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Author Topic: I see an economic diasater coming...  (Read 1322946 times)

Offline the_big_m_in_ok

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4410 on: September 04, 2018, 10:47:36 PM »
Quote from: Belfior link=topic=8010.msg52co.5424#msg525424 date=1536090627
Yes it is the 1% that runs the matrix.
'       And, I agree wholeheartedely.   They do what they want and have the law on their side; those laws having been written at their direction by hired "Co." lawyers.

They are everywhere and they have their own agendas.
       Yep, that's right.   However, they probably don't know how bad their karma is going to be until after they die and leave the physical world.   Then, they're SOL.   Pain will be their companion for a long time.

Offline the_big_m_in_ok

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Re: I see an economic disaster coming...
« Reply #4411 on: September 04, 2018, 11:09:09 PM »
       I distinctly remember writing that the Chinese aren't invading anyone's country, but they're trying to impose their will over Taiwan and Japan.   As the uploaded article, above, may imply.   The Chinese can say anything and then do something else.   So can the Russians.   Careful vigilance is needed at all times in that case.
p.s.       Moreover, this was just uploaded to GlobalSecurity as of today:

       Looks like a Syrian-style civil war in the making, to me.   Might be bad actors, there, doing the same things as in Syria...???

Offline triffid

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4412 on: August 08, 2019, 04:15:07 PM »

Hello again,I have heard time and time again that a collapse is coming.I guess it depends on who is elected in the upcoming elections.I have been watching the price of gold go up.Now 1510 dollars per oz as of yesterday.
When the price of gold goes up it means fear in the marketplace.Gold is security(maybe).Personally I'm betting on chocolate.I have been buying shares of Hsy(hersheys company).Spices and gold have always been traded with zeal (and in high demand).If you buy chocolate my shares will go up.Triffid

Offline Belfior

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4413 on: August 11, 2019, 07:43:37 PM »
Well if you have researched our current banking model at all, you see that it is a ponzi scheme. If you need money, it comes out of a central bank in many cases owned by private banks like the Federal Reserve in the US. They do not have the money they lend. They create credit with your signature. Then you need to pay it back with interest. Well the money for the interest was never created, so you will always have more debt than there is money.

In the EU the banks now need 1% of the money they lend out. You need 300k€ for a house, so you bring in 15% as savings, 15% collateral from the government and the house is the rest 70%.
The bank deposits 1% into the central bank and then they just type the rest into your account. From thin air.

Then every now and then they do something to crash the market, because the banks are created to fail. In the crash they say they lost 300k even it never existed and if you cannot pay the loan they will take the house. Pump all the profits to other companies and then market crash like the 2008 housing bubble.

European Central bank has an interest they should be using to limit lending, but that has been 0% for years. Now they are doing "quantitive easing" which means that the economies are failing and ECB just buys all the toilet paper that is floating on the market. This could be like a Greek government bond that says you give them 2 billion and they are going to pay it back with interest. That will never happen. So the ECB is basically just printing money. They say the economy is strong, but that is just BS. I would say the crash comes 2021 or 2030 the latest.

So the markets will be made to fail and dollar&euro lose their value. People will cry out for help, because they rent, lease and keep their wealth in the stock market. In the crash they will have nothing. I think so much gold have been stolen from Iraq, Kuwait and Libya that the "solution" to the market crash is a new gold based currency and they might even give you everything for free, if you just agree to do something stupid. Like only use electrical currency and let them put a chip on you. Because in the end it is about dominance.

Offline lancaIV

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4414 on: August 12, 2019, 12:41:36 PM » for 10000 Euros/38 sqm~ international starter family living area
international expanded family area : doubling = 78 sqm  how many sqm for which sum ?

"morphed/compressed " 78 sqm ~ "195 sqm" expanded living space

Who needs to spend 300 K€  ?

"credit" and the 10th Commandment

Germany/E.U. : credit-limit : PRINZIP "allgemeine Niedrigstwert"  = general lowest value-PRINCIPLE
YOU ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO SPEND 300 K€ for your " home" : by 100% cash payment. !

A market price decrease in average -90% in the G7- B.I.Z.- member estates is not a " crash" but a regress to normal organized and controled market value / price ratio ! cash-value markets !

