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Title: some question to Paul
Post by: Dellemann on March 03, 2006, 08:28:24 PM
Hello Paul !

I have some questions about your very interest magnet-motor and congratulation.

1) Are the elements of the stator in steel or they are magnets ?

2) Why is the distance between the first and the last element of the stator so big ?

3a) Why is the distance from the rotor magnets to the elements so big ?
3b) Is the distance of the rotor to the elements of the stator linear or parabel ?

4a) Is it possible to build a magnet-motor who produce enough electricity for a house ?
4b) When yes, when you think you can sell it ?

5) To my idea (Stefan Hartmann had posted) you said, when it found the balance it will stop. But I think it can't get in balance, becauce of the spiral form.
Only on the "death-point" it will stop but than the power of the other magnets on the rotor have more power than the magnet at the "death-point".
What is wrong at my thinking of these ?

6) I think, it also must run, when you make your magnet motor with a "mechanical system" ?

Sorry for my bad english and for the many questions to you !