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Author Topic: manhatten project 2  (Read 40947 times)


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Re: manhatten project 2
« Reply #135 on: April 15, 2022, 02:28:05 AM »

              Magnetic Noise

              Magnetic Noise Harvester and Converter



             magneto-mechano-electric (MME) generator                 

             Left image to right image process

             reverse MME : Electro-mecano-magnet EMM

             Right image to left image process

              2(MME + EMM)in1 circuit  : donut,toroid as " parametric generator" (F.v.Braun- Papalexi-Mandelstam)
Improvement step :

MME + Magnetic lense as performance booster

MME generator with a magnetic lens composed of four ferrites exhibited enhancement of 288%.
•By designing the MME generator with a magnetic lens one could enable MME generator as a power source                                                                      for IoT sensors.

288% enhanced by 4 ferrites  lense       125% enhanced by 1 ferrit lens

EMSC(pectrum .oncentrator)

IoT sensor apply
Resonant Frequency         Radiant Frequency

LED as radar/ room audio-video observer

Photo/Phono cells as RF antenna

Humans their controle by wireless EMSC dots-size

Conventional  - partial licence-free = open source
 EMSC technical performance standart for comparison,included

Cited Documents : Citing Documents ?

Citing Documents:  Cited Documents ? Citing Documents ?

=  Artificial Brain Network Compilation ~ Synapsen-Transmitter neuronal process : " Botenstoff"-digital

                                                            Glaeserne Mensch-M(n)emo geben,nehmen
Prof. Hermann Plauson

24/365 observation drones/camera/nanophones/body-implant antenna(injected dots)

Ice sugar grain size ?
Femto diode/triode/pentode size ( official,commercal )
Meta-cristals ,non/ferrite based ,"cristal Meta"
Erwin Schrödinger:Quantisierung als Eigenwertproblem, Teil I bis IV, Annalen der Physik Band 79, 1926, S. 361–376, 489–527, Band 80, 1926, S. 437–490, Band 81, 1926, S. 109–139.

Über das Verhältnis der Heisenberg-Born-Jordanschen Quantenmechanik zu der meinen,
Annalen der Physik, Band 79, 1926, S. 734–756.

A. " Schroedingers Quantenmechanik,1926""

B " Heisenberg-Born-Jordansche Quantenmechanik"

C" C.F.v.Weizsaeckersche Ur-Theorie"

                          Kernspaltung und Kernfusion             


Gedanken sind dinglich/Dinge    Dingliches/Dinge loesen sich auf zu Gedanken


      Plasmon                                                     Huelle/Schale
Gedankenhuelse/-Huelle                       Atomschale/-Huelle

          Quantumphysics a. meets NIRWANA  NIRWANA based,+Th.,+Graudenz,+D.,+Weizs%C3%A4cker,+C.+F.+v.:+Quantum+Field+Theory+of+Binary+Alternatives,+Intern.+J.+Theoret.+Phys.+31,+1929-1959&source=bl&ots=AdkeNLdsMp&sig=ACfU3U2897snuE1g6rNUFsJTL88s5SdtRQ&hl=de&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjZ9KfkjJX3AhUNyYUKHePCDx04ChDoAXoECAIQAQ#v=onepage&q=Th%20G%C3%B6rnitz%20Graudenz%20F%20Weizs%C3%A4cker(1992%202%20)%20G%C3%B6rnitz%2C%20Th.%2C%20Graudenz%2C%20D.%2C%20Weizs%C3%A4cker%2C%20C.%20F.%20v.%3A%20Quantum%20Field%20Theory%20of%20Binary%20Alternatives%2C%20Intern.%20J.%20Theoret.%20Phys.%2031%2C%201929-1959&f=false
           5. Literatur

books probably online available
Entering here :
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Re: manhatten project 2
« Reply #136 on: April 15, 2022, 09:47:03 AM »
Good "Kar-"Friday Morning wishing (PT-time),

Short day-expression and meaning in different languages use interval/interview :

Why is Good Friday called "Good Friday" in English? Split To this day it is not exactly clear where the English name Good Friday comes from. On this day, Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus. Good Friday literally means Good Friday. However, the English do not consider the events surrounding Jesus' death to be a good thing. At least all scientists agree on that. Some of them say that the word good means holy or pious. Good Friday is actually a holy Friday for Christians. Other scholars believe that the word Good Friday derives from God's Friday. That translates to God's Friday.

