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Author Topic: I see an economic diasater coming...  (Read 1113702 times)

Online lancaIV

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4425 on: October 20, 2019, 02:18:08 PM »
"trust" in what?

Macro-economics: Net Index ( without local taxes/ IVA)

100 units price individual exclusive product
 30 units price individual standart product ( exclusive and standart product can be the same machine output)

15 units price gross selling/group buying price
 7,5 units price kit (~ Ikea/Revell)  gross-selling price

 Credit conditioning (world-wide :OECD accounting principles) :
credit-base : Substanzwert/material value

So for new products :
7,5 x 0,8 x 0,6 = 1.Rang/ prime tax validation ( investment)

 3,6 credit units max. for kit or ready to use /individual or group buy/ standart or " exclusive" but new
                    This is called "book value covered credit-economy" !

  Strictly to differ from : consumers credits = Men- exploration/Menschen-Handel/-Ausbeutung                                    > 95% uncovered assets  ! Uncovered bank and assurance accounts. !   

These discounts - from industrial " net book costs" prices view- are also to find in the 70%/50%/30%/ down to "1 unit" legal auctions quotes by 1.-2.-3. auction day and only " value" financing treatment : "in situ" by cash !

The system illiquidity is for several decades to observe in the "legal auction courts". !
The poor economy can not anymore pay even lower legal auctions prices ergo 10% bank aval as Cheque and later credit is for " conventional consume habits" sufficient. !

Up to 80% down with the prices and salaries or 50%+ average annual disemployment : " Qual der Wahl" in german

Middle class profile :  India TATA Nano car price < 2000 US$ ;TATA wished to sell 300 TSD units per year. !

                                                 house "New Oroville-village" 10000 US$ for 105 sqm

Middle class profile U. S. :
For 60% from the U.S.Americans : the "1000 $"- cash barrier. ! For the upper 30%: 5000/10000 $  ?

With higher credit taxes and new "credit-object-validation= real market value BASEL IV " many middle class households worldwide becomes poorer and poorer and many : private insolvency. !

Article about St. Louis and the " house market": each 15 years a price crash = cyclical (" normal")

More credit than worth. ! Worth uncovered work financements. !

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4425 on: October 20, 2019, 02:18:08 PM »

Offline onepower

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4426 on: October 20, 2019, 04:14:44 PM »
The masses have never thirsted after truth. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim--Gustave Le Bon

All the civilizations we know have been created and directed by small intellectual aristocracies, never by people in the mass. The power of crowds is only to destroy--Gustave Le Bon

We see, then, that the disappearance of the conscious personality, the predominance of the unconscious personality, the turning by means of suggestion and contagion of feelings and ideas in an identical direction, the tendency to immediately transform the suggested ideas into acts; these, we see, are the principal characteristics of the individual forming part of a crowd. He is no longer himself, but has become an automaton who has ceased to be guided by his will--Gustave Le Bon

Would you not see the doctor but a bum on the street if you had cancer, would you go see a bankrupt oilfield trucker for financial advice?. Would you hire a corrupt self-serving con man to manage your interests... you did in Trump.

Offline onepower

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4427 on: October 21, 2019, 06:52:54 AM »
That is kind of cool how messed up you are, you know at one time I thought I could do the crazy thing but it just wasn't me. I like to skirt around the edges a bit but it's a rabbit hole any way you look at it.
As well in this day and age what isn't crazy, I mean the American's elected Capt. bone-spurs, an illiterate man child if I ever saw one. It just get's better and better, lol.

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4427 on: October 21, 2019, 06:52:54 AM »
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Online lancaIV

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4428 on: November 20, 2019, 01:22:11 PM »
A young life before and a young life in future

Basic-/ground-school entry with 5-6 years
Secondary/ high school + 12 years

With 18 : majority

Male : military/civil service 2 years
Academic studium 8 semester = 4 years
With 23-24 years ready for the "Industrial Society"

Now :

Basic-/ground school entry 5-6 years
Secondary-/High school 4 years
Male : military/civil service obsolet in most western countries
Academic studium : 4 semester compact ( = 2 years )

With 11-12 years ready for the "A.I. Society"
By actual law system : "Majority " age ?

