth.

  I am under the view that electromagnetics is the way to whatever there is to come.  Thats my view.  It may not be your view.  You can prove me wrong.  Anyways it is the device that comes along and works that is important.  Whether or not you or I can foresee or invision what it might be when it arrives on the scene.  Personally, I have seen allot of good ideas and devices so the best of luck to all inventors.

  Yet the fact is the unvarnished truth which I know the inventors can air our here over time.
Title: Re: Landscape
Post by: lancaIV on March 11, 2006, 12:09:17 AM
That is right,
and perhaps before 2010 each computer-owner/user can interface it
with an "universal constructor" like REPRAP !
Let dream becomes true !