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Completely Programmable Surge strips


I would like surge strips that function completely programmable on a day to day basis with one on and one off cycle every 24 hour period. (So night and day outlets will not work!)

In a perfect world I would like each outlet seperately programmable several times aday on or off.
It is possible but the products seem to have limited availability which is a piss poor thing we strive to accomplish energy conservation but fail to give the people the tools at an affordable price to do such a thing. Under and over voltage surge and brown conditions would also be nice to be protected from but I will settle for no protection or just surge.

My project goal to completely automate the times my electronics completely shut off without the need to use a remote control or master outlet to do the work.

There are options available but none that fit my needs entirely in order to do this I will need the specified product.

Nobody has looked into this and found a workable solution???

GE 6694 24-Hour Digital Power Strip Timer - 3-Pack    GE 6694

There we have it search for it... As for if it works or not I will have to let you know later.

Should take about a week this was after spending 60bux on timed surge strips that don't function as expected by Woods.

Take care folks home automation is a needed thing for power saving to actually work!

X10 is not the solution neither is woods a couple of hundred dollars into this likely 3 to 400bux and I may have the solution for saving power!

X10, it is a shame, I can program X10.

So can I but it is not a reliable option it blew out operating my LCD TV ...

The communication requires bridged phases...

With current meters and no shutoff switch on the pole you are forced to hire an electrician to come out and wire your house ...

Over all it is a neat system but sub par why would you want to have outlets that communicate through power lines is beyond me with all the wireless tech you would think there could be a completely wireless solution that requires no electrician just some surge strips ran with wireless that could run programs setup with on and off times you set.

So basically X10 but completely wireless no wired communications with the addition of surge strips the outlets are nice for this but lack the ability to function correctly if your home is not coupled phases... works for only a couple outlets not impressed.


Do not waste your hard earned dollar on X10 automation unless you want security or just motion activated lights X10 is junk!


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