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Author Topic: Ed Gray's Circuit, am I in this alone?  (Read 27382 times)

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Re: Ed Gray's Circuit, am I in this alone?
« Reply #30 on: April 21, 2009, 07:29:38 PM »

All Gray-technology video on this page:

and patents:

Best regards, FastRuner.

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Re: Ed Gray's Circuit, am I in this alone?
« Reply #31 on: July 15, 2009, 12:40:40 AM »
I mean no offense but i don't think the gray device is do-able, I think it works and you could drive a car on next to no energy-- but the arc gap would screw up every wire-less network,cell phones and radio stations for miles.That's probably why they shut him down, in this day and age of infomation that kind of RF interference would not be tolerated, unless you could shield it for zero interference.
just a thought

Hi there buddy,
                    good observation. Gray himself stated that the circuits in the car would not work as previously designed. They would have to conform to the "Radiant" electricty. This phenemena has also been noted with the Tesla Switch, by Ron Brandt whose car used to interfere with other passing cars and close proximity small power installations. Perhaps that is why he conferred with John Bedini and Eike Mueller to redesign the system. (only My opinion on that one)

As these phenomena work on the well know dielectric principle (re Eric Dollard and Steinmetz book), it becomes self evident that what we are dealing with in regards to "Electricity", is a one sided propagation of Physics. Therefore, as the dielectric notion of emf, as proposed by Steinmetz, and, investigated by Eric Dollard, is at a 45 degree (?) phase difference, there has to be a rationalisation of the local effect of concurrent emf forces. Considering that the dielectric effect appears to be more "capacitive" in nature than induction, it would therefore lead to a hypothesis that when we used "Regular" power from the grid, we are indeed only using part of the process. As an integral part of the possible homogenous "Electricity" mix is missing. So when someone comes along and starts up their Capacitive Dielectric energy, something has to give. Copper Magnets!!


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Re: Ed Gray's Circuit, am I in this alone?
« Reply #32 on: July 15, 2009, 12:50:10 AM »
Am I the one that is going to study this solely?

No. You are not the first. I shall look up some links later. In the meantime google Mark MacKay. He more than any one person has researched the Gray motor. I think that there is a good series of explanations on the Energetic forum. Also, there is a very good description of the motors and hypotheses in a pdf file. I have a copy somewhere on my computer and will upload it later.

It will be clear from his research, that the originator of the technology - Marvin cole - was the man. Gray himself was a dud as far as electronics was concerned. Gray was the Flim Flam man.

This does not mean the Gray Motor did not work. It is just that Marvin Cole disappeared before the project was completed. No one else knew what he was up to. Since this time, many people have extrapolated the notion of the magical Gray motor into some sort of "Holy Grail" for the explanation of Radiant Energy.

I'll be in touch, just in case you crack the code, so to speak!