B.I.Z.-programs " Basel I,II,...V,..."  is the way back to minimize credit -part by buying-actions ,as demanded by laws !
In future the parlaments has their credit-potential limited, also the F.E.D. and ECB and the british Pound-currency administration ( Yen,Yuan, ....  included )
The B.I.Z. is the international finance " Mother"- bank with supervision and controle function, above the IWF  and Worldbank !

Ancient treatment by church constitution and their society : who worked against the Commandments became
" exkommuniziert/excommunicated" / " Vogelfre/outlaw"- Deklaration, included all the family. !

I can see the world future extreme conservative and extreme progressive !

 From" seller market" we we will come to " buyer market" :                                               "home ownership"-definition by law :
" Eigentuemer versus Besitzer : both translated with  "owner", in real extreme different !

The given numbers are wrong : the real maximal average ownership- by law definition-  in E.U. : +/- 20%
                                                                       80% inhabitants/users/ tenants !

with the first € credit you loose the ownership about the creditized ware, you becomes " ware user/debtor"  : the ownership = 100% Creditor up to the 100% repayment moment. !
many old people ( Germany average age : 45 years ~ pre-" six feed under" quality ) has to sell their homes  for paying medical treatment,
singles without family to pay " old home place" with average 3000 € per month;

because a modern C.N.C. administrated society need up to 80% less human workers, much from the last  needed 20% human work can become outsourced to " low income costs"-countries the salaries decrease-pressure in geral will grow up ;

full time jobs will become divided in half-time jobs ( probably in future 50/50 male/female employment quote law)

C.N.C. shortens production time up to 90% = up to 90% less human work salary : no work= no payment
Positive : the less dependent work = more unpayed freetime can become invested in independent "DIY-productivity" ! Self-sufficiency. !

Up to less 90% salary respond with up to less 90% consumer ware costs :buying the needed " no name"-material kit (+ plan) fob factory in group = -90% less expensive

BTW : how much weight 300 K€ ? If we speak/think about currencies we speak/think about cash values :           the only currency value = coin + material

           we can give "coin"- credit to the several " central banks" and receive : a "central bank"- ( debit-)note/NOTE
           the paper in your purse is the first kind of credit, without capital tax !

           Central Bank = Debtor with all time 100% exchange warranty to coins !
          Central Banks have not other function ! TAFEL/Tisch= Banca"- Wechsel/Exchange Geschaefte/Negotiation   
           If not the 100% warranty converseable = illiquid = BANCA-rotta ( bankrupt : banca + ruptura )
« Last Edit: August 12, 2019, 02:42:56 PM by lancaIV »

Offline lancaIV

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4415 on: August 15, 2019, 08:12:44 PM »
Understanding  micro-economy from macro-economy view :
applied Paretto/King Davenant "saturation" laws

                                        progressive saturated         -  obere qualitative Meridian

10% surplus offer ( seller market): (12,2+14)/2  : 19,6  ~ 66,8 % =  classical theory 30% price decrease

                                        progressive over-saturated - untere quantitative Meridian

20% surplus offer ( buyer market) :           4          : 19,6 ~  20,4% = classical theory  80% price decrease

This happened 1987-89 with the US saving&loan banks fiasco and later with the Nomura-Crash begin ( new 0,5 ground tax) and at first Nikkei then WallStreet , .....

1990 german trillion DM -credit for " 10 units to east and 9 units back to west" western economy help program.

This happened 1990/1991 : E.C.U. destroy and credit-market crunching

This happened 2006-2009 with the US "surplus ware " house market and the worlwide toxic pappers sold with this immobiliar waste as warranty

And this is actually selling politics in all the G20 estates. !

Classical theory tells the truth about the economical game result !

Credit assessment basis ( Kredit bemessungsgrundlage)  + credit mortgage lending value( Kreditbeleihungswert)

are later seen as credit/ cash selling price coverage :
                                             legal auction ( classical : by 100% cash payment)

1.Termin/ aution day :  70% limit from book-value                       

2.                                      50% limit
3.                                      30% limit, after " zu jeden Preis" !  Ramsch/Junk

The actual house market price?  Only the cah part/sqm  ? With Paretto/King-Davenant "negative price lever" ?

