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Author Topic: NASA TV - Moon Rocket Impact - FRI 9 OCT 10:15AM (GMT)  (Read 10619 times)

Offline MasterPlaster

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Re: NASA TV - Moon Rocket Impact - FRI 9 OCT 10:15AM (GMT)
« Reply #45 on: October 17, 2009, 05:56:03 PM »
You should check on the news of the river Euphrates drying up then check to see what Revelations got to say about that. But don't panic. Everything is under control.

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Offline TechStuf

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Re: NASA TV - Moon Rocket Impact - FRI 9 OCT 10:15AM (GMT)
« Reply #46 on: October 17, 2009, 11:47:37 PM »
     Yeah, that "Euphrates river" bottom's been crusty for a while now.

     As for the media blackout on the Sun rise/set anomaly, what else is new.  Hellyweird's been putting out movies that analogize their plans before they implement their heinous crap, for years now. A way of warning their kind, I guess.  See "hollywood's war on God".

     Cloxxki, one reason you see very little hard data, other than the small but meaningful amount that exists, is that mostly, people notice, tell a friend and go on about their lives as if nothing is happening.  Call your local meteorologist about the fact that the seasonal tilt appears to have appreciably widened, and he will not divulge, for his job, (in the least) is on the line.  I long ago checked with mine about Chemtrails, and they have their heads so far up the devil's heiny, they no longer know what oxygen is, much less care about people dying as a result of toxins, poisons, drugs, and pathogens being sprayed on them.  Status Quo in abject fear and denial.

    Come Dec. 21, get your camera out and get video on rise and set line of site, pereferably with landmarks in view, First thing you'll think of is the old frog in the pot scenario, how easily things can change without your notice. Perhaps even well before Dec. 21,  you'll begin to see how strange the sun appears to rise and set so far south.

     Regarding aerial spraying, they've gotten pretty sly about how they do my area, used to be they'd spray over the whole town, now, in the early morning hours, while still dark, every few nights or so, they send a small single engine plane to dive low over the house, to spray their crap.  My family has been battling one infection after another for years, since they've been spraying.  And there are lots of families in my predicament.  I've got quite a little archive of pics and video.  God bless 'em.

     But a little 'bird' tells me, kings and their armies have their days shortly numbered.  This earthly test we're taking, will be completed soon enough.

God bless

Offline lwh

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Re: NASA TV - Moon Rocket Impact - FRI 9 OCT 10:15AM (GMT)
« Reply #47 on: November 14, 2009, 10:20:50 PM »
Didn't want to resurrect this thread, but just stumbled across this -   Seems they did find water, and lots of it.

Edit- Didn't see the other thread there either.
« Last Edit: November 14, 2009, 11:29:55 PM by lwh »

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Re: NASA TV - Moon Rocket Impact - FRI 9 OCT 10:15AM (GMT)
« Reply #47 on: November 14, 2009, 10:20:50 PM »
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