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Title: What Really Happened At Roswell
Post by: Freedomfuel on March 01, 2006, 07:32:43 PM
An unconventional aircraft did crash at Roswell and there were strange humanoid bodies recovered from the wreckage but all this had nothing to do with aliens.  A more plausible account of what happened is provided in a sensational new book by Nick Redfern that lifts the lid on what really happened at Roswell.  The title is ?Body Snatchers In the Desert: The Horrible Truth At the Heart Of the Roswell Story?.  You can read a good review here:

According to insiders in the air force intelligence who wish to remain anonymous a flying wing being tested at Roswell while suspended from balloons was struck by lightning and crashed to the ground.  The beings recovered from the wreckage were in fact Japanese prisoners of war being use as Guinea Pigs to assess the biological effects of the craft?s nuclear engine.  Stranger still was the fact that these ?aliens? were suffering from a rare genetic disorder called ?Werner?s syndrome? and had previously been used by the Japanese for their own inhuman medical experiments.  Werner?s Syndrome causes premature ageing with such physical characteristics as dwarfism, prominent eyes and baldness. Here is a description of the syndrome from .

?A hereditary multisystem disorder characterised by premature ageing, dwarfism, premature greying of the hair (canities|), alopecia, scleroderma like skin changes, trophic leg ulcers, cataracts, hypogonadism, diabetes mellitus, calcification of blood vessels, and osteoporosis. The extremities are extremely thin or spindly, the hands small, and the fingers short and deformed. Poorly developed genitalia and breasts and menstrual disorders are common. Except for the short stature other features develop in adult life, commonly in the third or fourth decade. Grating hair, scanty eyebrows, a pinched or beaked nose, protuberant eyes and the absence of eyelashes contribute to the presenile appearance. Either  may be affected. Inheritance is autosomal recessive. Tendency to occur in brother and sister. This syndrome may also occur in forme fruste with only some of the signs present.?
 I suppose the rational for these experiments was that since these people did not have long to live anyway there was no wrong in giving them a lethal dose of radiation.

It is widely assumed that the MJ12 documents were hoaxed as part of some psychological warfare strategy but if that is so it is odd that they give clues to the very facts that they were intended to conceal.  For instance the nuclear engine is revealed in this passage:

?Upon examination of the interior of the craft, a compartment exhibiting a possible atomic engine was discovered.?

The possibility that the craft?s inhabitants may have been genetically altered humans is implied in this passage:

?Autopsy information obtained so far suggests that the occupants mimic the features
 Associated with Orientals.  Outwardly they appear human-like with but one exception: autopsy notes mention a rarely observed ?????????????????????????s which supports the premise that these beings originate from another planet.?
The plot thickens in William Lyne?s book ?Pentagon Aliens?.  Since the crash had been witnessed by the public and rumours of strange bodies being recovered would soon spread some kind of psychological warfare strategy involving a hoaxed crashed alien spacecraft was required.  Thus they constructed a mock saucer so unconvincing that it could have been a stage set and filled it with dead Rhesus monkeys, shaven, dyed green and wearing space suits.  They then contacted the press to notify them that a saucer had crashed at Roswell.  This was such a clumsy deception that the top brass feared that it would make the air force a laughing stock so they ordered a new weather balloon hoax to counter the previous alien spacecraft hoax. 

There is another darker secret which when revealed would become the scandal of the century.  Insiders have revealed to Steven Greer that humans have been genetically engineered to withstand the radiation in these craft and they are hideously deformed.  These are the famous ?grey aliens?.  Here is what Greer said during his interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM Radio on October 28/29, 2004:

?Now, there are reports of different strange looking creatures and I'm going to step into an area here that sounds really science fiction, but I can't ignore it because I have multiple different corroborating people who've worked in facilities where this stuff's going on, where we have engaged in really extraordinary genetic experiments and have come up with things that are called PLF's, and this a Programmed Life Form. Now, Programmed Life Form is a human created thing that looks alien, because it's really quite bizarre, but it's not extraterrestrial. Now, people look at it and they go, "Well, this was what was going on in the Four Corners area around Dulce" [New Mexico]. There's a facility that's underground in England that I have a couple of people who've worked in and who have recounted this and they have seen these sort of creatures, but they are not of extraterrestrial origin. They're of human manufacture.?

Title: Re: What Really Happened At Roswell
Post by: iceweller on March 15, 2006, 03:16:48 AM
   An interesting variation to yet another cover to a cover story - it's getting boring.