" Deutsche Gedankenwelt"  / " Anglos Gedankenwelt"  / "Saxons Gedankenwelt"

In Your thinking   
              lingual/language  transmission
             Habit transmission

Self-decision and self-responsibility :
By long-term  analytical bio- a. :  tit for tat  geo-/physio-a. : actio/reactio non/sustainable
development observation.

Conditionized ,life - its ora et labora - result :

           dignes angustiae,medo,............   

          Duell ? Duett ?   or " ' Walras-Law'-s-World"  :)

Protagonisten,in the Forum,outside the Forum,filtering and analysing !
And the step-by-step inside/outside evolution !

Btw :

in memoriam Gaby Delgado ,D.A.F.,
       ;D      :

Wolodymyr Selenskyj ,hier im Westen,zu gegebenen Werten,
        ist immer ein Ersatzjob zu haben ,als :
       Hartz4-1€-Callboy ! 1€/h-Strich-'Junge' !
      Angebot gilt auch fuer Donnyboy,Biden-Joe,Nigel and Boris !
      United Tuntenficker Nations ,U.T.N. or U.F.N. ( F.atherfucker)= anglophonical world !

Deutsche Gedankenwelt : Weltkulturerbe-Uebertrag/-Auftrag/-Traeger




an other deutsche Gedankenwelt R&D envelopper :

beginning with point 4.

 to Reply # 4

and the explaining mosaics " description"

by " English" as text translator selection

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Re: manhatten project 2
« Reply #137 on: April 15, 2022, 01:10:47 PM »
                           " Der Streitfall offenbart tiefe gesellschaftliche Gräben."

                            Theorie zu Praxis - Graben ! als nationales Diskussions-Projekt

Erbe/-Verzicht /-Abschlagung ,Namensaenderung !?
 Leihe,Lehen /-Geber/-Nehmer  :  Titel-/Funktions-/Amts- Verzicht,-Verlust:Ehr/-Bruch/-Verletzung


                            Maulhelden-Staatssystem,gesamteuropaeisch ,global,I.S.S. !

                            Frivol,,dumm,verfressen,verfehlend :

Monarchen,Praesidenten,Parlamente,Medien,Bildungseinrichtungen,Religionsgemeinschaften ,Industrie,Handel !

                           Das "Familiensystem als Sozialkonstrukt "!
                           Das Sozialversicherungssystem !

     All dieses : Zur Disposition,Existenz: bereinigt oder Exodus,inklusive der Schmarotzer !


                             Maastricht-Vertrag : Beschlusz-Einstimmigkeit,Veto-Recht/-Pflicht  : ohne Kuh-/Coup-Handel

                            da sonst " Vertrag von Lissabon " und "VvL"- Endversion : " Vertrag von Nizza " wirkungslos !
                            VETO-SOZIALKLAUSEL !  2/3 der E.U.-Buerger dienlich ! Wirkfaktor !

                             Falsche "EURO",Anti-Maastricht-Kriterien,ECB/EZB=Anti-Maastricht-Richtlinien   

                             Existenz/Exodus -Disposition !

NEUBEGINN,bei Basis :                freier Grund : keine FIXE Oberflaechenbebauung

                                                          Zero TAX-system !       
                                                          UND :

                                                          Grund : Zero Kredit !       
                                                          Arbeit : Zero Kredit !
                                                           Titel ,Rechte : Zero Kredit !

