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Simple 2.5kw power station for boats or home, with solar charger

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Tommey Reed:
This is a design using a dc motor for making up to 2.5 kw of power, at 36v/70amps.



Hi Tommey Reed,

I've been following your work with great interest. I've been working on a small DC turbo generator. Before I begin it is not over unity in any way, just a way to convert DC to AC without using a inverter and the output is a pure sine wave. I'd like to convert it over to AA batteries and solar charge them during the day. A Earth battery would be even better.

My current setup is a high speed DC motor, 5000rpm (reduced when running a load due to Lenz drag), running off a standard 9v battery. Connected directly to the shaft is a diametric cylinder magnet. Three fish pump coils are used for the pickup and are wired in series.

The input 9v 130ma (with magnet load) which is about 1.17watts input.

The output is 208vpp ac which breaks down to
Vp=208vpp/2= 104vp.
Vrms=104vp*0.707= 73.528 (meter shot is pretty close)
Vavg= 66.248

It draws 6.2ma through a 10ohm load = 384uw

The first shot shows the meter connected to it. I used legos for the support structure they allow for fast prototyping, trying different coil configurations and tweaking distances. You can see the three black cords from the fish pump coils.

The second shows a little closer view of the generator. You can make out the diametric magnet in the middle. Can't tell from shot but it's spinning pretty quick.

The third and forth shot shows it running a 1.5watt 115vAC LED accent light from 9v DC. If I pump 12volt in I can get it much brighter and peaking a 361vpp.

If you or anyone else has suggestions on how to make a better low power DC turbo generator I'm all ears.

I like the lego's idea cool

Tommey Reed:
I like your setup, simple and to the point.
As we all know, energy is what we need to power the homes we live in. Sometime simple is the best way to under energy, most people don't understand what energy is.
Energy is work, just like lifting 10 lb at a height of 10ft is work.
745.7 watts is 1 hp or, 746 watts have to be understand to make energy.
1 hp equals 1 pound taken to a height of 33,000 feet in one minute, is also 1hp.
When we talk about foot pounds, we have to understand it's 12" away from the shaft.
In other words, 24" wheel on a shaft will produce 1 foot pounds on the outer circumference and 12" pounds on the shaft. each revolution of the shaft produce (24" x pi)/12=6.28 ft of work.
33,000/ 6.28= 5254,but we use 5252.
This is how we can calculate hp. (torque x rpm)/5252
This formula is the key to make energy or to power a dc/ac motor.
3600 rpm/60= 60hz on a basic generator, we can find how much torque is needed to produce say 1 hp.
If we take 5252/3600 rpm we get a constant torque of 1.46 foot pounds.
Also we can get the same 1hp with 600rpm at (5252/600)=8.75 ft/lb constant torque.

I know you all know this by now, this is just a reminder of how energy is made.
There is no free lunch in a 746 watts of power....


Tommey Reed:
Is your design rotating a magnet?
My 2.5kw is doing the same, just in a much bigger size.
To get the true sine wave, we use a constant rotating field to make ac sine wave.
Is that your design?



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