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Author Topic: Tesla Wireless Power - Throwing some things out there  (Read 12170 times)

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Tesla Wireless Power - Throwing some things out there
« on: March 18, 2012, 01:17:13 AM »
Hi, I'm new  I made a post in lifters that talked a bit about me to help  I just wanted to post a couple things regarding Tesla's wireless power.  I did a fair bit of research into him (as a lot have);  I have not created anything, but have a different perception on the operation of wireless.

It's been a while since I was into this, however I'm pretty sure everyone still believes;  he ionized the air to transmit the power or transmitted at Inverse Square

I  have a video I posted on you tube, cause I wanted this to be known (you can see at ).  If you watch the video don't hate on the poor sound, I don't do youtube.  But ya''s bad, but there.

After reading all his patents, lectures and articles I could find.  I was / am pretty concluded in how his wireless worked (as he stated).  I have since had the opportunity to talk with an astrophysicist from a local university to ask if my supposition was possible.   After his confirmation and a bit of time I decided to post the video and now here to help more know or help explain things.

To me though, he told extactly what it was and how to use it, so here's some bullets

-Power is transmitted through the EARTH not the air!!!!  (the biggest change for perception of his system)
-He stated numerous times it was the opposite of hertizan trransmission (e.g. not in air) e.g. non-radiative.
-He states that the earth is a conductor of limited dimensions and waves traverse this at a given speed
-He states Useable frequency is between 6 to 20,000 hertz (to keep hertizan minimum)
-He states the wave or wave train must be sustained for a time of .08484 sec
-He states He is making stationary waves in the earth
-He states that any of the frequencies must be an odd multiple of the .08484 wave.  (e.g. allows base frequency to remain in stationary wave in earth)
-He states that power can be received with plates based off of the frequency used
-He states that the maximum difference of potential would be with spacing equal to a 1/2 wave length of the used frequency
-He states that 3 of these production stations can then create a "rotating" stationary wave (so power could be received everywhere and less plate space demand)
-He states that he wanted 3 plants running on hydro to then run the world ;)
-He states the loss from traversal and return was 3%  NO OU!  But less than our current 30% loss in wires

* a note also I believe his first "sensitive detector" was based off his earlier lecture using his disruptive discharge coil.  He stated with HF sent to a motor you could put it into hysteresis and make it ultra sensitive to any external magnetic field.  He also had a plasma ball in a light globe that was sensitive like this (now known as a farnsworth fusor, heh)

Everything that's needed he does state at some point or another.  I will also say read his earlier lectures carefully as he points out things he didn't realize;  that later he names something else and does not refer to his beginnings.  E.G that sensitive motor detector above. 

The video gives direct quotes and also gives patents that's he referred to things in.  Also, there is an article where he talks of "ringing earth like a bell" that was even further referring to Earth transmission.

I truly hope someone can find this information useful.  Again nothing I'm saying here is my idea (other than sensitive motor thoughts), these are all things Telsa said; not me.


Oh, PS I believe Ionization of the air concept was related to his death ray.  High frequency "carrying" a low-frequency (power) with wave-lengths tuned for 1/4 wave at the target;  simple.  HAARP ;) But that's how he explained it to work and those are the patents HAARP first referred to.

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Re: Tesla Wireless Power - Throwing some things out there
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2012, 03:32:51 PM »
Thank you for the prior posting and to let me know this has been brought up! Yay!  I'm not out selling things or looking for credits, just wanting it known.  Ty also for the warning to be careful of what I mention.

I took a look at the post you linked (ty) and it does show the pic (from the article) where he referenced to ringing the earth like a bell
I am very glad more people understand (sure not all) what he, quite literally stated;  since in 2003 no one had arrived at this.  (was in pupman a lot)
I'm not sure why there was discussion of photons as related to Tesla's coil though.

There was some discussion related to skin effect (again not sure why with non-radiative low frequencies) and a mention that Electricity nor lightning penetrates
I suppose with lightning I can only reference that;  it is how Tesla mentioned"Stumbling" onto this method of transmission.  He spoke of measuring impulses with his "sensitive receiver" to determine how far away said lightning / storm was.  I believe in the same document he mentions that the impulses were strongest before it arrived.

I suppose for whether an EM signal will go through a solid object?  I figured that to be pretty known also (sure does alter F).  To at least show it possible in the earth;  here is a report on GPR using standing waves in the earth

Quote from Tesla and Video " which is taken in passing and returning from the opposite pole with a mean velocity of 471,240km/s."
Overall though, even using this assumption for wireless does not make it easy to accomplish I suppose.  I would assume though, the "Sensitive detector" should be much easier to create now with Solid state.  Though the rampant 60hz in the ground would need filtered (almost an odd multiple, btw)

Lastly, from the post, there was a picture of a standard transmission (again not sure why).  From my video (11:45), I list the patents where he states the devices used for receiving or detecting these; 685,953 and 685,955.
Those are the patents used for receiving.....not a tesla coil or standard 1/4 1/2 wave coil.

