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Author Topic: Understanding electricity in the TPU.  (Read 324183 times)

Offline wattsup

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Re: Understanding electricity in the TPU.
« Reply #735 on: August 20, 2010, 05:43:13 AM »
        The true motion  of the Earth relative to the cosmic background radiation is millions of miles an hour.  A radio receiver tuned into the cmbr has to retune  when it looks at the cmbr in another direction due to the doppler effect.  Since cmbr is said to be the left over photon energy of the big bang it is everywhere all the time just sitting there glowing away and this little rock we're stuck on is moving through this seemingly inexhaustible power scource at millions of miles an hour.   Say we are able to produce an electrical current with it's accompanying magnetic field that truly is static.  Doesn't move along with the Earth but just stays put.  A conductor downwind then moves through this magnetic field at millions of miles per hour.  There is sure to be a little gain from such a movement.


Yes I have been eluding to this fantastic Earth travel that we do every second of every day. This is the one constant of the total universe. Motion through Ether. Mass has to be in motion relative to the cmbf and million million per hour (mmph). No wonder electrons spin when moving at such speeds against the Ether. I have some very wild theories of new ways of thinking about this but will not post them yet because I have been concentrating these days on this SM TPU stuff. Yo should open a new thread called "@sparks of the Universe" so we can have a place to really shoot the breeze on so many fantastic ideas and keep them in one place.


     Tesla use to build tanks that had millions of horsepower in them.  If you tip a tank over that has millions of horses running back and forth in it and they all run in the same direction this is called a stampede.  You dont want to get in the way of a million horse stampede.  You dont need to mutate mass or rapidly oxidize a fuel as long as you can turn highfrequency events of miniscule individual power into low frequency events of high power.   That is basically what a plant does.  It inputs ultraviolet and stores the energy in chemical bonds.   You will notice that a plant like an animal is a low power machine that takes up a shitload of room is inefficent and exists in a very limited temperature realm.  Water is another thing.  It absorbs infrared the most common form of electromagnetic radiation on Earth and just gets hot.  As it is heated the thermal photons it admits change frequency.  Warm water emits far infrared frequencys.  If we can tune into some xray galaxy a billion trillion miles away we should be able to tune into some warm water a couple of feet away.  The antennae has to be so tiny weeny to grab the near infrared frequencies that it is being promoted because the nanotechnology industry can hook up with the fire burners and convert thermal photons of near infrared into dc.  Meanwhile we have a superabundant scource of radiation of thermal photons at far infrared frequencys that are being totally ignored.  Why would the power and communications industries ignore the most prevalent electromagnetic radiaition bandwith on in and around the face of the Earth.  Because it doesnt burn you and light up or go bang bang.  It is all over the fucking planet in the water under the water into the Earth.  No gotta drill down and get that real hot geothermal.  Because it is hot.  Cold stuff longer wavelength.  Hot stuff shorter wavelength.  Hot stuff not so much around sporatic transmission varying bandwidth no good when it rains snows or you dont have acres of land to put down acres of melted sand.  Warm or cold air.  Lots of it around.  Longer wavelength.  Available night day and weekends.   Requires no land.


That is exactly why I had shown my Voltage Grabber Circuit (VGC) animation working off radiant energy. With just a wire going out of my house I can get 2-3 volts easy coming in but how to harness it was the question. Hence design a VGC. So imagine if you had 10 of these or 100 of these all working in parallel. The idea is not so far fetched.


@sparks is it possible for you to just resample your image down about 30% so it will fit in the normal page size otherwise all the posts on this page will be too wide.

Offline wings

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Re: Understanding electricity in the TPU.
« Reply #736 on: August 20, 2010, 12:16:36 PM »

yes, I believe the TPUs are very high Q receivers, normal LC tuned loops might have a Q of around 100, but if you use mechanical vibration you can increase the Q into the 1000 level and even 10 000 levels.     I did some calculations elsewhere on all this theory.     

1)  I'm sure the TPUs are somewhat lossy, they seem to over heat.
2)  I'm not sure what effects your refer too, but 5 kHz, 830 Volts can easily create those sparks we see in the videos.
3)  It's neither Longitudinal or Transverse, we are just coupling to a magnetic field pointing down into the ground (from my experiments at the mansion, there seems to also be a horizontal component)  We are basically in the near field of these very low frequency TEM waves that travel on the power lines, or rather resonate on those lines.