   Really, no crash every occured at Roswell and certainly no aliens. The thing was completely staged using a mockup fake saucer and the aliens were 3 already dead and decomposing Rhesus monkeys used in rocket sled "g-suit" experiments. The act wasn't authorized by the Pentagon and when they got word, they ran another cover story (weather ballon act).

   Evidently, people are still riding the the "Roswell crash wave" and publishing stuff about it (the alien baloney cover is older than selling encyclopedias so I guess they're trying a new front). If you ever go through New Mexico, try and stop by "The Black Hole" in Los Alamos and have a talk with the guys there. If that ain't enough, try and have a chat with one of the "elders" in the Santa Fe area - or - you can get a copy of Pentagon Aliens by William Lyne and read about it there too. While you're at it, you can do some sky watching and look towards the Jemez mountains and Los Alamos from the Santa Fe area and see what the government crafts (UFOs) are up to. If you're lucky, you might even see a red globe pass by, so have your camera handy.

   This is your wake-up call.
Title: Re: What Really Happened At Roswell
Post by: Freedomfuel on April 28, 2006, 10:26:10 PM
I have to admit that the story about the Japanese prisoners of war suspended from balloons is almost as far fetched as the dead aliens story.  The fact that both stories originate from the military's intelligence services means that neither has much credibility.  However, the japanese prisoner of war story, if true, wuld be a disgrace for the US government, so I cannot understand why it would be fabricated.

Even Linda Moulton Howel has wondered if anything crashed at Roswell at all.  In my opinion it is possible that experimental US antigravity craft could have crashed in New Mexico where all the military research is going. 

There were dead bodies recovered from crashed saucers in the 1950s but these were not insect like aliens but ordinary human beings from eastern Europe and Central Asia.  Soviet airmen in other words.  No-one seems to have noticed the press release by the FBI in 1947 stating unambiguously that the flying sauces came from the soviet Union and were the result of their military research. 
Title: Re: What Really Happened At Roswell
Post by: raburgeson on May 23, 2006, 01:50:27 AM
 I gota say the gov has a new story every time I turn around or a new disinformer pops up every year. I believe the little people that stick to their guns with their story that never changes even in the face of public ridicle. I'll tell you what else I don't believe. I don't believe a 757 crashed and left no trace of the passengers. That's the first time in history. Where's the dna testing of parts for the grieving loved ones? That hole mess smells of bull fiecies. When planes hit like that people parts fly, never ever was there a plane crash without at least pieces of occupants. We can hope they are alive somewhere?

Check this out- straight from the camera - no PhotoShopping at all. Download it zoom in and tell me what type of plane this is. Wasn't visable to the eye either, and have found other links about this in chemtrails. I took this one myself.
Title: Re: What Really Happened At Roswell
Post by: Freedomfuel on July 17, 2006, 07:57:09 PM
The latest government inspired disinformation is 'Project Serpo' which is supposed to have been an exchange program between the US military and aliens in Zeta Reticulli.  They never give up in trying to make the subject of flying saucers seem ridiculous yet reading the ATS forum it is obvious that less and less people are fooled by this stuff.  You can read this rubbish here:

Excellent research and debunking here:

The main inspiration behind this seems to be certain Richard Dotty.  Could this be the former USAF intelligence officer who concocted the MJ12 hoax?

I lloked at the picture of the vapour trail raburgesan but I cannot see anything extraordinary about it.  Could it be some kind missile test or orbiting re-entry vehicle?
Title: Re: What Really Happened At Roswell
Post by: raburgeson on July 20, 2006, 07:41:45 AM
You can see a missile and that is not a contrail in the picture they were spraying chemtrails. I estimate the speed of the plane at about 350 mph. No sonic boom was present. Missiles produce a sonic boom more often than planes. The lack of lifting surface and the tremendous amount of power required to keep a missile up in horizonal flight usually takes a missile above the speed of sound within seconds after launch. This is a cloaked plane, I watched it for more than a minute before photographing it. The angle I chose to shoot it at is as is so people can possibly spectroanalyze the chemtrail. This may give an indication of how it was done. If you think chemtrails are a myth I have pictures of them expanding after this particular spraying episode. They are waisting millions of gallons of jet fuel on chemtrails. This is interesting because fuel cost are high and if you have seen health reports on diesel fuel use (jet fuel is just glorified diesel) then you know what type of enviroment impact this has (carcinonigens and respiratory disease), you have to know the program needs to end. Not to mention what has been found in various spray mixtures.