Finally, I don't want to stir up any old bones or cause a problem.  If it has been stated and known, I'm glad there.  I understand my perception of his system is merely an opinion. 

EDIT:  I guess I forgot to also say that I didn't put a video until after I'd talked with a local professor astrophysicist.  I only got that opportunity a bit over a year ago.  However, I did specifically ask / state the viability of transmitting / creating stationary waves in the earth.  It wasn't until he confirmed that possible that I had the confidence to convey this to others.

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Re: Tesla Wireless Power - Throwing some things out there
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2012, 06:58:41 PM »
Mr Tesla wanted to build up very strong stationary waves which could be extracted with a tuned receiver on the surface of the earth.
Also with the wardenclyffe final project Mr. Tesla's aim was to pulse the earth slightly out of phase with the existing Tesla-Schumann waves that already exist on the planet.
He wanted to do frequency mixing in a way that his recievers would run on the magnetic energy procuced by lightning strokes around the globe.
This energy would be delivered as 'free energy' to the tuned transponders around the globe.

First, ty for the comments and clarification with the afore mentioned post.  I am glad to see, as you mention, that was an oddity of sorts.

 About the quote though, I'm not quite sure this was intended (in my opinion / perception).  I know, when learning Tesla, (and because there's so much false info);  I only used information directly from his lectures, articles and patents book;  Quotes from the Marconi Hearings, etc.  If there wasn't something that I could actually find Tesla stating, then I didn't consider it a necessary fact.  E.G. him containing ball lighting in a box for others to see.

For pulsing, you relate to 2 frequencies;  the schumann resonance (air cavity) and Terrestrial (earth).  The schumann resonance is first based on the air space of our ionosphere, but is around 7.5hz; right?  As an aside, this will vary since the earths' ionosphere also shrinks and expands relative to solar activity.  The Terrestrial frequency (Tesla's Frequency) is of course based on the solid dimensions of earth (as Tesla said);  08484 sec or 11.78hz.  Now this too will change since the solid dimensions of the earth increase, however this will be small;  but most likely different now than 100 years ago.
  If we assume he was creating a standing wave in the earth ("stationary" as he called it), in the "conductor of limited dimensions";  there is a key point.  From Tesla's point above, note you must use an odd multiple of this 11.78hz AND it must remain for at least .08484 sec.  So the first higher frequency useable from his statement would be 35.34hz (this is shown in upper left and on the earth; on the paper, at the very start of the video hidden ;) ).   This could continue through his stated probable max of 20Khz.  Another point here though, there is no resonance interaction with Schumann here;  E.G.-the standing wave the base 11.78 nor odd multiples would exist if you did include the schumann resonance.

For his frequency mixing or "wave train" as he called it.  I believe it was simply a .08484 / 11.78hz Carrier with any odd multiple frequency riding on that up to 20Khz (or any frequency you can still prevent all/most air radiation)

For drawing power from lightning, I'm not sure he ever stated his ability to do that.  I do believe he mentioned great power in lightning.  He did talk a bunch about receiving the signals (frequency) from the bolts at a distance.  He pointed out using that to determine its' distance and speed of approach.  He also stated that the main bolt "triggered" this 11.78 frequency he discovered;  using his sensitive receivers.  Also, he mentioned his first detection was followed by a destruction of his detection device;  which he then re-made, but improved it somehow.  He did not ever make reference to a lightning bolt hitting one of his coils, nor the inevitable destruction it would've caused. 

For being free energy, he definitely did not ever make those statements.  He did state a power station would be required to run a large coil.  He referenced using a hydroelectric power station preferably.  He points out to using 3 coils in different places on the earth to create a "rotating stationary field" in optimal execution.  Also, I believe he stated all 3 of these could be hydroelectric.
  There was only ever 1 comment made as to his efficiency of transmission (that I could find).  I apologize if I cannot remember the exact place, though I think Marconi trials.  At any rate, the one time he commented;  he did say there was a "3% loss in its' travel to the opposite poll and returning". 

So really there's no tricks, no special energies (at least my interpretation of his statements) and no overunity.  If a power station were to pulse in 100w, they could see 97w returned in reflection in the first returned "cycle" (then 94, 91.1, 88.5 etc).  That was the essence of his system, merely to provide power wirelessly around the globe.  Though most technically, I suppose, it would be his "single-wire transmission" ; since he considered the earth a "Conductor of limited dimensions".