The greatest looser from an Euro-collaps :
1. Luxemburg
2. Ireland
3. Spain
4. Belgium
5. Slowenien
6. Finland
7. Greece
based by their accumulated explizit and implizit estate debits :

total Maastricht estate debit limit for EURO-" sane fitness" : 60% explizit + implizit
Italy can afford an Euro-exit. !
A scale with private household debt but without "estate hidden debt/implizit debt"
 only private household debt ranking
Global ranking ? Explizit + implizit estate debt + commercial debt + private household
                                   / trade surplus or trade losts

Probably the fitter Euro-members makes with PR China land-barter :PR China gets as new colony Luxemburg and the " better E. U. " gets as change Hong Kong or Macao !  ;D
Land-barter is something common : Sansibar for Helgoland f.e.

Offline onepower

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4416 on: October 08, 2019, 06:38:12 AM »
Watching the news today with all it's drama and I thought... I'm starting to like Donald Trump.

I mean he basically won a presidential election by gaslighting his opponents and his own party, he gave all his billionaire friends and himself a massive tax break at the taxpayers expense... and they cheered. He slashed and burned social services like health care and education then raped all environmental controls and regulations... and they cheered. He blockaded the border and threw children into cages and made racism great again ... and they cheered. He did everything they said he shouldn't do because it's corrupt and said whatever he wanted despite everyone's objections and ran his administration like the mafia... and they cheered. Now with record debt and an economy slowly spiraling downward into oblivion they still cheer.

You see it takes a great man to show how morally bankrupt an entire nation has become for all to see and an even greater salesman to convince them to burn it to the ground. I suspect Mr.Trump is going to light up a big old cigar and just waltz out of the white house without a scratch on him no worse for wear whispering... so long suckers. I mean it's epic that one man could have such a profound effect on so many people bringing out the best and as we can see the worst in them. All hail Trump, All hail Trump

Offline onepower

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4417 on: October 11, 2019, 02:16:14 AM »
Wow, that was a really thought provoking post ... Oh look a squirrel.

I think a 16 year old girl named Greta Thunberg said it best “We are at the beginning of mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth,”.

Obviously, unlimited growth, like a virus with limited resources and space to expand is unsustainable and must result in extinction.
I mean it's so common sense and intuitive that even a fool should be able to understand the concept but apparently many do not.
It's a sorry state of affairs when I can listen to 2 years of Trumps word salads and it means little if nothing then a little 16 year old girl makes him look like an imbecile for stating the obvious.

Obviously the population and the economy cannot keep growing because we will run out of resources and space, period, end of debate.

Offline lancaIV

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4418 on: October 11, 2019, 08:48:08 PM »

                       Controle and separation of power ( staatliche " ordentliche" Gewaltenteilung)

Legislative, Jurisdikative, Exekutive

Instanz :     Scottish Supreme Court


                   The Court for the Europarat/Council of Europe :

         Since when, in which democratic estates, the government does not be part from the parliament

             = the " Legislative" 

          ( the government is executing the Will-wish/ Volonte/Willen from the parliament majority. !)

         and like as seen by this scottish judge :   parted : parliament = Legislative and government= Exekutive  ::)

       Constitutional Monarchies comparison !? : Sweden ,Danmark,"Luxemburg",Belgium,Spain,Netherlands

Beside "President/Monarch" impeachment act also for Legislative, Jurisdicative- and Executive- members. ?

Amtstraeger : Wuerden-/Buerden-Traeger unter Amts-EID oder - SCHWUR, einige zu Haenden " einer Bible "

No political correctness, constitutional correctness.  !  REVIEW. ! AND COMPENSATION. !
                         "Bonner Republik"

2:21 Herbert Fram later known as Willy Brandt, Oslo-Nobel-Yury-Award
         Beside him : Heribert Wehner " Sie Nebelkraehe  ! " , Polizisten-Moerder und spaeterer:                                                                                                     

« Last Edit: October 11, 2019, 11:04:23 PM by lancaIV »

Offline lancaIV

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4419 on: October 11, 2019, 11:20:54 PM »
nuechtern : fahrlaessige Toetung
unter Drogeneinfluss : vorsaetzlicher Totschlag ,knapp vor "Mord"
Das ist das Strafmasz. !
Haftstrafe !
+ Schmerzensgeld. !

Hoehe  ? Geschworenengericht entscheidet : Referenz Monsanto und aehnlich hohe Verurteilungen. !

