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Thane Heins has new coil setup


and as i understand it is because of magnetic back emf pathways different shape sizes in different angels.

can anybody explain more on how this works, also i do no understand his general idea of his high voltage coils with low voltage coils.

why the right coil and the left coil are different and it looks like that there is somthing under the right coil.

You could do worse than ask him, CRANKYPANTS, here:


i just wanted to replicate this transformer and see on my own eyes that it makes more that it consumes !!!

so i did the core from special transformer material and now its to wind the copper wire and here i have a little proplem because i have no idea how to calculate this???

i have arround 1kg of copper wire that is 0,44 mm in diameter with insulation (laker)

so my question is how many turns i have to make on primery? for let say 12 vac input?
how to calculate this? resistance of the wire is 0,14 ohm/m
the core is
-center (primary) 13 x 35 mm
- sides are 20 x 35 mm

any help welcome
cheers from poland

ps. Mr Heins good job keep it going !!! i know there is many people that dont want this invention to go on !!!!! but by putting it on youtube and forums it may work and come out from shop !!!!


--- Quote from: wojwrobel on May 14, 2010, 09:13:56 PM ---hello ...
i just wanted to replicate this transformer and see on my own eyes that it makes more that it consumes !!!

--- End quote ---
There are patents available that look something like what is being shown above in this thread, but they're not designed as free energy devices.  Fairly often they're used in the radio receiving and transceiving industry as frequency filters, etc.

I do encourage you to experiment.  If you can actually prove OU, it would be a big accomplishment.


Hi everyone,

I want to post the following Thane Patent...;jsessionid=00FF002D301F0117FAC673F115883C30.espacenet_levelx_prod_5?CC=CA&NR=2594905A1&KC=A1&FT=D&date=20090118&DB=EPODOC&locale=en_EP

Please pay SPECIAL attention to page 11 of 13 under the "Original Document" Tab.

Input Power - 0.29 Watts

Output Power - 11.51 Watts

Some of you, not yet involved in many builds should begin to replicate this right away, IMHO.  Appears not overly difficult to prove.  Just read and understand the part of the patent on "reluctance" to have a chance for success.




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