Now having said all of that, I have pondered how to store lightning as well;  as you mention, using TC coils.  I imagine that could be possible assuming the mechanical and electrical capacities aren't exceeded.   The inductive component of the secondary (primary in this case) could be your survivability aspect as well as related to bolt frequency.  The capacitor bank (fed from primary "secondary in this case") might probably need to run at a pretty high voltage and high current; to store a large amount in a short period.  Then you could just dump that slower through a DC:DC and MPPT to batts.
Though, it would suck to build a huge coil for this and watch it melt from a bolt;  while caps are exploding all around.

last, I am only giving my perception of his statements.  I try to express things as opinions and I hope they are read that way, not tryin' to argue :)

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Re: Tesla Wireless Power - Throwing some things out there
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2012, 09:48:31 PM »
Colorado springs notes, check.

Where he did the lightning research, check.

Now, I have not read the book you mentioned, though I will stand by Tesla's observation requiring odd multiples; which again negates schumann

As for lightning being electric / component, sure.  I guess only tried to introduce myself in the first lifter post;  but yes I'm very familiar with electronics, physics, mechanics, etc. 

For giving references to every detail, yes I know that would be optimal;  but I'm taking from information I've not dealt with in several years.  I did take some time for a few things to help;

Tesla Lectures, Articles and Patents (from museum) page 331(50) -332(15) patent 787,412
"Now I have discovered that notwithstanding its vast dimensions and contrary to all observations heretofore made the terrestrial globe may behave in a large part or as a whole behave toward disturbances impressed upon it in the same manner as a conductor of limited size, this fact being demonstrated by novel phenomenon which I shall hereinafter describe.
  In the course of certain investigations which I carried on for the purpose of studying the effects of lighting discharges upon the electrical condition of the earth I observed that sensitive receiving instruments arranged so as to be capable of responding to electrical disturbances created by the discharges at times failed to respond when they should have do so,and upon inquiring into the causes of this unexpected behavior I discovered it to be due to the character of the electrical waves which were produced in the earth by the lightning discharges and which had nodal regions following at definite distances the shifting source of the disturbances.  From data obtained in a large number of observations of the maxima and minima of these waves I found their length to vary approximately from 25-27 km.  And these results and certain theoretical deductions led me to the conclusion that waves of this kind may be propagated in all directions over the globe and that they may be of still more widely differing lengths, the extreme limits being imposed by the physical dimensions and properties of the earth. Recognizing in the existence of these waves an unmistakable evidence that the disturbances created had been conducted from their origin to the most remote portions of the globe and had been thence reflected, I conceived the idea of producing such waves in the earth by artificial means with the object of utilizing them for many useful purposes for which they are or might be found applicable.  This problem was rendered extremely difficult owing to the immense dimensions of the planet and consequently enormous movement of electricity or rate at which electrical energy had to be delivered in order to approximate, even in a remote degree, movements or rates which are manifestly attained in the displays of electrical forces in nature and which seemed at first unrealizable by any human agencies;  but by gradual and continuous improvements of a generator of electrical oscillations, which I have described in my patents no 645,576 and 649,621.  I finally succeeded in reaching electrical movements or rates of delivery of electrical energy not only approcimating, but , asa shown in many comparative tests and measurements, actually surpassing those of lightning discharges, and by means of this apparatus I have found it possible to reproduce whenever desired phenomenon in the earth the same as or similar to those due to such discharges"

Tesla Lectures, Articles and Patents (from museum) page 333(19) - (62) patent 787,412
"For the present it will be sufficient to state that the planet behaves like a perfectly smooth or polished conductor of inappreciable resistance with capacity and self induction uniformly distributed along the axis of symmetry of wave propagation and transmitting slow electrical oscillations without sensible distortion and attenuation.  Besides the above 3 requirements seem to be essential to the establishment of the resonating condition.
First.  The earth's diameter passing through the pole should be an odd multiple of the quarter wave length - that is, of the ratio between the velocity of light - and four times the frequency of the currents.
Second.  It is necessary to employ oscillations in which the rate of radiation of energy into space in the form of hertzian or electromagnetic waves is very small.  To give an idea, I would say that the frequency should be smaller than 20,000 per second, though shorter waves might be practicable  The lowest frequency would appear to be 6 per second, in which case there will be but one node, at or near the ground-plate, and, paradoxical as it may seem, the effect will increase with the distance and will be greatest in a region diametrically opposite the transmitter.  With oscillations still slower the earth, strictly speaking, will not resonate, but simply act as a capacity, and the variation of potential will be more or less uniform over its entire surface.
Third.  The most essential requirement is, however, that irrespective of frequency the wave or wave-train should continue for a certain interval of time, which I have estimated to be not  less than one-twelfth or probably .08484 of a second and which is taken in passing to and returning from the region diametrically opposite to the pole over the earths' surface with a mean velocity of about 471,240 kilometers per second."

