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Alien baby captured in a trap in Mexico

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Have you all yet seen this strange alien baby being captured
by a farmer in a trap and then cause the farmer had fear of it drowned

Now the latest news is, that the farmer is dead.-
He burned in his car with very strange burnings.

German Source:

Did the aliens burn him, cause he drowned the little baby
alien ?

Have a look at the video:


german language with english subtitles.
If you find native english videos, please post the links.
Many thanks.

Too bad only spanish language:



Here is a picture of it still in the trap.

It is already 1 or 2 years old and the wife of the farmer
only now put it out in the public because of fear earlier.

So now you can only still see the skeleton, skin is almost all

Here is more info and an english language video:

Mexican TV announced in 2007 that an alien baby was found alive by a farmer in Mexico. Now, it has been two years since it was found, and scientists finally announced the results of their tests on the alien baby: the creature indeed resembles nothing like humans.

According to the scientists' report, the alien baby can stay underwater for a long time, has the skeleton of a lizard, and has rootless teeth which are totally unlike humans' teeth. However, it does have some similar joints to human. The brain of the alien baby is huge, particularly the rear section, which makes the scientists believe that the creature had very high intelligence.

    Mexican UFO expert Jaime Maussan (56) was the first to break the story. He claimed it was not a hoax. Farmers also told him that there was a second creature but it ran away when they approached.

Source: bild.de

Mexican farmer Marao Lopez first spotted the sinister-looking carcass two years ago, and he said that it took him three attemps to drown the creature before ditching it out of fear. Adding to the suspense, Lopez has mysteriously died upon the discovery.

    According to American UFO expert Joshua P. Warren (32), the farmer burned to death in a parked car at the side of a road. The flames apparently had a far higher temperature than in a normal fire! Now there are rumours that the parents of the creature Lopez drowned were the ones who in turn killed him out of revenge.


Is this video from the alien shortly after it was drowned
in 2005 when it still had skin ?



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