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Title: P+M=PM
Post by: iacob alex on September 21, 2009, 08:42:49 PM

          Hi !
  As you know,any idea of "perpetuum mobile" (PM),is on the black list of the contemporary science.

  You can easy verify,the validity of this attitude:

   1) take a look at: P=the most popular proposal (   ).

   2) take a look at: M=the most simple method/way of doing (  ).

  So,you have a proposal(P),a method (M) and the possibility to "join" them...

        All the best! / Alex
Title: Re: P+M=PM
Post by: iacob alex on August 13, 2014, 04:57:44 PM no more than, a (P)roposal , to simplify the most  (P)opular design (Vox populi,vox Dei!) , at : (
.....with the help of a (M)ethod /variable,oscillatory leverage at : (
 VAP (variable arm procedure) can be your own of them , you can see at : (
  The real (natural) working model of oscillatory leverage , at : (
   When the people wonder , looking up to the sky ...some of us can discover the seed of our science related to the cosmic continuous motion...I call it variable / oscillatory leverage : (
If this concept , general idea is valid , have we a "key" to "free energy" ?!...maybe , but with a simple proof :  a working variable / oscillatory ( self swinging or rotating ) seesaw , due to inertia and a continuous gravity unbalance , on the same side of the fulcrum/pivot.