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Title: Windblue Power PMA Test Results Are In
Post by: infringer on July 25, 2009, 10:16:36 PM
Ok I have finally started to go at building my wind blue rotor.

This unit is nice but I learned of some quirks I figured I would share with you.

Plastic or light weight blades are not at all helpful with this rotor as you will note in these pictures...

I have 3 2ft blades and I can place my screwdriver in one at the end and it still does not spin this unit definitely requires heaver blades or possibly more blades.

It is a hard turner I do not know weather this is normal or not obviously the bearing and everything is metal and this causes more drag on the rotor.

I tested it in a 10mph wind and could not get it to turn.

I spin it by hand and it does 3 revolutions then stops and that is really giving it a jerk.

Just some things of note for you folks before you get into wind testing to save you cash.

These are some of my real life tests.

This is a test this is only a test of the emergency power system. :P

Title: Windblue Power PMA Test Results Are In
Post by: infringer on July 25, 2009, 10:28:00 PM
This unit consists of.

A new stator a new rotor and a brand new alternator. Everything else except for the diodes that convert the ac to dc is torn out of the unit as they are no longer needed.

If anyone needs a high output stator for there vehicle small block gm motor let me know. I have that as well as some of the other parts up for sale.

Looking at this the only thing I can find is its hangup is the blade weight if you look at the picture the screw driver does not even turn the blade any thing more then that screwdriver will make it turn though!

Start up does not occur with a 10mph wind however my lawn decor turbine spins like crazy hehe no torque required there start up is whatever speed on that baby hehe.

I assume that heavier blades will result in the output as advertised but that has yet to be discovered and I will post results when I get some heavier blades.

This unit is super easy to build though I will say that. But don't expect much power output from it unless you hit 20mph winds where it will start to generate 100watts.
Title: Re: Windblue Power PMA Test Results Are In
Post by: Thaelin on September 08, 2009, 12:51:06 PM
   For what you invested in that, you could have had a Fisher/Paykel.
Less cogging to deal with and more efficient and uses a 1" shaft (almost)
Title: Re: Windblue Power PMA Test Results Are In
Post by: gadgetmall on October 11, 2009, 07:38:27 PM
Hi . I have been using a Windblue with 6 blades for almost a year now . mine start and spin at 7 MPH wind . The pole tower i had it mounted on collapsed at 85MPH It blew out two 110 volt 100 watt bulbs in series that i enguaged to absorb some of the energy . i estimate over 100 amps at 300 volts just before she fell .I run that energy directly into a 24 volt bank of forllift batteries and then divert when full which dont take long in 85 Mph(tropical storm) Lucky the blades i used did not break and the only damage was a slight bend in the tail buy it was easily beat out with a sledge hammer . I await help to put this monster steel tower up in two sections total about 45 feet in the air . all i need around here . . this is the advantage over regular plastic blades . here is a pic of my blades mounted on a 90 volt motor at ground level for safe keeping and also to keep the temper in UV light awating the tower i bought to be put in the ground a 6 foot hole i dug this summer .The wind blue is ina box in the house as the mount and tail section . total cost for the entire outfit was just around 600 dollars including the new tower . windblue was bought thru windblue at 295 . blades were auction at 65 dollars and mount and tail section were 85 dollars and the tower was 100 bucks
Title: Re: Windblue Power PMA Test Results Are In
Post by: gadgetmall on October 11, 2009, 09:32:35 PM
the hole  6 foot deep and 5X6 wide . I intend to insert the large platform into the hole covering it with several tons of concrete . I also intent to guy this monster iron/steel tower so it can with stand 100+ MPH . the blades are rated at 150 mph as they flex backwards . they cannot break i have bent them in a circle end to end and they just pop right back out straight . they temper in the sun .
. well this is that last photo for a whil as dial up it take over 15 mins each ..