Offline sparks

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Re: Understanding electricity in the TPU.
« Reply #737 on: August 21, 2010, 06:07:03 AM »
  Just want to report a huge error of mine in reporting the velocity of the earth.  It is around 300km/sec.  Which is still pretty fast.  It appears to be moving at this velocity in the direction of the constellation Leo. 

Offline jerseyboy17

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Re: Understanding electricity in the TPU.
« Reply #738 on: August 22, 2010, 01:16:51 AM »
Mr. "wings"
The posting of "the Michelson-Gale experiment of
1925 indicates to us that the medium in which electromagnetic radiation is
embedded, may not be fully partaking in the Earth’s rotation, if at all."
Caused me to ponder  whether or not, the "electromagnetic radiation" is the "Aether" and this rock
called "Earth" is just another electromagnetic particle caught in it's eddy? The thought, kinda made me laugh>

Offline jerseyboy17

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Re: Understanding electricity in the TPU.
« Reply #739 on: August 22, 2010, 01:43:12 AM »
Mr. "wattsup"
I say, "the nerve" of our Government saying that we are in an energy crisis. I say that they won't work to harvest all the energy "we're floating" in. I guess it's up to us!

Offline CompuTutor

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Re: Understanding electricity in the TPU.
« Reply #740 on: August 22, 2010, 03:31:59 PM »
  Just want to report a huge error of mine in reporting the velocity of the earth.  It is around 300km/sec.  Which is still pretty fast.  It appears to be moving at this velocity in the direction of the constellation Leo.

Please, this is with respect,
I would like to enter another variable.

The whole: "This-to-that, that-to-there, there-verses-then" thingy

Key opperative phrase is "Relative Reference".

In relation to any local point of reference,
the very point of view we measure from
that we consider stationary because of that.

All things are, and can only be, relative measurements.

No absolute measurements.

Earth to local space,
Local space to solar system,
entire solar system to our galaxy,
our galaxy in referrence to...

All of these are usually considered.

Picking any point in our physical space as reference,
still ignores this simple variable.

What are the relative speeds of energy
we simply cannot observe locally
and that we may not even be aware of yet
nor can measure with anything currently available.

The whole neutron sensor array
miles under earth comes to mind.

Although we may be hurling at 300km/sec
towards the Leo constellation essentially.

They are passing through that research array
considerably faster than the 300km/sec speed.

What if ALL things are travelling at yet a larger
unforeseen velocity towards yet something else.

It gets even more unfathomable still.

But I said all that to ellude to this.

What if an interactive energy force
that has little to do with matter
is instead travelling at a very high
relative speed and interacts with all this ?

Doesn't matter if it is us, or it is said energy
that is travelling at the newly proposed velocity
relative to each other.

It is the relative velocity between the two.

Could this explain the extra ZPE gain ?

The car passing you at 60-MPH,
in relative relation of your car at 55-MPH
is observable and measurable because
they are both observable to each other.

But hold your hand out the window
and the force is way more than 5-MPH.

I guess I'm not willing to accept
that all forms of energy known and unknown
are all travelling near the same velocity
in the same local space we build projects in...

Just a thought...

Offline sparks

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Re: Understanding electricity in the TPU.
« Reply #741 on: August 23, 2010, 01:14:26 PM »
     The 300km/sec is relavent to the most static thing around which would be whatever blackbody radiator produces the cosmic back ground radiation.  Photons are created by something slowing down and absorbed by something speeding up.  So I reason that there is something slowing down everywhere all around the observable Universe to create these photons.  We move relative to this blackbody at 3oo kps.  The nature of this blackbody I have no clue.

Offline wattsup

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    • Spin Conveyance Theory - For a New Perspective...
Re: Understanding electricity in the TPU.
« Reply #742 on: August 23, 2010, 03:09:04 PM »

I am glad someone put a number to it. This is much faster then the Earth's orbit around the sun. It is an incredible amount of speed.