Marriage age. ? In Western countries minimum 16 years  !
When is a "young life" adult. ?

Biological ( Peru, world youngest mother with 8 years)  or mental and with social ethical-ecological satisfying behaviour. ?
The cultural society can easily compress ancient 12 years school years + 4-6 years university study

= 16-18 life years  to 1/3 = 6 years total education life years

Reference :

C.G.Jung experiment : Motivation
Francis Galton experiment : Suggestion
Super-learning/Ultra-learning study results : extreme shorter time by higher educative quality
+ K.I.-teach-technology in future : brain-machines like "Neuro-phone" as assistant

Pardon, this are "no wonder"-child's,but actually "extreme example" for future PERFEKT education-technique "NORM" : more than 15 years before about an "Oxford-Don"- and inoffcial Professor-assistent function :with eleven years  ! Inofficial : by law not allowed : too young !

Grand-/parents analphabets but their child/-s "super-intelligent" : society standart. !

Instead 10000 years only 200 seconds : the quantum computer time  save concept
In our "Quantum Society" 9/10 time,energy and material saving is enough  !


With Fantasy and Creativity we change habits,rules,standarts and laws  !

Online lancaIV

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4429 on: November 21, 2019, 01:16:55 PM »

About "wish" ,"economy laws/order" and reality
"CLEAN CLOTHES CAMPAIGN": monthly living wage for two adults and two children - " LIVING IN DIGNITY": 950 EUROS !

X 0,075 ~ 71,25 Euros per year private household energy costs part


Based by these information sources :

So we have to calculate with 0,05 EURO/KWh enrrgy/electricity maximal cost price  !
By US average B2B 0,055 USD/KWh electricity prices not great miracles need  ! 

0,055 USD ~ 0,05 EURO

( Conventional 80 sqm  private household heating energy 6000 KWh to 225 KWh and actually electric appliances demand 2500 KWh by power saving devices/changes to 1250 KWh )
225 KWh + 1250 KWh = 1475 KWh x 0,05 EURO = 73,75 EUROS
E.U.- energy program equivalent : Nearly Zero -/ Net Zero -/ Zero Energy Building


The Turkey wished to become E.U.- member but this was was by several E.U-member estates resisted !
Is Turkey european ? Geophysically 100% absolutely YES  !
  The Dardanellen /Bosporus is not the historical EUROP-EIA and ASIA-EIA  frontier. !

Pure language translation and meaning and later "myths/mythologies"
EUROP-EIA (Untergang/Abend/Okzident)= phenike determination IS THE VIEW FROM GOR(I)DON - as EARTH MIDDLEPOINT-(ANTIKE!)
this view and definition older than the religion "I'SLAM" :
 Alexander der Grosse/o Magnifico + Tempel "Gordon Knoten ": ?
Year 333/334 ante/before criste nascimento
Mohamed/Maome birth year  22 April 571 poste/after criste nascimento
The other EARTHSIDE : ASIA-EIA: (Aufgang/Morgen/Orient)
-EIA ~ (Erd/-e) -Teil/part 

Earth also called Tellus : german Scheibe/ Teller / english : plate/disc
Only as short history and cultural review about many stupid meanings ( Europe ~ Bull et cet...)


950 EUROS dividing with 4 capitas/family members = 237,5 EUROS PER CAPITA

If the both parents parts works full-time by the real minimum salary condition : each 310-387,5 Euros this 71,25
represents 71,25/ [ 2x ( 310 or 387,5)] an energycosts quote between 9,2% up to 11,5%  from the monthly salary !

This "virtual ' Clean Clothes Campaign' family '- wage image represents a global middle class "IDEAL"  !

