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Hello all,

After years and years I can finally say that I have solved the TPU secret.

But its not only aboout a TPU. ALL pulsed coils and various coil setups can use this solution.

I dont want to wright a book here.

Its only the BEMF shok wave. Nothing more.

I will try to post pictures but Im not sure if it will work so if here is a kind guy who can post my would be nice.

Thought so. I cant post pictures.



I will post them...i would like to finnish this job

The other one .... Jt people..check this out!

Thank you Otto and Mannix, I know how much it would mean to you both to find an answer, considering how much effort you've put in.


Thanks Otto,

Congratulations ... I knew that your tenacicy would blits the game here!

we will need some explatation with the "secret image" about those cap relationships.

The actual mosfet type etc

Lets just  get everybody to the same page b4 the nayers bark

@all please hold off untill the details for this experiment are complete.

@ Otto you might want to lock this thread until there is another bright light!


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