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Copper – a new weapon to fight the influenza A virus
New research finds copper effective at inactivating H1N1 virus

Chemistry of the Group 11 Elements - Copper, Silver and Gold

Copper surfaces can kill off MRSA

Copper answer to food poisoning

I used homemade Copper Sulfate once to kill food poisoning bacteria, but I acted quickly before it had to much of a chance to set in, it worked the same day.

I used one cup of diluted Copper Oxide Sulfate, about 1 gram to one cup of water.

it still should not detor you from seeing a doctor at some point, Silver and Copper and Sulfur can be lethal if you take to much so you have to be careful here.

remember that most household plumbing today are made with Copper pipes and doesn't sanitize water completely or not at all.

Gold on the other hand is pretty inert and doesn't react to much, I don't know of any actual evidence of Gold killing Bacteria cultures.

Jerry ;)

And I take the dirty chlorinated city water and voetex it with my magnetic lab mixer and magnet thing.

It costed me 30$ , its fun to see all the air bubbles and vortexing going on .

The psychological benefits makes my brain love the water , so thats worth it , but it is also healthy from what I heard and read on the net .

Thes always alot of visible particulates after a good 3 hours of vortexing , thats always pretty scary . Sometimes BIG weird looking particulates .


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