Billions in the 1-2 USD per day (~ 30-60 USD monthly PER CAPITA )  class :
2 turkish minimum salaries as family wages / 4 family members = 310 Eurosx2 /4 = 155 EUROS PER CAPITA

INDIA : Tata Nano middle class car: ~ 1800 EUROS
MDI( UScompany) "NEW OROVILLE" ( INDIA construction project) middle class home-village : 21000 USD for 210 sqm

The most part of the world works a. without tax   b. without credit=  1/10 of tax-/credit market prices and salaries

Actually we see in the G7- estates a tax-/credit system liquidation,parallel salaries decrease and/or lost from employment or in industry/commerce for old people over 45 years pre-reform/-pension. !

                                                    Less 50% G7- economies :3 solutions

50% employment lost or

100% x 1/2 work-place time-share( by cleary 1/2 salary) or

at first 50% salary decrease by same horary work pensum

Clearly also as mix : 33,3% disemployment/33,3% work place time-share/ 33,3% salary decrease

Between "wishing" and reality is a great discrepance. !

Trump and the F. E. D.  : down with the capital tax !
A.     A Monarch/ President and his parliament NEVER  mandates about the FOLK-money-system !

        OLD ,but in use - the definition (Bundes-) SCHATZ-( VER-/)BRIEF/(-UNG)
                      ZERO TAX = ZERO WIN = ZERO KGV ( kurs/Gewinn Verhaeltnis)
 Gewinn Schweizer National-Bank identisch Gewinn APPLE : APPLE 2000 X TEURER
APPLE COMPANY share : - 90%  200 Fach teurer
APPLE COMPAY share :     -99%. 20 Fach teurer
APPLE COMPANY share:   - 99,9 % 2 Fach teurer

Ich senke den Nationalbank-Gewinn um 90% und hebe den Gewinn als Erwartung fuer die Zukunft bei der APPLE COMPANY um das Zehnfache ( in Realtaet ist bei APPLE Marktsaetting erreicht, inklusive Apps-Vermarktung)

2000/10/10 = 20 = APPLE um 95% zu hoch bewertet
1170 Mrd.  USD der Kurswert und der " faire rechnerische Buchwert" : 58,5 Mrd. USD

die Waehler Donald Trump im "Bible belt" - ganz christlich orthodox- wird die Zukunft erfreuen :
c(h)ristlicher Zero-/Negativ( geben ist seeliger als nehmen) Tax bedeutet sinkende Einkommen

                                                          AMANER UND PHILOSOPHIE
Kommunistische Christen als Gruppierung aus der Barmen-Wuppertal Region welche aufgrund Religionsausuebungsbehinderung in die U. S. A.  ausgewandert waren

   Kommunistisch handeln heisst nicht erfolgslos handeln sondern gemeinnuetzig, vereint

Kulturhistorisch und philosophisch ist der U. S. A. - "bible belt"- orthodox-kommunistisch

Religionen waren, sind und werden immer sein kommunistische Institutionen, politisch -saekular spricht man auch von "sozial/gerecht" ( dann aber immer nur mit Vergleichsmaszstab !)
« Last Edit: November 21, 2019, 08:04:32 PM by lancaIV »

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4429 on: November 21, 2019, 01:16:55 PM »
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Online lancaIV

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4430 on: November 23, 2019, 12:44:34 PM »
2019 : REAL LIFE
 8,49 Euros/  ? Kg Lebendgewicht/ live weight

Compared :
100 Euros/ ? Kg Lebendgewicht / live weight

What is my, your, your wife, child/-s,neighbor/-s market worth today and in near future. ?

Buying and selling human bodies will become in future normality. !

The "I. S. " did it also : male prostitution as warrior

South-/Middle-/North-America : drugs-/prostitution gang-membership " buy-in"

Bei freier Kost und Logis und S. E. X.  was braucht der "gemeine" Mann mehr

From 5,6,7 to 8,9,10 and more billion human bodies on earth : great market. !
GLOBAL DAULATDIA-LIVING conditioning,with FE devices : ecological ! ::) But : ever economical. !
Economical question - by extreme "moral"-definition liberty : global body use liberalization by each one
Is suicide or selling/lease of family-members or their human body parts the better alternative. ?After suicide the human body organs are free for transplants by actually relatively high  organ market prices !

