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Title: polarized water, is the whole point.
Post by: nitinnun on July 21, 2009, 10:55:17 PM

if you polarize a body of water, than all its spare electrons will build up in the negative half of the water.
the positive half of the water, will have as few electrons as possible.

if you connect one end of a capacitor to the negative half of polarized water,
and connect the other end of the capacitor to the positive half of polarized water....

than the electrons will build up the the negative half of the capacitor.
trying to reach the positive half of the capacitor.

you may then disconnect the capacitor. and use its electricity.
then dump the positive water outside. where the atmosphere will slowly replace its missing electrons.

the great pyramid in egypt, used 3 or 4 methods of polarization, to polarize water.
polarize water as strongly as possible. to maximize the waters voltage/amperage potential.

they used the clockwise and counter clockwise magnetism, from the ZPE magnetism of the pyramids angles.

they used the negative sand/rocks, and the positive sunlight of the intense egyptian sun.

they used the negativity of iron, and the positivity of copper/gold/bismuth.

and they likely used the polarization of 2 powerful magnets.

and when they ripped all the spare electrons out of one pyramid-full of water, they dumped it into the nile river.

then they sucked more neutrally charged, electron-rock water into the pyramid.
they polarized the water.
they stole its electrons into another capacitor.
they dumped the new positive water back into the nile river.

they sucked more neutrally charged water, into the pyramid.
and on and on.

to charge as many capacitors with stolen electrons, as they wanted.

enough to power the entire planet......