(Diplomatische)  Immunitaet bezieht sich auf politisches Wirken,  nicht inbegriffen zivil-/strafrechtliche Vergehen der "Immunitaetstraeger" und derer Angehoeriger  ! AUTOMATISCHE IMMUNITAETSAUFHEBUNG. !
Was Internationale Norm darstellt : Doyen/Nuntius als Ratgeber

Offline lancaIV

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4420 on: October 12, 2019, 10:26:39 AM »
I see ( Vision,Futurism) an economic disaster ( by humans -planned  !?-) coming ( no other solution/ alternative !?)

Did they all publicated their works only for the : biblia/book/ bibliotheque or liber/book/library or to become their
work read and studied for preservation about a WWIII risk ,then real worldwide : in each household  !?

 "Master/Maestro/Maire/Meister also called King/ Majestas " strategy game : " war on a table" 

                                                 Chess - eChess - Mephisto echess
                  the first machine which destroyed the human world chess champion : SCHACH-MATT/MATE
                  2019 : "Mephisto" in a really low level compared with " AlphaGo Zero"- neuronal process
                  one really long chess game ? 

                  Quantum computering ( for special case coordinated)  10000 years to 200 seconds

                  Quantum computering court by " RAM + ROM CONSTITUTION  library as memory "


         who begins the game  ? Where to "drop the first stone"  ?

Offline onepower

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4421 on: October 18, 2019, 06:39:52 PM »
What a difference one year can make...
Last year when I walked into a room and mentioned Trumps name everyone was defiant and giddy proclaiming Donny as their savior. Now they all look down in shame for being so misguided and rightfully so.

As we speak Trumps crimes and corruption just keep piling up as he throws one person after another under the bus. Now Trump doesn't even try to hide the fact he is corrupt to the core and wants to be a dictator. Now he's even turned on the republican party and soon he may declare them the enemy as well. What a shit show, I mean it's just so pathetic that so many could be hoodwinked by just another psychotic used car salesman in a plaid suit.

I will tell you what, when Trump started throwing all his allies under the bus I stopped buying all American products. Which may explain why the economy is going south as more and more people stop supporting the U.S.. You can only push a customer so far until there's blow back and they look elsewhere, it's just bad business. Trump the businessman, what a shit show, his daddy gave him over $400 million and his accountants made him a billionaire. However as the people around Trump have said... everything he touches dies.

Personally I don't think this shit show is over, I think Trumps supporters are so angry at the world there going to burn America to the ground just to spite themselves. When people start calling there own countrymen the enemy because they don't get there way the country is finished in my opinion. It's just a matter of time before this hatred spills over into the streets and civil war erupts. They would destroy there own country for profit and greed which is the beginning of the end.

Were also starting to see tent communities popping up in every American city which has become normal. It's just normal that slums like we see in every third world dictatorship are becoming normal in America as all that money rises to the top. Everyone cheers, they all cheer as Trump guts the economy slashing all the social programs designed to help the less fortunate. A return to barbarism devoid of empathy where dog eats dog which would seem to be Trumps mantra.

However America is just a country no more no less, a place people live and work just trying to survive. The problems start when they start thinking it's more, when they turn a nice place to live into a cult like belief of greed and superiority. History has shown us what happens when a civilization loses it's civility and compassion... it's fails and ceases to exist. This is natural law and there are no exceptions to my knowledge, it is what it is for obvious reasons.

Who would have thought anyone would proclaim an obese, old, corrupt businessman who is semi-illiterate and can't even talk in complete sentences as there supreme leader and savior?... I mean you can't even make this shit up. Look at him, this is your leader?, what a shit show.

Offline znel

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4422 on: October 18, 2019, 07:17:56 PM »
The real shit show is the democratic line up... or closer to the truth, the socialist, Marxist, communist democratic parties.... They are blaming Trump for all the garbage they are doing...  Not excusing Trump for anything that he's done, but lets also lay truth down and prosecute the democrats for the same.   What's good for the goose is good for the gander.... Neither party is without sin - the democrats simply want to destroy America faster than the Republicans.   

We know from experience that no matter what they say about each other it's all just lies and promises to become elected - very little truth in politics ...