(My last long post on SM - After this I'm back on the bench to work on Understanding the Real Electricity in the future TPUs)

So.... getting back to the SM TPU stuff, now, if you consider what I have been trying to explian to you all, with this new look at the TPUs I can understand when MR. ROLAND SCHINZINGER PhD. (RS) saw a live SM "Demonstration" of three devices . The Demo lasted 1 1/2 hours but the units were not lit all the time. His every sentence is perfectly drawn out in what I have been saying as what you will see and what is actually taking place are two things when you see a demo in SM's stately lair.

With all due respect to RS, I feel his only mistake was going to this demo knowing SM was going to light some bulbs, he should have brought his own bulbs, offered them to SM, just to see if he would refuse them or not.

Everything else about RS's most honest assessment is an obvious rendering of the "observable" facts. He could only say what he saw and what he was "allowed" to measure, how and when he was allowed to measure and everything was "controlled" by SM. If SM supplied the bulbs in the demo, then you can rest assured those bulbs are 12 vdc driven at 16 vdc but our illustrious RS gave it his best shot. I excuse myself if I said anything derogatory on his behalf and today say, "he could not have known the level of masterful deceit he was asked to debunk". Given the same limitations, you or I would have rendered about the same report. But none of it spells OU.

So let's take a look at this most famous report that seems to be the most obvious reason that @members think the SM TPU is real. I will comment between <>.

Schizinger Report
Report on Test of Energy Device

At the request of Mr. Richard Mincherton I was present on October 28th at a test demonstration of a device that its inventor claims will produce electric power without measurable energy input except as derived from the earth'’ magnetic and gravitational fields. The test was conducted at the inventor's home. I was allowed to bring and use measuring instruments, but because the inventor had to leave after 1 ½ hours, I was not able to conduct independent tests on my own.

<Who is Mr. Richard Mincherton? We need to sleuth this guy out and find out what his relation is with SM.>
<At the date of the demo with SM, RS was 68 years old and he passed away on Nov. 22nd, 2004 at the age of 77 years.>

<Wow, SM was able to attract the presence of one of Californias' most illustrious EE PhDs. I had an Engineering Professor from McGill University come over to my place one day for a demonstration of a looped/motor/gear/device that this guy had made. It took several calls and lots of talking just to convince the engineer to be present. I sent someone to pick him up downtown and bring him back because he did not have need for a car. This guy was the top on Energy Conversion Systems. Now once he was there would I ever consider stopping a demo after 1 1/2 hours "because I had something else to do", or, would I put all other things aside as long as this man was willing to sit down with me and discuss and measure and explore.

Why would SM so arrogantly just stop after 1 1/2 hours and say "I have to leave now". Another "does not make sense moment" courtesy of SM. So just remember that one statement by RS "I was not able to conduct independent tests on my own". So what were you allowed to do then. Exactly, you watched a demo and was permitted to do certain measurements that SM allowed you to do, when he allowed you to and how he allowed you to. Total control of the demo is one of the first golden rules of any illusionist.>

Based on my observations, I can attest to the fact that the three models of the device displayed and tested on that day did indeed light up one, two and six light bulbs (each rated at 100 watt and 120 volt) respectively.

<Here we read that on that day the devices did indeed light up 1,2 and 6 bulbs. Hmmmmm. Does "light up" mean anything specific as in, slightly bright, medium bright or very bright. Then he puts in brackets "each rated at 100 watt and 120 volt". So how can you ensure a 100 watt 120 volts bulbs is exactly what it says on the printed markings. Did you measure resistance and compare it to a known bulb value? Well if you base this on SM videos, we would assume that during the demo with RS, SM plugged his bulbs into those famous wall sockets. RS would not have noticed that every time SM did that, he was always using the bottom sockets. You just don't stop at such technicalities during a demo. Things move too fast and there are many distractions. Although RS was a high level EE, I am sure he did not have the whole light bulb/voltage/brightness spectrum memorized in such a way that he could visually analyze the bulb brightness and give it an accurate energy requirement level. He would not know the difference between the brightness of a 100 watt bulb driven at 60 watts and a 12vdc bulb driven at 16 vdc. He would not be able to differentiate these and his only comparison would then be SM plugging the bulbs into the wall. SM does this to exactly program you and your visual reference point.>

This was less then the figures quoted to me before the test, but still adequate to demonstrate that the devices function in some fashion.

