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Title: Book of Discernment - PROPHECIES
Post by: AnaA on October 22, 2009, 03:29:11 AM
Here's the beginning of a book that would be good to bookmark for
future reference, as it is in its early stages of being written, and will be
added to extensively and continuously.  It's free, you don't even have
to download it or provide any information by signing up for anything
at all.  Just save it in "favorites" and click on it when you want to read

The purpose is to provide you with the details of what is presently
happening to our country as stated by Scripture.  The writer is a true
prophet (we all know many make claims to be one) but this particular
person is accurate with what he says, and shows how the earlier
prophets stated these things before he ever did.  It's all in God's word.

And If these 2,500 year old prophecies were not meant for today's
America, Then WHY are all 200 of them happening to us right before
our eyes ??

Title: Re: Book of Discernment - PROPHECIES
Post by: onthecuttingedge2005 on October 22, 2009, 06:29:21 AM
it is not that these things fall into place naturally, it is because there are people actively making those prophesies occur so that people become fearful of it.

they actively look for the similarities and happenings of such things that have been occurring for hundreds of years and some people have been trying to get them to be fulfilled.

it's call the slight of hand technique. a good magician can fool a lot of people even if he/she does it right in front of one who's watching the act.

just my opinion, I could be wrong but my intuition tells me I am probably right.

all the great kings and queens and emperors and the lot have used religion to their advantage when a rebellion was rising. it made people fearful of Gods wrath. it also made people fight harder in battle, in the name of God was the caption.

for thousands of years, only one thing has changed, the technology. that's it.

good luck.
Title: Re: Book of Discernment - PROPHECIES
Post by: Bulbz on October 22, 2009, 09:59:28 AM
God had used His prophet Jeremiah to tell them He would send foreigners to our land, that they would empty it of our major assets, and be against us at every turn of the road

Well if that's the case, then that contradicts one of Gods many creations "Free Will", and that's what drove the so-called foreigners to not only America, but a lot of different places on earth. Foreigners are just doing what everyone on this ball of rock are trying to do... They're trying to survive and prosper, just as we all try to do.

The Bible is no longer original as it's been distorted by control freaks. When the great being ever pays us another visit, only then will we discover the real truth.
Title: Re: Book of Discernment - PROPHECIES
Post by: TechStuf on October 22, 2009, 11:07:40 AM

Mankind is certainly showing his ignominy, generally speaking, in comparison to the sum of his parts.  That much is certain!  I mean, look at the awesome and harmonious complexity of but a single one of his billions of cells!....

Man is messing about with cloning, cyborg stuff, and all manner of attempting to create a 'man' in his own image, yet is light years away from designing and creating a single cell on his own...

Man is just now, after much damage to the planet, beginning to seriously implement electric motors in cars....yet the humble Bacterial Flagellum uses electric motors with complex switching, sensors, and other controls to drive propellors, which spin at close to 100,000 RPM and are virtually 100% efficient!....

Man, isn't nearly as 'real' as he thinks he is....If he knew just how insignificant he really is in God's Grand scheme of things, perhaps he'd be just a bit more humble in considering his future, or lack thereof. It seems that any time man tries too ambitiously to peek behind the curtain, his reality changes a bit....'changing the rules', as it were, so as to keep man at his station, until our earthly test is complete.....

Heavenly citizenship is certainly not a right, but an unfathomable privilege. One granted to those who've proven compatible. For those who truly wish to know God, and the One He has sent forth, and readies to send again, I heartily recommend the following sources:

Time is short, the hour is late.....For those in need, Get to know your Father....earnestly seek His Hand in your life. It's not complicated:

"I will bring to ruin, those ruining the earth" - Yahweh, Almighty God

Blessings in Yeshua