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--- Quote from: jibbguy on July 20, 2009, 08:41:23 PM ---You would think that if there were "all-permanent magnet motor/generators" for sale, that there would be some serious hubbub about it in the media... And many here would be very upset about that, as they will tell you in no uncertain terms that they are quite sure such a thing is "impossible" ;)

And it is still fact that those who claim to have built or seen such working devices, have not proved anything publicly yet, to most peep's satisfaction, anyway.

There is some evidence for their existence, mainly anecdotal and some eye witness reports; some going as far back as 30 years ago or even longer.

The problem with the "credibility factor" regarding this subject is, one must eventually either accept the possibility of it being heavily suppressed by certain factions of our society (...as a means of maintaining fossil fuels as the chief energy source of the planet), or come to the conclusion this technology really does not exist (at least yet), and those peeps making the claims are all therefor telling lies or completely deluded.

Of course this is a serious handicap to the skeptics; as there could be a hundred charlatans or "crackpots" in a row, and only one "real" invention to prove it all true.

Mainstream science and academia does not accept the possibility of their existence at all (...which many think is kinda suspicious in itself, lol); and will denigrate the notion instantly as "Perpetual Motion". Apparently this epithet is about as bad or worse a condemnation as "Cannibalism" or "Matricide" in their minds ;)

So it is currently the very undesirable and irritating situation of coming down to "Personal Beliefs".... In both cases. Because the skeptics and nay-sayers surely DO NOT know positively it cannot be done (...who could know that for sure at this point except "God"?), and the "Believers" can only point to some mainly unconfirmed reports, and use "suppression"  as the means to explain why they haven't hit the market yet.

So who's "right"? We will see when and if they DO hit the market ;)

But many believe this paradigm will soon change because of "Open Source" invention and research: You can't suppress or "secretize" a Patent, or buy-out the inventor in order to "shelve" the device, or set them up with endless legal battles and malicious investors looking to get them into trouble... If the inventor is Open Sourcing the invention.  It changes the game and helps take away the "suppression" card. Also, it takes away the scamming B-S of the charlatans and dreamers.... If upon examination a device is found to not work, it's not pursued by the Open Source community. In fact with Open Source; the suppressors (if they do indeed exist), have only one tactic left to them: Trying to convince us to stop pursuing it ourselves.

We shall see if O-S makes the difference in getting these devices out there or not. But personally, if i was a betting man, i'd "Double-Down" on it ;)

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Here is a device I hope to open source as soon as I find someone to update my older CAD drawing.


--- Quote from: magnetman12003 on December 10, 2016, 02:04:12 AM ---as soon as I find someone to update my older CAD drawing.
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Do some work. It is not that much, and it is quite interesting, at that. Install geda, you don't need to know much, for simple circuit drawing.


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