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Author Topic: YouTube Took Down USWGO Video under inappropriate content label  (Read 2055 times)

Offline btalex1990

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    • U.S.W.G.O - United We Stand We-the-People run the Government
YouTube Took Down USWGO Video under inappropriate content label
« on: September 29, 2009, 04:48:08 AM »
YouTube Took Down Video mirrored under USWGO under inappropriate content label, any vid can be taken down with just 1 complaint

If you protest against what YouTube has done to mirrored WeAreChange Video (theirs will be next by the opposition) then please send youtube an email complaining about their actions, you can also flag this thread for support against YouTubes aggressive attacks.

If you want proof goto this link and tell me what you see:

This is a direct article written by Brian Hill.

Today I first thought that my video was safe and wasn't taken down, and I told people on this forum and other places online that I thought I was safe and then I noticed that when I went in there it said my video was taken down under Terms of Use violations, and here is the kicker, it had nothing to do with privacy violations (I knew it was a false report) since youtube seems upset that they couldn't take down my video under a privacy violation they decided to take mine down under the term "Content inappropriate". So this means that youtube can take down all the military check point videos they find and label them as falsely inappropriate content and any video can be taken down, especially after just 1 complaint.
     So now that any video can be taken down after just 1 complaint and that it's anti-Obama things are chilling after the G20 attacks this now means the end of free speech for good on youtube because the Pro-Obama supporters know that all they need is one complaint and they can take any video down or use a bot to send mass complaints because my video got taken down under 1 complaint.
     The whole video I proudly mirrored (and will soon be destroyed all over the face of youtube if this war continues) was about WeAreChange Ohio investigates military check points in Ohio and they would out that the soldiers will just obey military orders and will not answer to the Constitution which brings chills into October which is the month they want to force RFID Bracelets and Vaccine shots which now the California Chronicle is now reporting that Swine Flu Recipients will be tracked via a RFID chip so this means that our waking people on YouTube will soon be limited because just 1 complaint and within two days your outta here.... scram.... we don't want your stinken video no more ya hear......That will be the attitude of YouTube since the G20 brutal police attacks.

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Offline Mk1

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Re: YouTube Took Down USWGO Video under inappropriate content label
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2009, 07:25:36 AM »
Could anyone test the yes we can in reverse ...

Thank you s***n

Offline pcjunkie

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Re: YouTube Took Down USWGO Video under inappropriate content label
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2009, 02:17:14 PM »
lol. For anyone living in America.
There are a whole 4 senators who have taken 0 donations from lobbyists.
Lobbyists come from well funded companies.

So that means all senators but 4 are on the take. Its legal in the US to bribe (pay for services) a senator so there you have the makings of a Fascist Dictatorship (Nazi Germany) under the guise of a Corporatist Democracy labeled as a representative republic (Which is not since no one in the US actually has representation)

Until the US can ban all donation to any single individual - clean out the trash (watch em all leave when the money stops flowing) and then limit the amount to a party (dems - GOP) to under $2000 or less then the USA is going to remain the most corrupt bullshit democracy in the world. Your banks rate lower then those in tanzania for trustworthiness FFS!

In the meantime you will have to put up lobbyists arguing for more brutality and more bullshit on the streets because they get multi million dollar contracts for doing it!

Soon if you speak up at all you will be rolled into a car, fucked up in prison and then "disappeared". If you think the US can't do this, Germany did in plain sight and got away with it. Its now occurring in plain sight in the good ol USA,  You are next my friends...

The corruption starts with lobbyists  - their money - the assholes that take it and the flotsam that sits in the seat where a good man/woman belongs but cannot get to because in Washington, money talks and so does bullshitting.

I cannot trust America - its a fucking nut ball country that cannot see its own insanity! You have people starving on the streets and you all think its normal! Its not! It is far from normal to have soo many under the bridge. You failed! You failed in the approach and its governance and Americans failed to take a stand when they needed to. Instead they hid their heads in the sand and now the politicians are kicking your butts because you let them!

You worry about taxes but fail to care for your neighbor while at the same time preach love! Hypocrites! Take a good long look at yourselves! you disgust me!

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Re: YouTube Took Down USWGO Video under inappropriate content label
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2009, 02:17:14 PM »
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