Tesla Lectures, Articles and Patents (from museum) page 334(52) - (75) patent 787,412
"..Under the conditions described it is evident that during the continuance of the stationary waves the receiver will be acted up on by current impulses more ore less intense, according to its location with reference to the maxima and minima of said waves, but upon interrupting or reducing the flow of the current the stationary waves will disappear or diminish in intensity.  Hence a great variety of effects may be produced in a receiver, according to the mode in which the waves are controlled   It is practicable, however, to shift the nodal and ventral regions of the waves at will from the sending-station, as by varying the length of the waves under observance of the above requirements.  In this manner the regions of maximum and minimum effect may be made to coincide with any receiving station or stations. By impressing upon the  earth two or more oscillations of different wave length a resultant stationary wave may be made to travel slowly over the globe, and thus a great variety of useful effects may be produced."

Tesla Lectures, Articles and Patents (from museum) page 334(100) - (107) patent 787,412
"If several such generators of stationary waves, preferably of different length,, were installed in judiciously-selected localities, the entire globe could be subdivided in definite zones of electric activity, and such and other important data could be at once obtained by simple calculation or readings from suitably-graduated instruments."

I believe that should back up what I've stated and comes from the horses mouth, so to speak.  Of course I did say I cannot remember where I read 3% loss but he does refer to low distortion etc.  and of course he is attempting to stop/ limit electrical activity in space (air in this case)

EDIT: continued digging for some more
The Electrical World and Engineer, March 5, 1904 by Nikola Tesla "The Transmission of electric energy without wires"

"In the middle of June (1899 Colorado), while preparations for other work were going on, I arranged one of my receiving transformers with the view of determining in a novel manner, experimentally, the electric potential of the globe and studying its periodic and casual fluctuations.  This formed part of a plan carefully mapped out in advance.   A Highly sensitive, selfrestorative device, controlling a recording instrument, was included in the secondary circuit , while the primary was connected to the ground and an elevated terminal of adjustable capacity."......."The earth was found to be literally, alive with electrical vibrations, and soon I was deeply absorbed in tis interesting investigation."

"In the latter part of the same month I noticed several times that my instruments were affected stronger by discharges taking place at great distances than by those near by.  This puzzled me very much.  What was the cause?  A number of observations proved that it could not be due to differences in the intensity of the individual discharges, and I readily ascertained that the phenomenon was not the result of a varying relation between the periods of my receiving circuits and those of the terrestrial disturbances."

"It was on the 3rd of July -the date I shall never forget- when I obtained the first decisive experimental evidence of a truth of overwhelming importance for the advancement of humanity.  A dense mass of strongly charged clouds gathered in the west and towards the evening a violent storm broke loose which, after spending much of its fury in the mountains, was driven away with great velocity over the plains.  Heavy and long persisting arcs formed almost in regular time intervals.  My observations were now greatly facilitated and rendered more accurate by the experiences already gained.  I was able to handle my instruments quickly and I was prepared.  The recording apparatus being properly adjusted, its indications became fainter and fainter with the increasing distance of the storm,  until they ceased altogether. I was watching in eager expectation.  Surely enough, in a little while the indications again began, grew stronger and stronger and, after passing through a maximum, gradually decreased and ceased once more."  ....."....still, more forcibly, and unmistakably, the true nature of the wonderful phenomenon.  No doubt whatever remained:  I was observing stationary waves. "

"Impossible as it seemed, this planet, despite its vast extent, behaved like a conductor of limited dimensions.  The tremendous significance of this fact in the transmission of energy by my system had already become quite clear to me.  Not only was it practicable to send telegraphic messages to any distance without wires, as I recognized long ago, but also to impress upon the entire globe the faint modulations of the human voice, far more still, to transmit power, in unlimited amounts, to any terrestrial distance and almost without any loss ."

"In this first power plant, which I have been designing for a long time, I propose to distribute 10,000HP under a tension of 100,000,000V , which I am now able to produce and handle with safety."
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Re: Tesla Wireless Power - Throwing some things out there
« Reply #4 on: March 19, 2012, 03:35:42 AM »
I'm very sorry to have not stated better or possibly offend.
I was just trying to provide some references to my statements as you recommended.

I suppose the only 2 debating points (we agree mostly ;) ) was no overunity, and not using schumann resonance. (just my perception of course)
I figure that books' variant, if possible could be separately patented as that 7.5hz wrecks several of Teslas'  above mentioned requirements and thus could be considered independent.

 I suppose there's a bunch of random tidbits in there, partly I figured those were good things to add for someone possibly looking here.  Again I apologize if I didn't clarify my rebuttal's intent better or upset.  I don't wanna force opinions on anyone.

Thanks PB

Edit: I tend to stick to myself and though always liked in RL can seem too direct in writing for those who don't know me.  It's something related to why I stick to my self. 

OH and with cars.  Ya, though he did come up with that before they took off.  I believe you would need a dragging wire or something like you mention, for ground (unless he said 2 air plates would work, can't remember).  Lol bumper cars.