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Author Topic: What Aether actually is...  (Read 11661 times)

Offline Overmind

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What Aether actually is...
« on: July 27, 2009, 12:20:08 PM »
Aether is the equivalent of the General Cosmic Field.
Since field lines decrease in intensity by range but have infinite range, at a specific point in space there's an average cosmic field (averaged from all cosmic sources). This can be summarized as the Aether described by Tesla (that wanted to prove it's existance), Einstein (that wanted to prove it does not exist) and others.
This Aether is the one that actually gives us the speed of light (that has the current measured speed in vacuum).
This can be proven experimentally: if you isolate light form the cosmic field, it will increase speed. This has already been tested in numerous tunneling experiments.

Offline gravityblock

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Re: What Aether actually is...
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2009, 09:18:12 PM »
@Overmind and All:

I can't believe I am agreeing with you, but I think you are correct in saying that the aether is the equivalent of the general cosmic field.

I think the aether or the general cosmic field is made up of dark matter.  The dark matter is invisible and has mass, thus the reason for "dark" being the adjective for matter.  This aether or dark matter is what gives the galaxies it's extra mass and gravity to support the velocity of the galaxies.

Dark matter is invisible mass and attaches itself to the visible matter which is massless.  All of the particles predicted in the standard model were predicted to have 0 mass, but after they were observed it was found they do have mass.

This extended the standard model to predict the mass of the particles are due to the Higgs Boson, which is part of the Higgs Field.  The Higgs Boson attaches itself to the massless particles, giving them mass.  The Higgs field is also equivalent to the aether, general cosmic field, the vacuum of space, and dark matter.

So, it appears that the invisible dark matter is attracted to the visible matter, possibly due to them having opposite polarities, such as North and South.  Dark matter being North and matter being South or vice versa, thus they attract.  This is the reason why the dark matter reacts to gravity and is part of the galaxies mass.

When the dark matter is outside the influence of gravity, then the dark matter will repel each other since they have like poles, thus the expansion of the universe.  This explains the attraction force of gravity and the repulsion force for the expansion of the universe, etc.

Before we go any further, we need to define and make distinctions between this stuff to avoid confusion.  Invisible dark matter by itself is mass.  Visible matter by itself is matter.  When mass and matter are together or attached to each other, then this is correlated matter or CM for short.  Correlated means to have a relationship with each other, so I think this is a good choice.

I don't have this all figured out yet, but I believe this will lead to a unifying theory which unites gravity with the other known forces of the universe.

I would love to have a meaningful discussion on this.

Please let me know what you think,


Offline Overmind

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Re: What Aether actually is...
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2009, 07:48:12 AM »
Yes, that is correct. There are particles that theoretically have no mass, but they actually do.
We do not detect that mass because the average mass on a given time interval is zero. If the particle is t/2 matter and t/2 anti-matter (with t/2 external positive polarization and t/2 external negative polarization) then the measured average will always be zero, but the particle actually has a specific mass.
On top of that we have the uncertainty principle and the problem with the actual measurement. When you measure something, you actually measure something that's no longer like it was when you wanted to get the results for it.

Regarding the Unified Theory, I already have one. For something like that you must return to the basics of physics and realize where the mistakes have happened. For example, the Unified Theory could not include the strong and weak interactions not because someone did not find out how, but because they do not exist. There is strong interaction, no weird unknown force that keeps similar charged particles together. The true physical explanation for that is the filed overlap of the elementary vortices that for any particle. This can be demonstrated and exact calculations for each particle and charge have already been completed. The weak interaction is just a particular case of the strong interaction.
See the detailed picture below:

According to today's textbook opinion (course of  the field indicated with a in the image above) the  forces of repulsion between the individual protons increase further as the distance gets  smaller, to obtain immense values within  the nucleus. They theoretically had to be overcome by new and unknown nuclear forces. Therefore physicists assume the
hypothesis of a "strong interaction". But they are gravely mistaken. The answer to this open question is provided by the course of the field (b) for the proton, represented in the image. We see that the electric field at first indeed still increases if we approach the proton, but in the proximity it contrary to all expectations decreases again until it is zero. With that then also any force of repulsion has disappeared ! But the course of the field follows without compulsion from the  overlap of the three individual elementary vortex fields. The field direction in the z-direction even is reversed ! In this situation, in theory,
an electromagnetic force of attraction between two like charged protons can occur. We then conclude: A strong interaction doesn't exist at all. The usually given values for "range" and "strength" just represent a misinterpretation. The hatched drawn area marks the difference which is misinterpreted by current quantum physics. The model concept over and above that
answers another mysterious property of the proton. As an electrically charged particle with a spin it first of all should form a magnetic moment for reason of the rotating charge. But until now the measurable order of magnitude couldn't be explained.