<I am sure he is relating to the six bulb demo of the LTPU that he was told had lit up ten bulbs as we saw in the LTPU video. I will get to that soon. So the whole basis of all this SM sagalation is RS saying "still adequate to demonstrate the devices function in some fashion". That's it. That's all we have a rock solid opinion that something worked in some fashion and we are basing the next 5-10 years of R&D around this one statement from a top level EE. So I ask. I THIS ENOUGH?>

The smallest unit produced 140 to 150 volts unloaded and 60 to 90 volts when lighting one 100-watt bulb.

<What does he mean by 140 to 150 volts. Why provide a range of voltage when we have all seen videos with the devices producing specific voltages and not a range. Did he take notes or is he writing his report dated the next day off of memory. Then he says loaded it shows 60 to 90 volts. Again why a range? Where does this range come from? Well what is it? 60 or 90. If the voltage was fluctuating by 30 volts, he would have noticed the bulb would have been flickering erratically. But no mention of this. He is working off of memory and I would suppose he maybe got the numbers wrong, but from his perspective, the voltages were irrelevant to the degree that his report was, for him, not a formal report but more a rendition of the events. There is nothing that could construe that RS was writing a highly formal report. I don't think RS realized it but what he saw was SM measuring reactive power.>

<Regardless of the true voltages, RS does indicate here that between the voltage read unloaded and the voltage read loaded, there is a good 50% reduction and this is common to all the devices he witnessed. So my first question is, if the devices do drop in voltage when loaded, why did the OTPU video show no voltage drop. This is PROOOOOOOOOOOOOOF that SM used batteries in the lamps that were not affected by the OTPU circuit itself. Are we getting warm?>

The mid-sized unit produced 250 volts unloaded, and was observed producing 142 Volts at .5 Ampere after 30 minutes of lighting two bulbs.

<Here again RS is very ambiguous in his reporting. He says the unit produced 250 volts unloaded, but does not say when this was measured. He then reports it was then observed producing 142 volts at .5 amps after 30 minutes of loading. But this does not say when the 250 volts was measured. Was it measured at the start of the 30 minutes or at the same time the 142 volts was measured? Hmmm. 0.5 amps is about what you would get from a 9v battery bank. But again here SM is playing the bulb brightness game using two bulbs to explain away the obvious lack of brightness when 70 watts is used to light two 100 watts bulbs. SM was simply driving them DC bulbs that consumed 12vdc and frivolous amps. But RS had no way to know it and his reporting is just what anyone would have said. Except for the fact that from the quality of RS's report, knowing that he is a high level EE that has made so many other and grander reports in his lifetime, he probably treated this SM report more like a nuisance. He went to see the demo, was not all that impressed, but the next day was asked to write a report on the demo and from all we can read, his recollection was not that precise or helpful. He probably wanted to make it this way because he was not comfortable writing anything more determinant. He shot the breeze and let it go at that.>

The largest unit produced 798 Volts unloaded. With a six-bulb load the voltage dropped to 420 Volts.

<OK, here we go on the LTPU since the 798 volts matched close enough to the 830 of the LTPU video. Very interesting that now SM decides to use 6 bulbs instead of the 10 he used in his LTPU video. Now with the video at 830 volts that made 83 volts per bulb when using 10. Now under this new voltage reading of 420, if using 6 bulbs that makes 70 volts per bulb. Again I ask, why not use 4 bulbs? SM reduced the bulb numbers from 10 to 6 because he knew the device was getting low on juice and he still wanted to create the same acceptance of his lower lumens illusion.>

It was difficult to determine how many hours the devices may be able to operate because the inventor ended the demonstration after 1 ½ hours.

<Already explained. This is part of SMs process. Light up some lights but leave you in the dark.>

I could not detect any time-varying magnetic field that might have provided an external energy input.

<No comment required. It hard to detect battery fields.>

After the test the inventor cut the toroidally shaped device into segments (though not the controller box located at the center of the device). These samples consisted of an array of circumferentially arranged coils and wires grouped around a core made of a cork like substance.

