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Author Topic: Energy from the Ground - Self powered generator by Barbosa and Leal  (Read 1620477 times)

Offline sm0ky2

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Re: Energy from the Ground - Self powered generator by Barbosa and Leal
« Reply #2010 on: May 19, 2022, 03:03:49 PM »
Not sure
Maybe, Nikola Tesla electric car is powered by this battery electrons Captor from the Air? Who knows

[a little off topic, but obscurely related]

It is much simpler than that.
Think in terms of a vacuum-tube rectifier,
and an antenna tuned to a range of: 800-1200 Mhz


Telluric currents are a combination of man-made and stellar frequencies,
modulated by the substrate.
In some areas there may be as many as 1000 simultaneous signals
running through any randomly sampled portion of ground.

When rectified, these can combine constructively or destructively (or both)
Providing varying results between repeated experiments, and locale.

In populated areas the most common mad-made currents derive from
underground television cables, local radio stations, and even satellite communications.
In addition, the 60-Hz (neutral phase) is detected near power lines.

A study of signal processing techniques goes a long way in understanding electricity
from the ground.

FM radio signals are easy to identify and/or filter out, AM however can be tricky
and travels great distances. Generally in the 500-1500kHz band
(up to 3Mhz under heavy crystal substrate, such as quartz bedrock or sand)


The following focuses on areas outside of civilization, and not in a primary satcom zone.
[to remove the side effects of power plant return circuits]

Assuming an independent a/c power source sufficiently shielded and a closed ground
loop that does not go to earth.

A reduction of Lea’s circuit is synonymous to Leedskalnin’s PMH.
(capacitively discharging and reversing direction every half-cycle)

1st point of mention: the output is out of phase
this will affect some intuitive methodology when you are measuring it.

2nd: the high-impedance capacitor (earth) could theoretically be simulated or replicated
giving a completely ‘benchtop’ experiment, no earth or mains needed.

bunch of data, several pages of math and…..

we reach maximum efficiency at slightly under resonance
with our high-z LC circuit as we approach the input frequency.

Affecting factor: magnetic reluctance of the high-z circuit.
(In earth this is the mineral content, primarily ferrous)

The size of the earth-circuit will affect resonance.
(i.e. the distance from your houses ground rod to the mains-ground where it comes off
the pole would represent a ‘volume of earth’ acting as a capacitor, the wiring in your house
as the other inductor and your load would us an appropriate phase from one plug, neutral from
a matching socket across the house to create the condition.)

would be interesting to see one of these experiments show the power companies meter
along side their retail meters while they do their experiments…..
as we have seen with the PMH-oscillators, there is energy consumed in breaking the keeper.
even though it is not evident in the circuit, it is still ‘felt’ as a drain at the power source.
Measurements of this can only be taken from outside the inductive loop.
house mains, battery or what have you.

the equivalent circuit would be to take 2 plugs from your wall, wire them to their own inductor.
one backwards,
Then use pick-up coils to receive the collapsing fields.

You can draw energy from the source without changing the circuit.
Looks like ‘free energy’ right?
You’ve even tricked your electric meter! (not really)
little test device noone cares.
build a big one, the power company brings you an industrial meter
that can detect what you are doing a little more accurately.

This is exactly what happens when you run multiple inductive motors
on a single a/c source.


The reason is simple, the reluctance changes as the magnetic field reverses.
internally, the circuit remains constant.
but from the perspective of the source, the load is seen as a drain.

Offline Vortex 22

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Re: Energy from the Ground - Self powered generator by Barbosa and Leal
« Reply #2011 on: May 19, 2022, 03:53:11 PM »

Guess what,
No high voltage and/or high frequency is needed to replicate Barbosa and Leal Device !!!