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today is the day where Microsoft is beginning to sell
Windows 7.

But the hackers were again faster.

The very famous hacker group Experience, already know from
their TinyXP release have now also done a very compact and
much better Windows 7 version called:

It is available free to download via torrents.

You can install best the program uTorrent from

and then google for:
"piratebay tiny7 rev01"

The first link google puts out will get you to the download site,
where you can download the torrent file and then you can use
uTorrent to download this ISO file to burn onto a CD-R.
Then you have a CD-R with an installable Tiny7 version,
that has all the great features of Windows 7, does not need to register (unattended version)
and has removed all the ballast, so it runs and boots very fast.

I don´t post the direct link to it, cause it might get the admin into trouble over here.

Enjoy and have fun, with this great  Tiny7 version.

P.S: If you like more Linux,
then check out

It is one of the best and fastest Pupplet versions and it runs totally in RAM
and is easy to install and now as also PETs are available for
Puppy Linux these systems just ROCK !

Enjoy !

has anyone tried the tinyXP?

I just downloaded Tiny7 and installed it onto a new
Was installed in less than 20 minutes !

It boots up very fast

It really rocks.

You have to use Trendmicro Online scanner

to get rid of a little spyware,
but then it is almost perfect.

Aero transparency works nicely with an older
Geforce onboad 6150 motherboard Graphics,
no problem at all after installing the latest NVidia
Win7 drivers.

Really nice !

i always just build my own... been chopping os's since

this guy makes it alot easier

for xp and server03 ...

for vista and win 7 and server 08 ...

have fun

hell no!

im sticking with Linux!


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