<This is such an important statement that has not been considered enough. RS says here that the cut-away consisted of "circumferentially arranged" (CA) coils and wires grouped around a core made of cork like substance". First question is how could he have made out enough of that to say the word "coils". The wires I can understand since one of the CA wires fell to the ground as he removed the cut from the unit. But how did he notice coils? This does not make any sense that you could notice this from the cut-away only looking at the cut edges. Then he mentions the cork like material. Now that is a perfect material in which you can place so many batteries you would be amazed. And SM knew exactly where to make the cuts so he did not go through a battery but between them. Those CA wires were simply connecting the batteries in series. Did they take apart the cut pieces. No mention. Did they look in the remaining TPU. No they could not because SM then took the remaining device and re-wired it to show it still worked. This proves the circular aspect is not important to the operation of his device and the quick connections he made were simply to reconnect the battery wires to remain in series wit the rest of the batteries. This we know from the cut-away video. SM left nothing to chance either when making the videos or when doing his live demos.>

October 29, 1995 Roland Schinzinger


I have not touched on every point of this report because it would take to many pages. What is obvious and unfortunate is when you take all the information in RS's report and grade it for reliability, we can conclude rather obviously that RS did not really have his heart into making this report. He knew he lacked so much of the evidence he would have required to make a very solid report. He knew he did not find how SM could have faked the demos because he was not aware of the extent that SM could go too in order to make these demos work in his favor. RS made a report. He did not over-embellish it. He did not say anything categorical. He did the report hoping that most high level EEers would see through the ambiguous and realize that the report was just about worthless. This is how he wanted his report to stand and this is why he wrote it the way he did.

SM, not really caring about how precise the report was, all he wanted was RS's name on a pieces of paper that says the devices "functioned in some fashion". We here have taken this report and elevated it to "Ten Commandment" status not realizing that this is all a game that SM played.

Then we are left with all the "SM saids". He said alot. But does all he said make a TPU "real". Please think of this question before you answer it. So we know from RS's report that the voltage drops by about 50% when the load is applied but SM never showed this in his videos. He never showed voltages under load. Only with the OTPU that when loaded never dropped in voltage. Geez, can you guys see this or what. Am I the only one here that gets this.

At the end of the day, this all boils down to what your personal level of criteria is on devices that we are shown. We went through a whole drama when Mylow was on the Forum. I would classify it as my darkest months at It was just unbearable. Guys here did some great sleuthing work and when the shit hit the fan, I was the first to agree. I held up Mylow way to high and this is my mistake that I paid for with my nerves and much silent reflection time but I did immediately come forward and agree that we were being taken for a ride. I know in SMs case this will be much more difficult because the cult has been set in a wall of stone and the only way to get out is to break down the wall. Tear it down piece by piece, each piece that falls is letting in more and more light (Hmmmm - the irony of this statement). And this light will free you from the technical straight-jacket that SM's folly has gripped your creative wisdom, that is just waiting to be freed to accomplish many great things. We have a whole world to discover out there and guys are just stuck on this one thing, always relating every build, every thought, every observation are then mirrored back to the workings inside an SM TPU. Guys have to wake up and quick. SM left us nothing. The guy is a con man just like what he tried with his 3D sound. The same con man that was feeling cornered and then called Jack Durban in a total tirade. This guy is no good news. He invented all right. He invented this whole story of a once dead end TPU that never went further then a few investors that caught on and stopped him flat. I am sorry for all this because I was also part of the feeding frenzy.

OK, OK, I can't say this SM saga was all bad. We all came in with so many great theories. We all did some very great sleuthing work, analysis, observations, builds, experiments, reports on testing effects, videos, even some like @otto that have developed a rather novel approach. But today  guys have to realize that all this had nothing to really do with the actual working of the SM TPU as they really are, but only have to do with your imagination of how you think and hope a TPU can function. These are totally separate things and one does not have any relation to the other. Your ideas are yours and will always remains yours thanks to your own "real" works in this regard.

So what I sincerely hope for the future is that guys can come together and really work on something NEWWWWWWWWWW. Not looking back at an SM TPU because they are all faked and have nothing to do with the reality of the true difficulties of this task of making a truly working TPU.

I have no more animosity towards SM. I just feel sorry for the guy because he lives in his own LaLa Land of falsehoods. He convinced himself that his devices were real and he came on this Forum feeding us with useless innuendos while convincing and hiding behind an MIB story. We took these innuendos that we saw at the time as the word of GOD, and, through our own ingenuities, worked out theories of how such a physically limited SM TPU could in fact work and produce 120 to 800 watts of output. We have spanned the worldly gambit at every level of technical expertise to mentally situate how a SM TPU works and to our credit, all these theories are still with us. All these tests are still with us and remain as concrete clues to the future workings of the future TPU that we will still work on in this present day. I just feel, and hope, and sincerely believe that we must put the SM TPU behind us. You guys need an SM break. You need to leave it alone and let it just die out. Every degree that SM TPUs die out inside you, that is one degree higher that your own will and creativity will grow into its fullest potential. We can't ask for anything more.

