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Here is my contribution to the world.

The Yu Oscillating Generator combine with Howard Johnson magnetic track used as an actuator.
The key is not to move in a full rotation but oscillate instead. Here is the video explaining the basics.
You have a counter weighted levered pendulum with a torque circumference.
On top of the lever you have an actuator. I used a H.J. magnetic track as one method.

The lever cannot stop in the middle of the track, but will be forced out. Afterwards a servo will redirect the drive magnetic pole facing into the track.
Pendulum -- Any kinetic and potential energy lost due to any form of resistance. Will be re-entered into the Yu Oscillating Generator “YOG” through the actuator.

My journey of the overunity model has lead to other models with great benefits too.
The device can produce renewable energy on land with wind, on top of ocean waves and even underwater.

Best Regards.
Howard G. Yu

Here is a simple drawing.

Hi WattBuilder.

It is nice to make novel devices but I must say if it doesn't work in the deepest darkest regions of space it won't help the world with its energy problems in the distant long run.

as of right now photovoltaic systems are becoming highly advanced and are becoming less expensive dramatically.

more advanced research is being pumped into a very lucrative and hopeful technology that will solve a lot of problems on Earth especially with future cells that trap light in quantum wells and recycles its own photo frequencies up to 99.999% efficiency. with light trap systems it is possible to capture more usable light in a much smaller area and even store excess light for when the sun don't shine.

these systems would work even with body heat and would work at night.

more investing in photovoltaic companies will lower the cost of solar cells and drive the prices down to very affordable levels and increase research.

invest, invest, invest!

Jerry ;)


--- Quote from: WattBuilder on September 14, 2009, 09:19:15 AM ---Hello,
Here is my contribution to the world.

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I'm afraid the world will be disappointed.
What let you think that the energy your system could provide will be more than this one consumed by the actuators?
The actuators just change the magnetic potential of the moving magnets in the external field, in order to reverse their motion at each cycle. Thus they have to do work, the same energy that could be recover. And in fact, due to losses, it will be less.

Hi Jerry,

Solar energy sure does have a bright future. “no pun intended”

A fresh push in renewable energy has been long awaited here in the U.S.
With President Obama and Secretary Chu, pumping money into the renewable energy economy. I think we will sure see a lot more technology coming out.

Just recently, I came across a start up company in Michigan. Where they just got grant funding to build a device that would be able to generate electricity without the moving parts of a wind turbine. They claim it can harvest electricity at twice the rate per square meter of a photovoltaic solar panel. They call it Aerovoltaic technology. No blades, no turbine and no noise.

It just goes to show that renewable energy has a viable future just when people thought wind energy has matured.



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