              ~ ethische STAATSVERFASSUNGSVORGABE/-VORSCHRIFT ,schriftlich paragraphiert !
Kommerzielle und ehrenamtliche Sozialunternehmungs-Justitiare-Versammlung !
Wiedergutmachung,Regressansprueche,Verjaehrungsklauseln-Aussetzung,insgesamt ! Auch : zu Ausland !

                                                         GRUNDMITTEL-VERSORGUNG garantiert,bedingungslos !

                                                         Taeglich Wasser !
                                                         Taeglich-Brot : fest- weich-fluessig
                                                          U.N.-Ernaehrungspyramide,Fleisch-Fisch-Wirts-los Konsum ,vegetarisch

                                                          Gesunde Mittelmasz,Klima-bedingt ,Alter,Geschlecht/-Zyklus


  free lernen ,bilingual bivalent
 bipolar( die Psychologie irrte sich ,Bipolaritaet ein Selbstzweck,notwendig,maszvoll  ,von - zu + ,als Beispiel !


Ein Pilger ,von erstem Lebens-Lichtblick bis letztem Lebens-Atemzug : Proviant und Equipment -Bedarf ?

             Globale "glamping Urban-Nomad"-Society,bei Freiheitsgrad a.psychisch physiologisch physisch  :

                 qualitativ quantitativ                             Real Reel Virtual Virtuel                    Analog mechanisch Digital

            No beam   low .......     beam to past perfect (!? perfect : good ,best ?) presence          futur I,II

                       The Plant(evolution : Fortpflanzung)/Planet Earth is our ,common, castle !
                                     Plant                      Planet                Plantagenet
                        From mind and view-point :

Global personal life-style preview,non-utopic ,sustain-/afford-able

Future outlook by FEMM GAIA inlook

Better performance

Hard becomes flexible      Soft becomes flexible

Interactivity explained,showed

New process way  TMR in CNT and TMR in CN-flakes (Gerhard Beier R&D,WIPO)

Better filtration and concentration for the Casimir-Einstein wormhole-gate

Et cetera

Quanten-A + B Paar

,Cooper-Compton-Planck Paar-Teil A =
magnetic noise

and Paar-Teil B

Btw2 : GAIA is wohl ned rom-cath.,UEBER-KONFESSIONELL
und I
                                         Norden Maia z.B.Jumbo Einkaeufe

 Mare atlantico     O    ' Porto /Douro
                                         Sueden GAIA   Carrefour,Jumbo Einkaeufe

Maia,Gaia Erdenmuetter

 ::)   Gedanken-Verdichtungs-Kuenstler,ohne direkten Auftrag,so aus purer Lust und ( ererbter ?)lLaune !
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Re: manhatten project 2
« Reply #138 on: April 15, 2022, 08:58:18 PM »
Lord Kelvin  (Englischer Garten,Muechen/Schwabing-Bogenhausen),_1._Baron_Kelvin
Analogon : Sprungfeder/Spring und Kondensator,auch genannt Capacitor oder Accumulator oder Batterie-Zelle
L.K. resonant circuit

Dr. .......  Dr......Dr. ..... Dr. .......  Nikola Tesla
He was Yugoslavian-born physicist Nikola Tesla, and he was a man ahead of his time.
 He held four doctorate degrees; philosophy, physics, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering and possessed an IQ of 200.
 N.T. radiant circuit
                                                                                                                                                                   A                B            C

       Black or Dark (mass/matter/density)body                                                                        absorption /reflection/

       White or ( mass/matter/density) body    reflection/absorption/
                      A    photonic radiation    electric     noise
                      B     phonic    radiation    magnetic noise

                     C    gravionic   radiation   gravitonic noise

2in1 :

Dr.Helmut Reichelt

              Priority,related Kelvin/Tesla circuit

Here the resonant and radiant process " as circuit" named :

                                       DD 286282 Elektronengaskreisprozess
                                     Priority date             1982-01-08

It is  ,macro-sized ,
for 2022 p.C.n. MEMS production micronizising potential :

                                      as    interlegence/"intelligence(chaots !)" Inside

Here the priority :
for 24/365 household adults observation  by the Youth