Offline onepower

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4423 on: October 19, 2019, 06:44:51 AM »
The real shit show is the democratic line up... or closer to the truth, the socialist, Marxist, communist democratic parties.... They are blaming Trump for all the garbage they are doing...  Not excusing Trump for anything that he's done, but lets also lay truth down and prosecute the democrats for the same.

Sorry for rubbing it in but I took a lot of flack here calling Trump as a psychopath early on however I nailed it. Everyone was saying how he was there savior and all would be well and bla bla bla. As we know none of that happened and it turned into a three ring circus just as I predicted. He is a con man and the republican party should have known better, they own this.

So far as the the socialist, Marxist, communist thing goes Trump is no better and it seems pretty obvious he wants to be a dictator. In my opinion Trump wanting to be a nationalist dictator is no different that socialism/communism, same shit different pile. So the fact that his supporters seem willing to burn democracy and the rule of law to the ground is a little disturbing. What in the hell are they thinking?.

I'm a conservative and I liked George.W.Bush and while he wasn't the sharpest crayon in the box he had integrity and morals. I also liked Obama even if he seemed a little too liberal at times and he also had integrity and morals. Trump on the other hand is a douchebag with no integrity, no morals and is completely unfit for any office. You see regardless of which political stripe of politician America had in the past they had something in the way of integrity but not Trump and as we now know he's willing to sell you down the road to serve his personal interests.

Hell he hired his whole family in government at your expense, then made everyone stay at his resorts at your expense, golfed like mad at your expense and now wants to hold the G7 at his resort at your expense... when does it end?. Not to mention the fact he gave himself a $400 million dollar tax break also at your expense. No wonder he didn't take a presidential wage because it's peanuts compared to what he made off the taxpayers.

I'll tell you what, I have never seen anything like this shit show in the last 50 years, this is record setting mayhem and it's disturbing. I find it disturbing because if this bs continues the republican party will be ruined and never get elected again for a decade. They will lose all trust and be destroyed, do you want that?, I don't. The current republicans are giving the democrats just cause to ruin them if they don't get there shit together, start doing there job representing the people and enforcing something in the way of the rule of law.

Do you want globalization by the big corporations because if the republicans keep this shit up there going to lose and it's going to swing hard and fast to the hard left and nobody wants that. Trump is just giving the democrats power.

Offline lancaIV

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Re: I see an economic diasater coming...
« Reply #4424 on: October 20, 2019, 02:18:08 PM »
"trust" in what?

Macro-economics: Net Index ( without local taxes/ IVA)

100 units price individual exclusive product
 30 units price individual standart product ( exclusive and standart product can be the same machine output)

15 units price gross selling/group buying price
 7,5 units price kit (~ Ikea/Revell)  gross-selling price

 Credit conditioning (world-wide :OECD accounting principles) :
credit-base : Substanzwert/material value

So for new products :
7,5 x 0,8 x 0,6 = 1.Rang/ prime tax validation ( investment)

 3,6 credit units max. for kit or ready to use /individual or group buy/ standart or " exclusive" but new
                    This is called "book value covered credit-economy" !

  Strictly to differ from : consumers credits = Men- exploration/Menschen-Handel/-Ausbeutung                                    > 95% uncovered assets  ! Uncovered bank and assurance accounts. !   

These discounts - from industrial " net book costs" prices view- are also to find in the 70%/50%/30%/ down to "1 unit" legal auctions quotes by 1.-2.-3. auction day and only " value" financing treatment : "in situ" by cash !

The system illiquidity is for several decades to observe in the "legal auction courts". !
The poor economy can not anymore pay even lower legal auctions prices ergo 10% bank aval as Cheque and later credit is for " conventional consume habits" sufficient. !

Up to 80% down with the prices and salaries or 50%+ average annual disemployment : " Qual der Wahl" in german

Middle class profile :  India TATA Nano car price < 2000 US$ ;TATA wished to sell 300 TSD units per year. !

                                                 house "New Oroville-village" 10000 US$ for 105 sqm

Middle class profile U. S. :
For 60% from the U.S.Americans : the "1000 $"- cash barrier. ! For the upper 30%: 5000/10000 $  ?

With higher credit taxes and new "credit-object-validation= real market value BASEL IV " many middle class households worldwide becomes poorer and poorer and many : private insolvency. !

Article about St. Louis and the " house market": each 15 years a price crash = cyclical (" normal")

More credit than worth. ! Worth uncovered work financements. !