Observing in the end-80' the US estate auctions and market prices we can calculate with worldwide estate system bancrupts and low investment need. !
South-America in liquidation : Chile,Argentina,Kolumbia,Bolivia,Brasil(?),.....East Europe strong volatil. !
The north-african estates in chaotic situation  !

"I'slam" is abused as instrument,in reality it is the male object( worldwide),which actually is loosing his position/rank/title inside the society : by woman and humans--free technology

"The "climate" is abused as instrument by many estate administrations,for higher taxes and political budget liquidity,but it is the 50% over-consume and 50% structural  uction and personal over-capacity in industry and commerce the problem :~ 50% less work places ( this is the known industrial r-/ evolution surplus worker number)

In E.U.-Europe and North-America we will have in the next 10 years massive capacity extinction,but this is recycling mass for new developments .
Empty factory buildings to D. I. Y. - community "universities".Surplus cars metallic and plastic parts to house frames and machine parts.

Instead sellings we see now the commerce leasing/renting of consume objects. growing !The second hands ware market as temporary share/exchange plattform.

Search and  counter-offer. ! BARTER -society !  Money - free. !
The no-/low profit movement is fast growing.

The global  human society "core number" : 300 millions habitants , the rest " social toy" and servants
By catholic ethics( katholische NOBILITAS Erbfolgegesetz,zweite und folgenden Kinder ohne Ferilitaet= allgemeine Zoelibat, nicht nur fuer Kirchengeistliche ) and biology

Erstgeborene : Land, Titel/Name, Zeugungsrecht
~ China :  ehemalige Restriktion Ein Kind-proPaar
Zweitgeborene : Sozialberuf, kein Zeugungsrecht( Geborene : nobodies,Werkzeug)

Dritt+X: Kriegsdienst, kein Zeugungsrecht( Geborene: nobodies, Werkzeug)

~ Malthus  limitfreie Fortpflanzung zu 200 Mrd humanoiden "Wesen" auf dem Planeten

Kein Land= Keine Stimme( Wahlrecht) Land-Lords-Dynaste-Sozialsystem
Wirkt heute noch( Gueltigkeit!)  : Landlose = Staedter= Unfreie ~ Neuzeitliche Kommerz-System-Leibeigene

Juristische Definition : Eigentuemer versus Besitzer
Wohneigentum in europaeischen Staedten : < 10 %       = 90% Mieter-Haushalte
 90% in Eigentum der Finanzinstitutionen
Der Rest Wohn-Besitzer als Kredit-/Hypotheken-Zahler oder Mieter

 ( viele Immobilienkaeufer nennen sich "Eigentuemer ",sind aber
                    -ab dem ersten Cent Fremdschuld/Verbindlichkeit/Kredit/Hypothek/Darlehen -
                      rechtlich nur Besitzer ~ Fremdeigentums-Nutzer,                      juristisch/ oekonomisch Mietern sogar schlechter gestell )


Minimum : 1 ha = 10000 qm pro Kopf Versorgungsflaeche ( mitteleuropaeische Bodenqualitaet und Klima) fuer minimale Selbst-Grundversorgung und temporaeren Ueberschuss als Tauschhandelsgut
« Last Edit: November 23, 2019, 05:15:53 PM by lancaIV »

Online lancaIV

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4431 on: November 27, 2019, 01:57:43 PM »
An Artificial Intelligence 24/365 active law&order observing and executive system :
in Germany this means the beginning
Against too high prices - for products and services. !
Anti-Trust - platform. !

This electric kind of business - now by highest national court as legal way of debt collection judged - opens the way of economy comparison by easy Computer-Numeric-Controle comparison :
" legal price"-number"/"payed price"- number : difference repay + "work"- honorar/fine/fee

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4431 on: November 27, 2019, 01:57:43 PM »
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Online lancaIV

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4432 on: November 30, 2019, 12:59:05 AM »
Learning languages and their translations :
the conseil = german: der Rat =russian:  Sowjet
Rat-ing agentur /agency ~ sowjet-ing agentur/agency

agency/agentur from latin : agere = handeln/to treat
We often use "foreign terms" without today knowing their meanings : motor from latin : motere