If the inner positrons rotate around each other with oppositely pointing spin, then the magnetic field line is already closed within the particle and no effect in x or y-direction is observable from the outside. As pair they however still can rotate together around the z-axis and they'll do that. The overlapping electron for reason of its rotation of its own will likewise build up a magnetic dipole moment along its axis of rotation. It also will align its axis in the z-direction, so that now all three elementary vortices have one field axis. Being comparable to individually "elementary magnets" aligned  in the same direction they produce a triple magnetic moment. This is the explanation for the triple magnetic moment of the proton.

By disregarding the errors in current physics and specially quantum physics, one can get very far. Instead of a weird theory based on an assumption (that's usually based on incorrect/incomplete/inaccurate observations) we can have precise calculations that match the experiments and observations (if observations are possible) better then any current theory for any particle or physical phenomenon.

Unfortunately, most scientists today are too brain-washed and well programmed to study such things.
As N. Tesla correctly pointed out :
Quote from: Tesla
The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.

Offline czimborbryan

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Re: What Aether actually is...
« Reply #3 on: January 22, 2010, 05:21:10 AM »
I'm going to bend a few people out of shape on this one...

I did some thinking about this and have come to a conclusion based on very little knowledge of the subject and even less observation.

FYI- Time as used below is not referring to past present and future, but to the mechanical timing of movement.

The measurable effects of the aether are gravity/time and the light spectrum.  If the aether were to be absent, there would be no gravity, no time, no light, and perhaps no matter (because matter is composed of light).  The light waves are vibrations within the aether, which has a type of density and tension that can be measured by the strength of gravitational field.  Matter is produced when light waves collide in such a way that dramatically effects time (particle matter is similar to a black hole in time and gravity, but more stable and obviously less powerful...).  In other words, the waves seem to stick together and form a particle.  This could be why light is both a wave and a particle.

So in areas of low gravitational field, the aether is proportionally less dense as with time.  This is the tricky part; the speed of light has no constant.  In the areas of deep space that have low gravitational fields, light would travel through more space per second than in near-Earth gravity.  Some areas with a low enough density of the aether, light may come close to instantaneous projection or even nearing "time travel".  These areas in deep space could be  utilized for space travel.  The quickest way to travel from one point to another isn't a straight lines, but the path of least resistance through these areas of low gravity, even though the space covered could be millions light years more.

The aether allows for the existence of the measurable universe.  The reason why the aether can not be directly measurable is because it is an eternal constant and therefore can not be perceived.  However, the aether may demonstrate having a mass since it is proportional to gravitational field (I'm assuming it is proportional, but it may not be).

The aether may or may not be infinite; however, if it is not infinite, anything beyond the aether would not exist in a state of matter or energy perceivable to us.  It may be possible that other aether's exist which are beyond our aether that have dramatically different properties compared to our own, but they would be imperceivable and directly incompatible with matter and energy from our own aether.

The aether can not be broken, but strain on the aether produces vibrations or waves (light spectrum).  So, in an attempt to tear a whole in the aether, an enormous amount of light would be produced.

- Or something like that...

Offline Overmind

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Re: What Aether actually is...
« Reply #4 on: January 22, 2010, 07:25:40 AM »
A hole/blank in the aether could theoretically be obtained if one could perfectly isolate an area of space from any E-M (both Hertzian and Tesla forms) influence.
The only known attempts were the tunneling experiments. The created tunnels were so small that no wave could overlap inside of them so that's why FTL speeds were possible (the light's speed was no longer limited by the aetheric environment).

Offline czimborbryan

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Re: What Aether actually is...
« Reply #5 on: January 22, 2010, 11:21:42 PM »
I believe what happened in the "tunnleing experiments" was that the aether was made sparse, but intact, otherwise light would have dissolved at it's edge.  The FTL result was what I had stated above. In a sparse area of aether made evident by low gravitational field/time, it may be possible for light to jump impossibly far distances nearly instantaneously.  The same could be said for any object passing through that area of space.

Offline chuckspirit

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Re: What Aether actually is...
« Reply #6 on: February 16, 2010, 10:29:31 PM »
Since I am new to this forum I would like your comments on this information and any other consideration as to where it should be posted.

A friend of mine recently sent this information, which he thought, was attributed to Professor Gustauv LeBon. If there have been any discussions concerning Black Energy or Zero Point Energy, I would appreciate observations and comments concerning this new twist on gravity.

“Quite simply, Gravity is NOT a pull, Gravity is a PUSH from the ether energy field into mass.”

Other comments made concerning this statement:

“Think of it as bubbles under water where the water is pressing on the bubble trying to implode it. In the case of matter, zero point energy pushes into the neutral centers of mass to not only create it but also give it materiality.”
“We are held to the planet like wind pushing flies against a wire screen. As zero point energy flows into the neutral centers of mass, the effect of gravity and weight are produced.”

Offline Magnethos

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Re: What Aether actually is...
« Reply #7 on: May 15, 2010, 11:45:14 PM »
Here you can see a video that I made some time ago, describing what aether is and how you can interact with it.
The video is in spanish, because I made it for a couple of friends. But maybe you can understand something watching at the pictures.

here you have

Offline Gwandau

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Re: What Aether actually is...
« Reply #8 on: May 16, 2010, 02:12:40 AM »
To all of you, I really enjoy participating in this creative forum, and subjects like this are hilarious.