Yes I may seem like the bad guy here but if that is what it takes to open your eyes, then so be it. I remember two and something years ago, I was at this same point, but there was no logic in my objections. I was a mad sun of a bitch because I could not comprehend how someone, a human being that thinks, can hold back such an important device from humanity and play this game. Today, after 2 1/2 years additional of doing my own tests, builds, video studies, diagrams, wiring schematics and you name it, I did it, today I can sit back and say well, I now have all the reasons I need to close the book on SM. Not from emotional forces, but from the only force that can hold your attention. Logic, analysis, reasoning, deduction, etc. These are the attributes I use today to free myself from SM's lair and I sincerely hope these same attributes will help free yourself also. There is no other way for us to advance but to let SM fall into its rightful oblivion. It's time to work on our overunity devices. This is our chance to make a difference in the world and I know and see it already as a very exciting and determinate time in our planets history. We just need to not get too involved in what others have done or shown. We know today that in this venue of interest, there are many that will try to pull one over our eyes. We just need to concentrate on our own works. These are the only ones you can really trust. These are the only ones that will really push your intellectual expertise to grow. Then we all have to make sure we are 100% free of all other forces of distraction so our own thoughts, instincts, reasoning, logic, feelings and humanity can take over and flourish into its truest expression of creativity. That's what Tesla did all his life. He did it his way. Now, let's do it our way.

OK, there are other aspects of the SM saga that I have not touched on yet, and could, but will not. Some are, the investors, the MIB stories, the true background of SM, his other fakeries, the costs of his mansion, where he is today, what is he doing today, and more. Some of these I have already figured out just from his own words, some are left to figure out if required, but I think this is enough for now. I don't really want to spend any more time on this because I always prefer to do bench work. So I leave this here for all to ponder on. Just think of this one fact. Guys here get on a good trail, they follow it for a mile or so, then an SMnitude pops up on the trial and says "look back, look back, the answer is there". So you turn around and head back only to realize you are exactly back where you started from. Just image where you would be if you never looked back, only forward, forward left and forward right but always forward. SM has been keeping us stagnantly in one place and I think it is enough. Let's all wake up and smell the fresh roses on this new and advancing path to OU. At one point or another, guys have to realize that there are devices out there that are worth attention while others are simply an appealing, tasty but unrealistic liability. There is nothing that says your or my TPU has to look like an SM TPU. The word TPU is generic. Only when you apply an identifier does it become a know object. The SM TPU is dead, but stay tuned for the wTPU (@wattsup), the otTPU (@otto), the gk1to1000TPUs (@GK) and others here must learn to apply their own mark and make it their own. There is no other way.

Sorry for the long post, now back to work. lol


Offline sigma16

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Re: Understanding electricity in the TPU.
« Reply #743 on: August 23, 2010, 09:15:26 PM »

(My last long post on SM - After this I'm back on the bench to work on Understanding the Real Electricity in the future TPUs)


There is only proof of one thing in this entire thread and that is proof that many people were just not smart enough to figure it out.

The sad thing is that these same people don't even know what "electricity" or "magnetism" is and they don't want to know either.

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Re: Understanding electricity in the TPU.
« Reply #744 on: August 24, 2010, 01:50:02 AM »
To all,SM bought a great deal of parts from radio shack in there 1997 catalog
they carried this battery.The battery puts out 22.5 volts,its about the size of a AA 1.5 volt,4 hooked in series gives you 90 volts,its small and easy to hide if all you want is a voltage to measure with a meter,aka hes reactive power.

