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Hello all,


thanks for the pictures.


The bottom picture showes how to connect your MOSFET. I never used a MOSFET driver so I think its not nessesary. The setup is a little bit strange because I have the minus from the power supply connected to the coil but we want so called shockwaves and this is the best solution.

The top picture shows whats going on:

The drawing showes you only the negative part of my oscillator.

The 470pF cap in my oscillator is interacting with the  OFF capacitance (330pF) that has a IRFP 450 MOSFET and also with the capacitance of my coils.

In this way I have sooooo big negaitve BEMF spikes.....but thats not the point.

Starting from around 200kHz or so I have very slow collapses. As I tune the frequency to a lower value, the collapses are faster and faster.

I saw that the maximal collapse frequency could be around 5 or 6kHz. The light is not good because I have only the coils connected. At the mentioned 5 or 6kHz, as the collapses are really fast, we have the needed vibration.

But dont think about an oridinary vibration. The collapses and the vibration showes very clearly that the signal is a lot of times bigger then the original input signal.

To be sure I have the vibration I placed a big neodym magnet under my little transformer. But you havt to be careful because the coils could be easily fired away from the magnet into your face, ha,ha.

The little transformer is made in this way:

a quadratic spool, inside diameter is 12mm, 1/2", height maybe 1"

first wound primary wire diameter 0,5mm = AWG 24, lenght 10m= 30 ft.
over the primary is the secondary
wire diameter is 0,8mm = AWG 20

So, if you want to try this I would first try to connect my MOSFET in the way I showed you. Maybe it works, maybe not.

If not then you have to build new oscillators like Im doing it now.


youre old enough and clever but....

1. NEVER, NEVER again, NEVER tune 2 of the frequencies to the exact same value. This is strictly FORBIDDEN

But if you do it then you can buy a new power supply, new transistors, MOSFETs.....Its on you.

2. If you use a car battery as power supply OPEN, OPEN, again OPEN the cells so the produced hydrogen can freely go out of the battery.

I know that I forgot a lot but Im here so....


Hello my friends,

thanks for your kind words.
No, there is no reason to lock this thread because about naysayers I can in this case only laugh. Ha,ha,ha.

This is the real way a lot of so called "overunity" devices work, thats now clear.

Did I wrote about something special? No. And I dont want because the people should  discover it

Didnt Steven Mark told us that the TPU is NOT "rocket science"?




The mosfet device type and a few photos when you can please

Hello all,


yes, I know that pictures are very important. Tomorrow you will have the pictures. I wanted a video but my filmcrew has the flue so I have to wait.

I tried to work with a IRF 840 MOSFET and had the same results. Output capacitance = 310pF!!

We all talked a lot about tubes. I bought some of them tried to pulse them....had never sucess because I was stupid. Then I looked into the datasheed of my triode and saw it: the gate of my triode needed a negative pulse!!! Ha! What a "discovery", ha,ha.

I dont have to say why tubes: CLEAR frequencies and STABLE frequencies. But not as people would think. Now, with my SS oscillator I have a big problem: it works fine, the collapses are strong....but when my hand is near the oscillator the frequency changes and the effect is gone. Yes, shield it but....

The people here have meters to measure the capacitance of their coils, have a lot of other equipment so I hope they can do what I showed much easier, better, faster....

I dont have a profi equipment so people, its your turn to work.

I gave you ALL my knowledge.

Yes, a lot of problems are to solve but WE CAN DO IT!!!

And for the naysayers: for me there was not one moment to have any doubts about the TPU. I knew always it was and is a real device. And so the videos.


Great stuff !!

People need a clear picture of coils arangement to proceed ..

Tomorrow will be good day!

this will be the best thread yet!  ... dogs and all



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