You all have a lot of interesting points, which I enjoy and take into consideration in my research.

Unorthodox concepts like non-constant light speed and Aether pressure instead of gravitational attraction presented by you guys
are highlights making this forum so alive, and is, as I see it, essential in finding our way out of the contradictory
entanglements of contemporary quantum physics, which I believe is a dead end, similar to the situation prior to Copernicus.

By using the following home made allegory my point of view may be more understandable:

During the times when science believed that the world was flat and placed rigid in the center of universe, many scientists observed the movements
of the celestial bodies and depicted their seemingly weird and unharmonic paths across the night skies. This made them nonplussed, but their observation
was checked and rechecked, and they had to accept the fact that all celsestial bodies was moving hither and dither in strange curves and twists.

When finally understanding that the world was round and being one of the celestial bodies itself, everything fell in place and the irrational paths of the
celestial bodies became harmonic orbits of beautiful clarity.

This is the very situation modern quantum physics has got itself into, going from paradoxial complexity to ever more complexity, getting ever more entangled
in a system of paradoxial theory.

So when mankind finally is rising to next level of understanding, the strange and seemingly irrational paths of quantum physics will dissolve into a harmonic
and understandable way of observing physical reality.

Personally I believe we will gain nothing by clinging to the old so called fundamental concepts,
so why not start afresh from zero, with the old concepts temporarily put away in our cosmic toolbox, handy if feasible.


What if there is nothing else than Aether?

What if everything we experience is but a mere response to the condition of an all encomapassing underlying field?

Imagine gravity, electromagnetism, light, you name it - just being a response to the condition of one single field, the Aether.

To get my point of view, let's have a look at one of the properties directly related to the Aether - Zero Point Energy:

Zero-point energy density is assumed to be constant: no matter how much the
universe expands it does not become diluted, but instead more zero-point energy is
assumed to be created out of nothing.

In fact, zero-point energy has the desired property of driving the accelerated expansion
of our universe, and thus having the requisite properties of dark energy, but to an
absurdly greater degree than required, i.e. 120 orders of magnitude.

This has puzzled the scientists, since all their calculations derived from experimental
results coincide on this point.

Furthermore they agree that the spectrum of zero-point energy seems to extend to
the Planck scale, which means its energy density would be the mass equivalent of about
1093 grams per cubic centimetre which would reduce the universe to a size smaller than
an atomic nucleus.

These results seem paradoxical only as long as one regards the universe as a self
sustained static condition.

When taking into consideration the idea of an underlying field being responsible for
the existence of all matter, time and space, the paradox dissolves.

The calculated energy density of zero point energy is now equivalent to the
necessary underlying energy needed for the sustained projection of our universe
and its accelerative expansion.

The equation is balanced, the power which would reduce all matter in universe into
a point like size, is equal to the power needed to vibrate all matter into existence as
an expanding system of relative field systems.

So as far as I am concerned, there really is no need for any mysterious dark matter.


Offline Teutates

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Re: What Aether actually is...
« Reply #9 on: May 16, 2010, 04:46:17 AM »
.....   so are you saying that Aether is actually a type of energy that binds matter with antimatter?

Offline Gwandau

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Re: What Aether actually is...
« Reply #10 on: May 16, 2010, 01:22:57 PM »

Aether is the only existing form of energy, all other so called forces are mere responses to the condition of this basic and directly undetectable field.

Matter or anti matter is mere vibrational focal points of opposite polarities, like standing waves, giving us the "false" appearance of solid matter.

False, since there is nothing solid, everything is projected forth into our universe through the Aether. If this underlying energy would be cut off,
universe would cease to exist instantly.

Thus everything becomes a projected self sustained relative unified field system, from the smallest particle to the biggest galaxy cluster.

This further means you cannot travel linearly from one star to another, since time is something that only exists in relation to each field system, like Earth, for example.

So if you try to travel linearly out into deep space, you will find yourself slowing down to a gradual stop when getting too far away from the time field supported by
the field system Earth.

That's why vessels like the Pioneer 10 are slowing down to the great puzzlement of NASA.

This also means that it is impossible to measure a linear distance through the propagation of light, since the values will differ regarding from which field
system the values are extracted.

There is no such thing as a constant speed of light. 

Such misconceptions will keep us in a primitive outlook on universe until we manage to make comparative light speed measurements between different field systems.

Then our eyes will start to open up to a completely new paradigm, and a real opportunity to actually travel between stars will become accessible.

Our position in universe is all about to which field system one relates. If we could build a vessel that was creating its own field system,
the only thing you had to do to get to another star, would be to relate the signature of your vessels field system to the signature of field system
of the desired destination.

The same instant you are relating to the field system of destination, you will be there.

This is how UFOs travel. Its all about relating in a truly relative universe.  Mankind's attempts to space travel are only suited for travel within our solar system.