Offline sparks

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Re: Understanding electricity in the TPU.
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   I got a suspision that space travel folks aint telling us the truth about whats out there.  If you go along with the big bang theory this would pretty much assure us that space is filled with hot hot hot plasma.   Now if you take hot hot hot plasma and make it cooler first atoms that appear would be hydrogen.  The Sun is space plasma cooling off in the corona.  The cooling is evidenced by the photon radiation from this part of the sky and not the infrared radiaton of the solar plasmasphere.  The sun does not heat the corona the blackhole inside the sun cools space.  A particle inside a black hole is pretty much at a complete fucking standstill. Its freedom of motion I would say pretty much negated.  Fusion is a byproduct of cooling down plasma.  The plasma can cool enough in the right manner to create all of the elements.  It's the raw materials of creation if you will.  The astronauts smell like ozone when they come back into the craft.  That says to me that space plasma radiant matter has cooled off enough by the magnetic fields created in the aluminum space suits to turn spacematter into chemicals.  This would make space full of the primordial plasma in a coherent field from the bigbang site to us.  This coherent field of matter as cooled will form hydrogen gas.  And here we are pumping microrganism carcasses to the surface to get a some hydrogen to mix with oxygen while space is loaded with the stuff you make hydrogen and oxygen from.   How many crop circles do we need before the information outlined on how to cool space down is implemented.   Best way to slow electrons down is to make them bend along lines of a magnetic field.  Like they bend along magnetic field lines of the Earth and create a veritable warehouse of hydrogen gas in billions of tons floating around the northpole.  So I would say our relative motion of 300km/sec is relative to the rest frame of a veritable unexhaustible supply of hot plasma there for the taking.

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Re: Understanding electricity in the TPU.
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don't take this the wrong way, but you remind me of a person that does not understand electromagnetic induction and is trying to explain to himself how the alternator of a car can produce the electricity it obviously does using the old galvanic action he is familiar with. 

You try to look at the alternator's size and calculate it's volume and figure out how many BATTERIES could fit in it.  Or speculate that maybe through axle rotation maybe there is a fancy mechanism inside the alternator that swaps batteries quickly into the circuit so they don't all discharge at once, etc...  Or maybe the car bulbs are fake, or they are miss printed? etc.  You basically go to great lengths and create quite imaginative scenarios to explain the new reality you are encountered with in terms of the limited knowledge you posses.

My advice, go read some physics and engineering books.  Nature has a lot more tricks "up it's sleeve"  then just galvanic action!


If you don't understand electromagnetic induction, and believe in tooth ferries, this project is not for you!


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Re: Understanding electricity in the TPU.
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hi @all

Im fully on the wattsups side.

If you want to see what is awaiting SM TPU, go and read the thread about  trawoeger pyramide from start to the end :

I came to the OU devices from Conspiracy Theory and fortunately stuck from the start in DIY liar trawoeger in compare with premier  league liar SM.

I lost about 2 months trying to understand the "secret" of  trawoeger pyramide. The "Secret" was in front for everybody in his video - the wires was connected to pc fan from laboratory power supply - not from multimeter !!!

I find this by my self when I take off the pink glasses of "free energy" from my brain.
I can't find now this video on You Tube.

The Big respect to wattsup.tnx

 In compare to yours advice to wattsup -  maybe you need to put aside physics and engineering books and take the magnifying glass.
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Re: Understanding electricity in the TPU.
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Lets stop this with a simple explanation:

EMd: back me up.

You take 2 transformers next to each other that are tanked. Resonate them 180d out of phase. You now have the model of Harmonic amplified resonant power or power amplification through harmonic resonance. This process blows shit up! Fuse boxes, pole pigs, towers, sound amplifiers. Now put this process to work between a generator and a motor. Can you say Johnson motor?
If you have never heard the waving buzz that sings across the chassis then you have no right to talk about OU! Kapeesh?

Don Smith used this also.

I don't know a better way to put this.

The tpus are 2 lc tanks resonating back and forth. Get this just right and you can collect. It is the echoing process that one hears and sees with guitar feedback in an amp. You can break equipment. Hello?

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Re: Understanding electricity in the TPU.
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@GK,  You take 2 transformers next to each other that are tanked. Resonate them 180d out of phase. You now have the model of Harmonic amplified resonant power or power amplification through harmonic resonance. This process blows shit up! Fuse boxes, pole pigs, towers, sound amplifiers. Now put this process to work between a generator and a motor. Can you say Johnson motor?
If you have never heard the waving buzz that sings across the chassis then you have no right to talk about OU! Kapeesh?


Please post a diagram.