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Author Topic: a metal pyramid is a zero point energy causing/collecting device.  (Read 8016 times)

Offline nitinnun

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i will communicate this as best i understand it.
and leave you the reader, to fill in its missing details.

all atoms are radiating what can be called "magnetism".
radiating it from 8 points, located all around the atom.

4 of these streams are "positive magnetism", and the other 4 streams are "negative magnetism".

it must be noted here and now, that the negative magnetism stream has the power to repel away electrons.
and the positive magnetism stream has the power to attract electrons.

and that this movement of electrons away from the negative and towards the positive, is ELECTRICITY !

a positive stream of magnetism, is located 45 degree's, from a negative stream of magnetism.
so the streams go positive-negative-positive-negative-positive, all around each atom.

i am convinced that negative electrons are generating the negative magnetism streams,
and positive protons are generating the positive magnetism streams.

and neutrons generate both positive and negative. but alternate between generating one, then generating the other.

if you bend a metal rod at 45 degrees, this metal rod generates/collects positive magnetism stream energy. and this positive magnetism builds up in/around the metal.

this positive magnetism, attracts electrons from the air moisture, towards it.
negative air/water ions, build up around this 45 degree metal angle.

if you bend a metal rod at 90 degree's, this metal rod generates/collects negative magnetism stream energy. and this negative magnetism builds up in-around the metal/

this negative magnetism, repels electrons from the air moisture, away from it.
positive air/water ions, build up around this 45 degree metal angle.

on a metal pyramid, the 4 base corners each have a 90 degree angle. which create negative magnetism.
this negative magnetism builds up strongest, in the middle of each face, near the base of each face.
most of this negative magnetism cloud covers where the ascending passage is in the great pyramid.

each of the 4 base corners is also 45 degree's from the ground, and mostly 45 degree's from the sides. which create positive magnetism.
this positive magnetism is repelled away from the corners/base, and travels up the 4 edges of the pyramid.
this positive magnetism builds up strongly in the middle of the pyramid, and the peak of the pyramid.

electrons obviously want to move away from the negative magnetism cloud, and towards the positive magnetism cloud.
but for that to happen, you first need a large supply of free electrons.

the easiest source of free electrons, is polarized water. or water that has a large number of electrons in one half of its body, and a lack of electrons in the other half of its body.

the electron-rich half of the polarized water body, was held in the ascending passage, the grand gallery, and the kings chamber.
the electron-poor half of the polarized water body, was held in the ascending chamber, and the subterranian passage.

to cause/strengthen the water polarization, paramagnetic/ferromagnetic metal was stored in the subterrnian chamber.
to repel away electrons, and to attract positive water ions.

diamagnetic metal, such as copper, gold, or bismuth, was stored in the kings chamber.
to attract electrons into the middle, and to repel away positive water ions.

to harvest the electron build up as electricity, they just needed to stick one end of a wire into the electron rich half of the body of water, and the other end of the wire into the electron-poor half of the body of water.

the electrons readily moved from the rich body of water, through the wire, through some device they were powering, and into the poor body of water.

and since the pyramids zero point energy was constantly pushing electrons in one direction, the polarized body of water never ran out of electrical potential to collect.